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About FamilyEducation's Editorial Team

FamilyEducation is a trusted leader in parenting and pregnancy information, providing parents with expert-approved resources. Dedicated to helping families flourish in an ever-changing world, we provide comprehensive insights from leading experts on a wide range of family-related topics.

Qualifications and Credentials 

Founded in 1996, FamilyEducation has over 25 years of experience providing expert parenting and pregnancy advice. has been named the internet’s leading parenting site and was voted “Best of the Web” by and Brill’s Content Magazine. 

Today, FamilyEducation reaches over  2 million parents and future parents every month and over 25 million global parents annually, in over 100 countries. Parents read more than 60 million articles every year, making FamilyEducation a trusted parenting partner, helping you to raise healthy, confident, happy children. 

Our editorial team is made up of experienced content writers and editors (and parents!), all of whom are passionate about supporting families.


  • High Risk Pregnancies

    This guide will explain what fetal growth restriction is, what the causes are, how it is diagnosed, and what the outcomes are for a baby with FGR.

  • Pregnancy Health

    Is it safe to take over-the-counter nausea medication for pregnancy? Learn about the different OTC medications, prescriptions and natural remedies for morning sickness.

  • Family History and Geneaology

    Determine what eye color your parents will have based on parents dominant, recessive, and mixed genes.

  • Managing Your Home

    Learn how to prevent flies from infesting your home.

  • Entertainment and Activities, Printables, Early Learning Printables

    This Life Skills for Kids Printable will help prepare your child for each stage of his life from preschool all the way to when they enter college and start their first job! These skills are easy to introduce to your kids as they grow older and start to do things on their own. Keep track of these development milestones and set goals with your kids with our Life Skills Checklist. 

  • School and Learning, Learning Styles

    Understand what a learning disability is, how different learning disabilities affect children and the characteristics of learning disabilities in kids.

  • Babies, Baby Safety

    Target is doing its annual Car Seat Trade-in Program in 2023! Find out when the trade-in starts and how to participate to earn discounts trading your old car seats.

  • School and Learning, Study Skills

    We share the best strategies and programs to help kids learn to speak a foreign language at home with online apps, websites, and tutors.

  • Entertainment and Activities, Holidays, Thanksgiving

    Looking for a fun way to spend Thanksgiving Day, or want to start some meaningful Turkey Day traditions? We've got a list of the best Thanksgiving crafts and activities.

  • Family Life, Mom's Corner, Fitness and Staying Active

    Dana Bowman, an award-winning speaker and mom of two boys, shares her story and struggle with alcohol along with four ways she got creative with her recovery and other moms can too.

  • School and Learning, Study Skills

    Whether they are in kindergarten or a senior in high school, a tutor can provide additional support that a parent or teacher might not be able to give. Here are three signs to look out for to help determine whether your child needs a tutor.

  • Baby Names, Choosing a Name

    How many non-famous kiddos are destined for the limelight based solely on their names? We break down the top famous names by occupation including the top actor and actress names, musician names, athlete names, and more.

  • School and Learning, Homeschooling

    FamilyEducation has partnered with its sister site to bring you a daily newsletter filled with everything you need to adapt and adjust to parenting and teaching at home.

  • Kids, Childhood Development, Emotional Development

    Life Coach Tami Green weighs in on the number one skill parents should teach their kids: problem solving. She offers five tips and tricks parents can do everyday to help their children become better problem solvers for life.

  • Kids, Children's Health, Mental Health and Kids

    When your child starts to display "big emotions", it's easier to join them and get mad and upset. But, it's more beneficial if you help them. Here are our top three tips for handling big emotions.

  • Kids, Behavior and Discipline

    A new radical parenting approach has taken the internet by storm, strength-based parenting, which focuses on developing and nurturing your child's character. Dr. Dan Tomasulo breaks down whether this new parenting approach could work for you and your family.

  • Kids, Childhood Development, Emotional Development

    As parents, we hope our children will grow up to be well adjusted emotionally, but most of us haven't known how to address it directly. Emotional learning expert Dan Newby weighs in with his top tips for healthy emotional development.

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