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Robin Enan

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

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About Robin

Robin is a mom to 3 children and has been a freelance writer and blogger specializing in parenting and relationships for over 7 years, with many more years’ experience in reporting and editing for media outlets such as a 24-hour global newswire and a daily newspaper. Alongside her passion for writing, Robin has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and is working towards attaining her license in Marriage and Family Therapy while currently serving as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist for a private counseling service in California.

Background and Experience

  • A.B., French & Italian Dept., Princeton University
  • M.S., Newspaper Journalism, Columbia University - Graduate School of Journalism
  • Master's degree, Clinical Psychology, Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology

FamilyEducation Area of Expertise

Robin is one of FamilyEducation's writers. She reports on parenting news, current events, and teen and tween trends.

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