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9 Awesome Thanksgiving Activities For You and Your Family

Looking for a fun way to spend Thanksgiving Day, or want to start some meaningful Turkey Day traditions? We've got a list of the best Thanksgiving crafts and activities.
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Updated: December 1, 2022

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored. 

Thanksgiving is almost here, and we can already predict exactly the hustle and bustle happening at your house on Thanksgiving Day: Mom is busy prepping a feast in the kitchen, aunts and uncles are glued to the football game, and the kids are getting antsy and running wild with their cousins as they wait for a piece of that delicious pumpkin pie. To keep everyone entertained until turkey time, we recommend trying out some fun Thanksgiving games and activities that both younger and older kids will enjoy. These projects are so fun and easy that even grandma and grandpa will want to participate! 

Courtesy of Kidiosity, we have put together a list of creative Thanksgiving activities your kids and the whole family will love this Thanksgiving! 

And even once the plates have been cleared, you can still keep the family fun going all year round! Kidiosity is offering a free trial to our readers to help parents bond with their kids and encourage creativity. With endless activities to choose from, every day with your kid can feel as special as Thanksgiving. 

1. Turkey Veggie Tray

Every mom knows that the best way to keep kids happy until dinner time is with a fun game or a yummy snack, and this is both! Add this cute veggie turkey platter to your appetizer list. Kidocity’s turkey tray doubles as both a fun project that kids can help with in the kitchen and a healthy Thanksgiving option before everyone goes and fills up on mountains of mashed potatoes! 

This year, you can have a turkey in the oven...AND a turkey in your veggies. It's easy to make and will promote veggie snacking for all of your festive guests. Careful! When sampling the turkey “feathers,” you might just try something new and delicious. 

2. Turkey Hat

Feeling a little crafty and silly this Thanksgiving? We're making a cheery turkey hat! For this festive accessory all you need is some colorful construction paper, glue, scissors, and googly eyes. Have kids decorate their own feathers and wear their hats all Thanksgiving to get in the holiday spirit.

We bet you'll love seeing them in your Thanksgiving celebration photos! 

3. 10 Things I'm Thankful For

Thanksgiving is all about sharing a special time with those you love and expressing gratitude for all that means the most to you. This Thanksgiving, take the time to teach kids the importance of giving back and appreciating the good things in life with a special card to commemorate the occasion. 

These homemade Thanksgiving cards are extra personal because every kid traces their own hand, and writes what they are thankful for on each of their fingers! Then, when the card is opened, it’ll look like the hands are making a heart in the middle! Your family will treasure this special gift and expression of your kid’s love for years to come. 

4. Turkey Tape Wall Art

This turkey wall art is so cool, you’ll want to leave it up even past Christmas! Get your kids involved in making festive decor like custom tablecloths, placemats, and even a custom mural made from autumn colors! 

To make this big turkey masterpiece all you need is painter's tape and a little imagination. With your kids, map out a tape pattern that looks like a turkey's feathers and fill in the empty spaces with beautiful colors. Peel off the painter's tape to reveal your gobbledy-good turkey design. With a large enough piece of cardboard, you can even make the turkey life-sized! 

5. Family Stories

Did you know that November is Family Stories Month? There’s no better time than this holiday celebrating early American history to learn great stories about your own family history. Dive into your family tree by asking family members about their heritage, childhood traditions, favorite Thanksgiving memories, and more! 

This is your opportunity for kids to get to know their family better. Help your kids brainstorm questions and conversation starters to ask their relatives. Some great ones to start with are: How did your grandparents meet?  What was your mom’s favorite game to play as a child?  

Children and adults will get to learn new information about their family members and get a better sense of their own family history. 

6. Graditude Pick-up Sticks

A fun and active game is the perfect way to keep kids (and adults) from falling into a turkey coma after that big Thanksgiving meal. Get your kids off the couch with a game of Gratitude Pick-Up Sticks! 

Just like the classic Pick-up sticks rules, you hold all of the sticks in your hand and drop them to the ground. Then each player takes a turn pulling a stick from the pile. The Thanksgiving twist is that for every stick a kid picks up, they have to name something they’re grateful for. It’s a playful way to get kids to express their gratitude and appreciation this holiday season. 

Players cannot make any other stick move or they lose their turn and do not get to keep the stick. The player with the most sticks at the end wins! (and has expressed the most thanks!) In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this game turns friendly competition into a way to spread love, appreciation, and thankfulness.

7. Cork Turkey Craft

In the spirit of fall, this craft project teaches kids all about the changing seasons and what happens to trees and plants during winter. The fun starts just from gathering the materials, as kids will be able to explore outside and choose the leaves they get to decorate.

And with a few household items and some creativity, your little one can make a one-of-a-kind decoration to be proud of! Plus, these homemade cork turkey crafts make an excellent centerpiece to pull out for Thanksgiving next year! 

8. Mail a Hug

If you’re not planning on traveling this Thanksgiving or throwing a virtual Thanksgiving instead, this sweet art project is a great way to feel together during the celebrations. 

It’s safe to say we’ve been short of sharing big squeezes with loved ones lately, so why not send a special hug to someone you love. Kids can decorate this plushy with sweet notes and designs, and mail it to a friend or a family member who could use a life-sized hug! Just because some of us won’t be seeing people in person this year for Thanksgiving, doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected. 

9. Fall Leaves Wreath

This is a craft that mom and dad will love just as much of the kids! Explore the outdoors and collect beautiful fall leaves to create a custom Fall wreath that you can hang on your door. It’s the perfect way to welcome all those Thanksgiving guests into your home.

Keep kids busy by having them search the yards for specific leaf colors and shapes, then just glue them on! It's a lovely way to spend some quality time together getting ready for the holiday. And it will make the perfect festive addition to your front door or as an ornament on your table. 

For even more seasonal crafts and projects, Check out our Fall Bucket List for ideas kids and parents will love! 

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