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Julie Mason

English Teacher

Julie Mason, TeacherVision Contributor

About Julie

Julie Mason brings expertise in blended and personalized learning, instructional coaching, and curriculum design. She was a middle and high school English teacher for eight years and most recently taught at Dana Hall, an all-girls school in Wellesley, MA. She was a blended and personalized learning instructional coach for K-12 teachers at BetterLesson for two years, and she has presented at The National Principals Conference, ISTE, and ASCD where she shared her expertise on how instructional coaching builds teacher capacity in K-12 schools. She has extensive experience designing and facilitating professional development for teachers.

Education and qualifications

  • M.A. in English Education, New York University
  • B.A. in English and Dance, Connecticut College

FamilyEducation Area of Expertise

Julie is an expert in curriculum design, coaching, and mentoring, and focuses on providing teachers with advice and support with professional development.

  • School and Learning, Back to School

    It’s important to have an open and honest conversation with your child about what to expect this upcoming school year. A former teacher and family therapist weigh in on how to talk to your kids whether they are going back in person, remote learning, or doing some combination of the two.

  • School and Learning, Homeschooling

    Julie Mason, veteran teacher and Head of Content and Curriculum for FamilyEducation's sister site TeacherVision, shares her experience homeschooling her own children during COVID-19 school closures. Spoiler alert: It was HARD. Here are 5 tips for parents that she discovered during the process.

  • Family Life, COVID Resources

    Looking for helpful and practical strategies to ensure children maintain a focus on learning during COVID-19 school closures? TeacherVision and FamilyEducation have you covered. Julie Mason - mom of 3, former classroom teacher, and Head of Content and Curriculum at TeacherVision outlines a daily plan to keep you and your kids focused, productive, and positive in this unprecedented scenario.

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