About FamilyEducation's Authors

Julia Ries

Health and Life Writer

About Julia

Julia is a graduate of Boston College in Massachusetts, having studied Communications and Magazine Journalism.

Julie Mason

Education and Teaching Expert

About Julie

As well as being a mom to 3 boys, Julie is an 8th and 9th grade English teacher and Co-chair of the English department of a school in Boston, MA.

Kaitlin Crehan

Holistic Health Expert

About Kaitlin

Kaitlin is a Certified Holistic Health Coach who, for the last 12 years, has encouraged people to make healthy lifestyle changes and helped clients, especially moms, develop

KJ Barber

Lifestyle Writer

About KJ

Kathy has been a freelance writer, blogger, copywriter, and ghostwriter for over 13 years.

Kristina Cappetta

Children's Author and Parenting Writer

About Kristina

Having previously worked as a news producer, Kristina left the world of television when her second daughter was born, so that she could focus on her family and love of writ

Laura Richards


Laura Richards is a writer, journalist, communications, brand, and PR specialist with 20+ years of experience. She’s also a mother of four so understands the joys and struggles of parenting.

Mary Ruth Coleman, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist at the FPG Child Development Institute

About Mary

Dr. Coleman is a Senior Scientist at the FPG Child Development Institute, part of the University of North Carolina. In this role, Dr.

Megan Tkacy (she/her)

Journalist and Professional Editor

About Megan

Megan is a freelance journalist with more than a decade of experience in writing and editing for newspapers, magazines and web publications.

Metta Weaver

DNP, APRN, CNM, Midwife and Women's Health Lead

About Metta

Having graduated with a Master’s degree from the Frontier Nursing University in 2016, Metta became a Certified Nurse Midwife and has since attained a Post Master’s Women's Hea

Noreen H. Joslyn, LISW, ACSW

Licensed Social Worker

About Noreen

Noreen has 43+ years’ experience as a Clinical Social Worker, having graduated with honors from University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine with her medical degree in 1980.

Rachel Sokol

Education Researcher and Editor

About Rachel

With a degree in Magazine Journalism, Rachel is a writer who has been featured in a huge number of online and print publications, including MSN, CosmoGirl!, Yahoo, Good House

Robert K. Crabtree

Practicing Attorney

About Robert

As a founding partner of Kotin, Crabtree and Strong, LLP, Robert is an attorney of special education and disability law, and has helped advance the rights of many students wi

Robin Enan

Parenting Reporter

About Robin

Robin is a mom to 3 children and has been a freelance writer and blogger specializing in parenting and relationships for over 7 years, with many more years’ experience in repo

Rutger Bruining

Economics Expert

About Rutger

Rutger is the Founder & CEO at StoryTerrace, a start-up company which enables people to publish their life story by matching them with professional editors and writers, a

Sa'iyda Shabazz


Sa'iyda Shabazz is a writer and mother to one. She can often be found in her apartment writing into the wee hours and trying to read a book in peace.