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Best Learning Websites for Kindergarten & Pre-school Kids in 2022

As the new school year approaches, our list of the best educational websites for kindergarten children and pre-schoolers will help you get your child off to the very best start with their learning - while having fun in the process!
Best Learning Website
Updated: December 1, 2022

As parents, we need to admit that screen time and an online presence are here to stay when it comes to our children and their education. While yes, it is true that hands-on learning through play is the ultimate and best way for young children to learn, electronic devices are a part of our culture for better or worse.

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The good news is there are so many fantastic and quality educational websites that we, as parents, can use our kids’ desire for screen time to their (and our) advantage. The issue is that there are so many sites out there it can be challenging to decipher the treasure from the trash.

As both a PreK teacher and mom of young boys, I was always on the lookout for the best sites to share with parents, use in my classroom, and have my kids use as well. We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of the equation for you and have compiled a list of the best educational websites for your little ones.

Whether you are an educator, homeschooler, or simply want some additional online resources, we’ve got you covered!

Here are our Top Picks!

Honorable Mentions

  • Noggin by Nick Jr. has games, books, and TV episodes
  • Nasa Kids’ Club has science experiments, math skills, and real image galleries with pictures of space, satellites, and more!
  • Disney Now! has learning games with lots of puzzles, mazes, and match games
  • Home Base: Scholastic is a little complex for younger kids but older elementary school kids and middle school kids will likely enjoy the content, and it’s free!


Best All-Around Educational Site

ABCya! has been my go-to site for years now. It is the perfect resource for both parents and teachers and is ideal for kids of all ages. ABCya! can be used for homeschooling and offers daily free games in addition to subscription options. This kids' website is a great way to entice your kids to play and learn simultaneously!

Best Free Website is a massive website full of math games, science games, educational videos, and free online books. For example, my son loves to play chess, and this site offers a free chess game where kids can challenge the computer or other players while adjusting the level to their skillset. This is great for him because he can actually challenge himself instead of playing against me!

National Geographic Kids

Best Site for the Nature Lover

I have always loved National Geographic and have purchased several of their books over the years for both school and home use. The site and its print materials are colorful, bright, and super kid-friendly. In addition, the website offers a ton of free material, including quizzes, videos, and games. What I love best about Nat Geo is its ability to cover topics like social studies and world cultures in a kid-centric way.

PBS Kids

Best Site for Little Learners

Even though this site is geared towards kindergartners, we know some parents of preschoolers and elementary-aged kids are probably taking a look too! PBS Kids is chock full of fun games and videos that feature your child’s favorite characters. It is colorful and easy to navigate, making it a top choice for young learners.

Best Language Arts & Music Site

Starfall is a subscription site that is dedicated to language arts and music content for children ages 5-8. They also offer some cool math games and seasonal games as well. A home membership is only $35 annually making it an excellent cost-effective choice for parents.

Brain Pop Jr.

Best Substitute Teacher Site

Brain Pop Jr. was a lifesaver during the COVID-19 pandemic for teachers and parents. It is a jack of all trades site that has interactive games and videos and covers the gamut of topics from science to arts to math and more. My children loved using this excellent resource as a part of their curriculum, and it is a great site at explaining how stuff works, from how a law is made to why we have seasons at a kid-friendly level.

Best Interactive Game Site

Poptropica is the site for the kid who wants to feel like they are gaming but in reality, they will be interacting with educational games. It has all the elements of a modern story-telling game, involves problem-solving, and is an immersive learning experience.

Best Site for Printables & Worksheets

If you are looking for a site with coloring pages, printables, and worksheets, then is the place to go! It is a free educational website with thousands of free resources, clipart, and a monthly newsletter. There is also a paid subscription level as well, and you can obtain a two-year membership for under $70.

Best Site for Kids to Self-Navigate

Nothing says learning like Sesame Street and their kid-friendly website is ideal for young learners to play games without a lot of adult help needed. There are countless games featuring all your child’s favorite characters and each one is easy to navigate and has simple audio directions. There are math games, letters, science, sign language, puzzles, music, art, and more!

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