• Parenting Quotes
    Family Life
    25 Inspirational Parenting Quotes to Keep You Going
    There are about as many ways to describe parenting as there are human beings in the world. It is the greatest gift and the greatest source of fear, anxiety and pressure to be the "best parent." Whether you're at the start of your parenting journe...
    Robin Enan
  • 150 Cute Girl Nicknames
    Baby Names
    150 Cute Nicknames for Your Baby Girl
    We put so much thought and care into baby girl names, but how often do family members actually call them by their name? Instead, parents seem to have an endless stream of pet names for their little girls ready at a moment's notice. Often, we don'...
    Robin Enan
  • Shettles Method
    Does the Shettles Method Really Work for Gender Selection?
    It’s been said that parenthood is the ultimate exercise in letting go of control. This begins with a couple’s initial attempts to conceive, and it can be jarring to feel like you’re no longer in the driver’s seat during such a momentous t...
    Robin Enan
  • 75 Phrases of Encouragement
    75 Phrases and Words of Encouragement for Kids of All Ages
    As parents, we all want to help boost our kids' self-esteem and find words and phrases that will motivate, encourage and inspire our children to reach their full potential. These encouraging phrases and inspirational quotes are sure to have a pos...
    Robin Enan
  • 25 Quotes for Boy Moms
    Family Life
    25 Quotes All Boy Moms Can Relate To
    Raising a little boy can sometimes feel like trying to corral a tornado, but boy moms know there is nothing quite as sweet as the affection a son has for his mother, his first love. Whether you're the mom of one baby boy or a whole wolf pack, the...
    Robin Enan
  • A parents guide to the latest teen slang
    The Newest Teen Slang Trends of 2021
    Even though you’re a parent, it probably still feels like you were a teen just a few years ago in some ways. The emotions and themes of teen experience may not change much, but the one thing that certainly does change year over year is the slan...
    Robin Enan