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Dr. Jennifer Salerno headshot

Jennifer Salerno

Nurse Practitioner & Director of the University of Michigan School-Based Health Center program

About Jennifer

As a mom of two and a qualified nurse practitioner with 25 years’ experience,  Jen is a leading expert in understanding tweens and teens, and is… read more about this author

Jess Faraday headshot

Jess Faraday

Breaking News Reporter

About Jess

Jess is a qualified teacher who is experienced in teaching different languages and linguistics. Jess speaks multiple foreign languages, including… read more about this author

Judith Finlayson headshot

Judith Finlayson

Best-selling Health and Nutrition Author

About Judith

Having sold more than 750,000 books, Judith is a best-selling author particularly known for ‘You Are What Your Grandparents Ate: What You Need to… read more about this author

Julia Ries headshot

Julia Ries

Health and Life Writer

About Julia

Julia is a graduate of Boston College in Massachusetts, having studied Communications and Magazine Journalism. During her time at Boston College,… read more about this author

Julie Mason, TeacherVision Contributor

Julie Mason

English Teacher

About Julie

Julie Mason brings expertise in blended and personalized learning, instructional coaching, and curriculum design. She was a middle and high school… read more about this author

kaitlin crehan headshot

Kaitlin Crehan

Certified Holistic Health Coach

About Kaitlin

Kaitlin is a Certified Holistic Health Coach who, for the last 12 years, has encouraged people to make healthy lifestyle changes and helped clients… read more about this author

Kasirat Jimoh

Kasirat Jimoh, R.N.

Registered Nurse and Midwife

About Kasirat

Kasirat is a veteran freelance writer, beginning early in her University days. After completing her degree in Nursing and Midwifery, she continued… read more about this author

Kate Wehr headshot

Kate Wehr

Journalist and Editor

About Kate

Kate is a journalist, editor, and mom to five adopted and biological children. As a reporter, Kate’s work has appeared in local and regional… read more about this author

Katharine Chan headshot

Katharine Chan, MSc, BSc, PMP

Healthcare and Family Life Lead

About Katharine

Katharine is the author of three books, has been published in scientific journals, and has co-… read more about this author

Kim Vopni headshot

Kim Vopni

Certified Pre/Post Natal Fitness Consultant

About Kim 

Kim has combined everything she’s learned from her own pregnancies and births (and menopause) and coupled it with all she has learned in the last… read more about this author

Kathy Barber author profile

KJ Barber

Lifestyle Writer

About KJ

Kathy has been a freelance writer, blogger, copywriter, and ghostwriter for over 13 years. Her professional background includes the salon industry, real… read more about this author

Kristina Cappetta headshot for author profile

Kristina Cappetta

Children's Author and Parenting Writer

About Kristina

Having previously worked as a news producer, Kristina left the world of television when her second daughter was born, so that she could focus on… read more about this author

L. Elizabeth Forry headshot

L. Elizabeth Forry

Early Childhood Educator

About L. Elizabeth Forry

L. Elizabeth Forry is an Early Childhood Educator with 15 years of classroom experience. She has taught in different schools around the… read more about this author

Laura Richards Headshot

Laura Richards


About Laura

Laura is a writer, journalist, communications, brand, and PR specialist with 20+ years of experience. She’s also a mother of four so understands the… read more about this author

Lauren Anderson headshot

Lauren Anderson

Pharmacist and Parenting Writer

About Lauren

Lauren Anderson is a new mom living in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She has a busy career in health care, and in her free time loves to hike with her… read more about this author

Laurène Mosely headshot

Laurène Mosely

Sleep and Mental Health Advocate

About Laurène

Laurène is the Founder and CEO of SleepaSloth, an adjustable and portable baby toy designed to aid sleep. After becoming a parent herself, Laurène… read more about this author

Megan Tkacy headshot

Megan Tkacy

Journalist and Professional Editor

About Megan

Megan is a freelance journalist with more than a decade of experience in writing and editing for newspapers, magazines and web publications. She is… read more about this author

Miranda Altice headshot

Miranda Altice

Montessori and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Teacher

About Miranda

As a Montessori and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) teacher for nearly 15 years, Miranda has since created… read more about this author

Paige Breaux headshot

Paige Breaux

Senior Content Lead, FamilyEducation

About Paige

Paige Breaux is the Editor and Content Strategist for Paige is a lifelong storyteller and enthusiastic editor with a background… read more about this author

rachel sokol headshot

Rachel Sokol

Education Researcher and Editor

About Rachel

With a degree in Magazine Journalism, Rachel is a writer who has been featured in a huge number of online and print publications, including MSN,… read more about this author

REC Parenting

REC Parenting

REC Parenting is an online platform supporting parents and caregivers.
REC Parenting provides support throughout the entire parenting lifecycle, from those first… read more about this author

Robin Enan headshot for author profile

Robin Enan

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

About Robin

Robin is a mom to 3 children and has been a freelance writer and blogger specializing in parenting and relationships for over 7 years, with many more… read more about this author

Rutger Bruining headshot

Rutger Bruining

Economics expert and writer

About Rutger

Rutger is the Founder & CEO at StoryTerrace, a start-up company that enables people to publish their life stories by matching them with… read more about this author

Sa'iyda Shabazz headshot

Sa'iyda Shabazz

Parenting Writer

About Sa'iyda

Sa'iyda Shabazz is a writer and mother to one. She can often be found in her apartment writing into the wee hours and trying to read a book in… read more about this author

Samantha Celentano headshot

Samantha Celentano

Special Education Specialist

About Samantha

Samantha is a writer and mother who has a background in Special Education. She offers a unique perspective on home life and is the ghostwriter… read more about this author

Sharon Greenthal

Sharon Greenthal

Parenting Writer

About Sharon

Sharon is a freelance writer and has been published on a wide range of websites, including Scary Mommy, Angi, and VeryWell where she was the… read more about this author

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