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4 Parents Who Gave Their Kids the Room of Their Dreams

Every kid dreams of a room decorated just for them. We found four parents on Pinterest who gave their kids a room that reflected their unique personalities.
Give Your Kids the Room of Their Dreams
Updated: December 1, 2022

The idea of allowing a child to design the bedroom of their dreams may sound scary to some, but for other parents, handing over the design idea presents a fun challenge. Here are four parents who transformed their children’s rooms based on precisely what their little one loved most.

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A Ballerina With Moves

Room of Kids' Dreams Ballerina

Credit: Pinterest | Blog

What could be more beautiful for a little girl’s room than a ballerina theme? Choosing something so feminine, while still keeping the design youthful, allows your daughter to grow into the space. The design idea started from mom Lauren’s history as a ballerina and the dance parties she has with her daughter  in the kitchen. The room features a ballet barre with a dress-up station so her daughter can choose to play or practice.

In a blog post discussing how the room came together, Lauren says, “I had found an old bassinet stand for $3 at a yard sale that I reused to make a dress-up rack for all of Olivia’s play clothes. It is so perfect to have right beside her ballet barre mirror where she can twirl in all the frilliness.”

A Room for a Little Storm Trooper

Room of Kids' Dreams Star Wars

Credit: Pinterest | Blog

When it’s time for a little boy to ditch his toddler digs for something more fun, a Star Wars theme is the perfect graduation to big boy room. (Heck, it would even be a great design for a teenager who loves the series.)

Samantha from Little Bits of Home found accessories from many stores and enlisted her husband to help build a window bench that would store toys. They kept the project a complete secret from her son while they worked on it. Though, he did help assembling one of the main decorations. In her blog reveal, she says,  “Jeremy and Little Man built the Millennium Falcon Lego set together to use in his room. We were going to hang it from the ceiling, but it was too fragile, so we used it on the nightstand instead. That ended up being a happy change of plans, because Little Man loves to play with it!”

It’s a Zoo in There

Room of Kids' Dreams Zoo
Credit: Pinterest | Blog

Who doesn’t love animals? An zoo-themed room works well for any gender or age, and there are many ways to decorate with animals while keeping the space minimalist and modern.

“Mia, our oldest, asked us to buy her a zoo one time,” says Gladys of the Mother Overload in the reveal post of her daughters’ room. “So since we can’t buy the girls a zoo, we wanted to add all their animal favorites into this sweet space.” They even managed to score a bed that looks like it’s own little “animal” house to fit perfectly with the space.

The Slugger’s Dugout

Room of Kids' Dreams Baseball
Credit: Pinterest | Blog

If sports are big in your home, your child my start begging for a baseball-themed room. But before you go decorating in the colors of his current favorite team — those change frequently with kids — know that you can hit a home run with a simple baseball design. 

Jennifer from The Magic Brush used her painting skills to create a larger-than-life-sized mural of a baseball on one wall. Teamed up with some painted lockers for storage and this room is a grand slam. As for the turnout, Jennifer says, “I am super happy with how the wall turned out and our baseball player is thrilled.”

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