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5 Back-to-School Braids That Won't Take All Morning

Your daughter loves braids, but you just can't get the hang of those Youtube tutorials. Don't sweat it. We found five easy braids you can totally master for back-to-school.
Back-to-School Braids
Updated: December 1, 2022

With back-to-school season beginning, no doubt you're looking to simplify every aspect of the morning routine, including hairstyles. Braids and twists all over the place, but you don't waste time with complicated up-dos that will likely be down by lunchtime. Simplicity meets beauty is the happy place where both parents and kids want to be.

Here are five easy girl’s hairstyles that all parents can master.

Elsa’s Coronation Hairstyle

You’re looking for an easy way to keep the hair out of your little girl’s face, but you're bored with the same ol’ ponytail look. This sideswept updo from Pretty Hair Is Fun — resembling Queen Elsa’s coronation hairstyle in Frozen — is perfect. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to complete it in minutes each morning.

Bonus: This style makes a great at-home 'do for weddings or special events you attend.

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Mohawk Buns

Are you raising a little girl who wants to set trends instead of follow them? This quick mohawk updo from TOOTIE only involves partitioning the hair and pinning little ponytails into tiny messy buns.

And don’t let the name mohawk scare you off, either. It’s a fun look, but your little darling will look sweet, not sassy.

Once you master this look, you can alter the style by making the buns into braids or crimping the ponytails.

Pull-Through Pony Braid

Tired of the standard side braid or headband braid you’ve been doing for a few years now? Try this simple ponytail-meets-braid hairstyle from Cute Girls Hairstyles.

For mornings you’re running late, a simple half-top braid with a pony is a quick style to send your little one off to school. if you've got more time, you can try the look all the way back to her neck.Tuck it under with a bun if her hair is especially long.

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Braided Bun

Do you have a future ballerina on your hands? How about a soccer star? With an active little lady in your life, you may be looking to jazz up the simple pulled-back bun. Do this by adding a braid element.

This , also from Cute Girls Hairstyles, is so simple, if you have more than one daughter the oldest may be able to do her sister’s hair while you do hers!

French Twist Rope Braid

You’ve been French braiding your daughter’s hair for years. Maybe now you want a new way to pull back all of her long hair. Here is where the classic French twist meets a rope braid. (Cute Girls Hairstyles does it again!) Her hair can be styled loosely or in a tight twist, and should take only 10 minutes or less to complete in the morning.

Oh, and here’s a bonus tip for all of these hairstyles — use a toothbrush to tame any flyaways or short bangs into the style. Gently spritzing the hair with water and brushing back with those little bristles will make the hair look as if a professional styled it.

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