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7 Non-Cliche Baby Shower Games

Looking for baby shower games that won't bore your guests? Here are seven games that will keep eyes from rolling.
Hanging baby clothes - one of your typical baby shower games
Updated: December 1, 2022

Ah, another day, another baby shower to attend. Certainly a joyous time, this popular mom-to-be celebration often involves gifts of pink or blue (or neutral), lots of excited women, and super-cute baby-themed dcor. But, let's face it. Baby shower games can be bland and boring. Looking for some unique and really memorable baby shower games? Check out our list of suggestions below.

1. The Beer Bottle Game

More and more, men are invited to baby showers, a popular trend with couples who want to throw more of a, "Baby on the Way" party rather than a more traditional shower. Male guests — and female guests — over age 21 may like the "Bottle Chug" game: fill up baby bottles with beer. Guests drink from the bottle and whoever finishes their beer first wins! You can use red and white wine in bottles, too. (And do remind everyone to sober up or find a designated driver before they head home!)

2. Belly Wellies

Popping balloons with bellies is a fun, active baby shower game.

Non-pregnant guests put blown-up balloons up their shirts. Tie their hands behind their backs using scarves. Guests must bump their balloon bellies into each other to try and pop the balloon. The two guests who succssfully pop their balloons first win a prize.

3. Baby Sketch Artist

Hand out pens and sturdy paper, and ask everyone to draw a picture of what they think the baby will look like. The catch is, you need to hold the paper against your forehead as you drawt. The "best" picture wins a prize — and you can save all the drawings and show them to your child years later for some good laughs!

4. Baby Songs

Set a timer for one minute and ask guests to write down the number of pop songs they can think of with the word "baby" in the lyrics. Whoever comes up with the most songs wins! And no cheating by using your phone to Google ideas.

5. Baby Blocks

Writing messages on blocks is a baby shower game idea and a great gift for Baby.

Purchase some plain wooden blocks and non-toxic markers, and have everyone doodle a sweet message along with a letter of the alphabet on a block for baby to play with when he or she is older. They'll love seeing messages from loved ones once they learn to read!

6. Your Water Broke

Buy a bag of tiny toy plastic babies from a crafts store. Freeze the toys in ice cubes and place them in a cup of water for each guest. Tell your guests to carefully watch their "baby" in the water. The guest with the first baby to be "born," meaning the ice melted, wins.

7. Lost Sock Hunt

Parents know quite well how annoying it is to lose a baby sock — and how often it happens. In this game, split the guests into teams. Each team gets a diaper bag filled with typical baby items and one baby sock. (Blue if the baby is a boy, pink for girl, green or yellow for neutral) Make sure the diaper bag has many pockets. The teams search through the diaper bag and whichever team finds the missing sock first wins.

So there you have it, seven baby shower games that to keep your guests entertained. If you're looking for more traditional ideas, check out our slideshow, 5 Great Baby Shower Games.

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