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3 Warning Signs That Your Child May Need a Tutor

Whether they are in kindergarten or a senior in high school, a tutor can provide additional support that a parent or teacher might not be able to give. Here are three signs to look out for to help determine whether your child needs a tutor.
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Updated: December 1, 2022

Understanding your child’s education and learning style has never been more important than in the year 2020. With so many adjustments from remote learning to in-person adaptations and changes, there are likely a lot of students getting lost in the shuffle while the focus remains on keeping them safe and healthy. However, it is also important to ensure that your child is succeeding and thriving educationally, and if they are not, it may be time to consider introducing them to a tutor.

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Whether they are in kindergarten or a senior in high school, a tutor can provide additional support that a parent or teacher might not be able to give. Additionally, tutors can take the time needed to teach students executive functioning skills or help them properly study for an exam. Below are three signs that may indicate it’s time to find a tutor.

1. Your student is failing

The most obvious sign is when your child is receiving a failing grade. Obviously, this is a clear indicator that something is not working. Is it because they are not studying properly? Is it because they don’t understand the importance of school? Is it because they don’t understand the material?

There are a number of reasons why your student might be failing. Sitting down with your child’s teacher will help narrow in on what skills or tools your child needs to improve upon, helping you identify what kind of tutor is right for your child. Is it a particular subject? Is it knowing how to study? Or is there an outside factor impacting them?

Asking these questions with your child and their teacher will help you create a clearer path to a solution.

2. Your child is unorganized

A common issue with young students is using executive functioning skills. These range from time management, to organization and prioritization skills. Many times, a student knows the answer, is intelligent and understands the assignment, but they are just unable to properly prepare.

A tutor can help slow things down for your child by teaching them how to adequately schedule their time, what assignments should be done first or how best the child can stay organized (is it a list in a planner, a visual board in the home, or something else?).

Having a tutor take the time to teach your child these skills, something that a teacher might not have the bandwidth to tackle, will likely make a huge difference in your child’s education.

3. Your child is acing homework but failing tests

A frustrating situation for many children is getting high marks on papers, assignments or in-class participation, but then failing a test. Test preparation is a skill and not every student is able to process what needs to be done before a test in the same way. If your child is excelling in everything but that final test, it might be time to consider hiring a tutor.

A tutor has a unique ability to focus in on one or two skills that can change the course of a child’s education. Once given the skills on how to approach studying, and therefore a test, a student can apply those skills to multiple subjects, improving their grades across the board.Overall, not every child needs a tutor to succeed in school, but for some students it might be a game changer. Even if the tutoring isn’t permanent, a few sessions with a tutor can help provide tools they may not have had otherwise, giving them the ability to problem solve for the future.

Alexia Mezzini is the co-founder and COO of My Tutor Lab, an education technology company that connects students with verified tutors for one-on-one private sessions. Alexia is a highly sought-after speaker on topics of the supplemental education industry and building upon students’ tremendous knowledge and skills.

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