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Sharon Greenthal

Sharon Greenthal

Parenting Writer

About Sharon

Sharon is a freelance writer and has been published on a wide range of websites, including Scary Mommy, Angi, and VeryWell where she was the… read more about this author

Sophia Birk headshot

Sophia Birk

Education and Teaching Expert

About Sophia

Sophia is a passionate multilinguist who grew up in France, Germany, and America and since has travelled the world as a language teacher. Sophia is… read more about this author

Stefanie Miller headshot

Stefanie Miller

Parenting Writer and Baby Names Expert

About Stefanie

Stefanie is an experienced parenting writer and has published works in other publications such as Motherly. She is an expert in baby and children'… read more about this author

Dr. Stephanie Burgos headshot

Stephanie Burgos

Emergency Medicine Physician

About Stephanie

Stephanie is an ER doctor who has worked as a practitioner at Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard Brigham and Women’s… read more about this author

Stephanie Sokol

Stephanie Sokol

Journalist and Parenting Writer

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a mom living in the Chicago area with over 10 years’ experience in journalistic writing, editing, content management, photography,… read more about this author

Susan Linn headshot

Susan Linn, Ed.D

Psychologist and Expert on Creative Play

About Susan

An author, psychologist, and award-winning ventriloquist, Susan Linn, Ed.D., is a world-renowned expert on creative play and the impact of media and… read more about this author

Suzie Marschhausen headshot

Suzie Marschhausen

Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Coach

About Suzie

Suzie is a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Coach who co-founded Mike & Suzie Health and Wellness with her husband. The pair have… read more about this author

Tara Gunn headshot

Tara Gunn

Digital Content Manager & Editor

About Tara

Hailing from Canada, Tara is a graduate of Scotland's University of St. Andrews in creative writing, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. She has worked… read more about this author

Tonilyn Hornung profile picture

Tonilyn Hornung

Parenting and Relationship Author

About Tonilyn

Tonilyn is a freelance writer whose articles and essays have been featured in numerous magazines, including The Washington Post, read more about this author

Vaijayanti Mohapatra headshot for author profile

Vaijayanti Mohapatra

Parenting Writer

About Vaijayanti

Vaijayanti is a mom and freelance writer based in Dublin, California. An engineering graduate from India, she likes baking and reading fiction… read more about this author

Valerie Plowman headshot

Valerie Plowman

Baby Sleep Method Expert

About Valerie

Valerie is a mom to 4 children and has been blogging about parenting since 2007. With over 13k followers on Instagram, Valerie answers parents’… read more about this author

Victoria Humphries headshot

Victoria Humphries

Neurodiversity Advocate

About Victoria

Victoria is a business resilience trainer, project manager, and motivational speaker. She has over 15 years’ experience as a project manager… read more about this author

Zara Kadir

Zara Kadir


About Zara

Zara Kadir is a child, adolescent, adult and family psychotherapist specialising in pre-school to primary aged children. She works 1-2-1 with clients… read more about this author

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