• School and Learning
    How to Handle Parent-Teacher Conferences After a Divorce
    Your first parent-teacher conference after a divorce or separation can be uncomfortable and stressful, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Not only are you worried about the issues the teacher might address, but seeing your ex can be...
  • couple on valentines day saying cheers with wine
    Valentine's Day
    The Conversation All New Parents Need to Have About Valentine's Day
    It's your first Valentine's Day as parents and your annual tradition of getting dolled up, hitting up your favorite French restaurant, and spending a night on the town may not happen this year. And, that’s perfectly okay. But, problems can aris...
    Amanda Houle
  • Entertainment and Activities
    These Celeb Parents Give Us Hope For Aging. Their Secret? Self Care
    What's the secret? It is no secret that most celebrities who continue to age well have one thing in common: how they continue to care for and show up for themselves in their daily lives. They take care of themselves mind, body, and soul. Too of...
    Amanda Houle
  • Teens
    Should Parents Intervene When Their Teenagers Have Drama?
    Parenting teens in today’s society is becoming more and more difficult. If you notice your teenager is fighting with a friend, your first instinct might be to step in, but should you? With the bullying and suicide rates at an all time high, it ...
    Amanda Houle
  • mom teaching son about interfaith holidays
    Interfaith Families
    A Guide to Interfaith Parenting: How to Teach Both Religions to Kids
    It is that time of year to “begin” teaching your children about your faith. Did you and your spouse discuss how you want to teach your children about each of your faith? Regardless of how you approach the topic, it is important to remember th...
    Amanda Houle