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Candace Nagy

Freelance Parenting Writer

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About Candace

Candace is a passionate writer with a flair for storytelling that is deeply rooted in her curious tendencies and peculiarly perceptive mind. As a mother of two, she's at home writing relatable stories for parents and researching and giving her insights on all things food. When not writing, she can be found lost in nature, with her head stuck in a book, cooking up a storm, daydreaming, and always within earshot of her wild children!

Background Experience 

Candace has also written for Clean Plates, Red Tricycle, Tinybeans, and Scary Mommy 

FamilyEducation Area of Expertise 

Candace is one of FamilyEducation's freelance parenting writers.

  • Concerns and Complications

    What is a chemical pregnancy, and what are the causes and risk factors?

  • Pregnancy, Medical Concerns and Pregnancy Conditions

    Molar pregnancy happens when fertilization of the egg by sperm goes wrong, resulting in health risks. What to know about an abnormal molar pregnancy.

  • Family Life, Family Relationships, Parenting Issues

    Learn what "gentle parenting" is and the pros and cons of practicing gentle parenting with your kids

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