The Ultimate Fall Bucket List for Kids and Families

Updated: September 5, 2019
Have fun exploring, learning, and creating with your children this fall. Here are our top picks for creative and budget-friendly ways to enjoy this beautiful season.
ultimate fall bucket list for kids

Although it can be hard to say goodbye to summer, the new fall season ushers in a time of seemingly unlimited fun family activities. With beautiful natural surroundings, Halloween and Thanksgiving holiday fun, and more bearable temperatures, there are so many things for kids and families to do that are either free or budget-friendly.

Here is our ultimate fall bucket list for kids and families:

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collage of fall bucket list items for kids

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Pumpkin Picking and Decorating

kids pumpkin picking

There’s nothing like seeing your little pumpkins picking out just the right pumpkin to bring home. Make it even more fun by carving pumpkins together. If your child is too young to do the actual carving, they can still draw the design on the pumpkin before carving. Better yet, let your little one have at it with a paintbrush and some paints.

Costume Choosing

kids wearing halloween costumes

Shopping for Halloween costumes can be as much fun as actually wearing the costume. It’s a feast for your child’s imagination. If you’re feeling crafty, find a costume that your child loves, but instead of buying it, work on making it yourselves as a family project.

Fall Flavor Baking

baking a pumpkin pie

Did someone say pumpkin flavored? You could bake something new with your kids every day of the fall season just trying to keep up with all of the scrumptious pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon centric recipes that are available. Not only do they taste great, they also keep your home smelling fantastic.

Holiday Movie Watching

family watching a movie together

The holidays open up a whole new world of family movie watching. Pop some popcorn on the stove, heat up some apple cider, and settle in by the fire to watch your favorite holiday movies. There are Halloween movies with the right spookiness level for every age, and even a few classic Thanksgiving specials worth watching as a family.

Corn Maze Exploring

family exploring a corn maze

A good corn maze is an attraction that can keep your family busy for hours - though hopefully not too many if your directional skills are up to par! For an added spooky factor, find a corn maze that offers nighttime options with flashlights.

Farm Play

family on a farm

Fall always feels like the perfect time to get in some playtime at a local farm. Visit animals, climb haystacks, take a hayride, and snack on some farm fresh treats. It’s a wonderful way to get in outdoor play throughout the season.

Practice Gratitude

family showing gratitude at thanksgiving table

The fall season ushers in Thanksgiving, and there’s no better way to prepare for this holiday than by practicing gratitude as a family. You could do this by asking what your children are grateful for each day at dinner or bedtime or by creating a gratitude tree or poster as a way to add your daily thanks. No matter how you do it, making gratitude part of the fall routine will benefit your family on many levels.

Family Community Service

family doing community service together

Also in the spirit of being grateful, this is a perfect time of year to give of your time and talents. Have a bake sale to benefit a local group supporting those in need, serve dinner together at a homeless shelter, or rake leaves at the homes of elderly neighbors. Anything that helps children learn the beauty of helping others will be a perfect choice.

Go on a Family Hike

kids on a hike

With the changing leaf colors and fall foliage combined with the crisp fall air, this might be the most beautiful time of year to hike in many areas. Hiking with younger children can be tricky, but adding in features like a scavenger hunt or collecting bits of nature to make a fairy garden along the way can keep little ones motivated and on the move.

Cook in the Crockpot

pot roast cooking in crockpot

Fall time is the best for experimenting with hearty chili and soup recipes. The crock pot makes cooking with kids easy since everything goes in one pot and doesn’t need to be handled again until it’s time to eat. Have fun with fall recipes, and receive the added benefit of your kids becoming excited to eat new things!

Have fun exploring, learning, and creating with your children this fall! There are so many creative and budget-friendly ways to enjoy this beautiful season.

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