25 Celestial Names for Baby

Updated: June 4, 2021
Why not take some inspiration from the stars and sky when choosing a name for baby?

Draw your inspiration from what’s above for your baby. Like astrological names, celestial names are inspired by the stars, and are the perfect trendy option for your out-of-this-world little one.

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Baby Girl Names

celestial names for baby girls

  • Sky / Skye - This name is true to its meaning of love and beauty no matter how you choose to spell it.
  • Luna - The name of the Roman goddess of the moon and the Italian word for moon, your heart will be full when you look at your little Luna.
  • Dawn - This name will serve as a beautiful reminder that a new day is only a dawn’s break away.
  • Roxanne / Roxana / Roxane - There may be more than one way to spell it, but you’ll only have one “little star.”
  • Celete - Though this means “heavenly” in Latin, it also refers to the night sky.
  • Venus - Venus, AKA the goddess of love, has been in lore for centuries, but is also the second planet of the sun. In astrology, your Venus sign reveals what you desire and love.
  • Aurora - No, not like the Disney princess. In Latin, this name means “dawn” but it also has roots in Roman mythology as the goddess of the sunrise. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, you’ll recall that the proper name is “aurora borealis.”
  • Juno - This name may have been made popular after the movie, but it has origins in Latin, meaning “queen of the heavens.”
  • Estelle / Estella - Whether you choose to spell this with an ‘a’ or an ‘e,’ this name translates to “star” in French.
  • Juliet - This name has a double meaning for Shakespeare aficionados and celestial experts. Juliet is one of Uranus’ moons.

Baby Boy Names

celestial names for baby boys

  • Draco - Not only is this the name of a Harry Potter character, it’s also the name of a constellation.
  • Leo - Especially if you’re having a baby from July 22-August 22, this is the perfect name for your little lion cub. Not only is Leo one of the zodiac signs, it is also a constellation.
  • Samson - This Hebrew name means “like the sun.”
  • Sirius - Did you know that J.K. Rowling named the Malfoy/Black/Lestrange family after constellations? Sirius is a seriously great option.
  • Atlas - Atlas was a mythological Titan who carried the world on his shoulders. While you don’t want your baby to bear so much, this is a strong name.
  • Apollo - As you’re likely aware, NASA’s Apollo mission was responsible for putting the first men on the moon, but Apollo was also the god of the sun in Greek mythology.
  • Titan - Titan is not only the largest of Saturn’s moons, but it was also the name of an ancient race of giants in Greek mythology.
  • Stellan - The male version of Stella, which means star.
  • Cyrus - Not like Miley, this is Persian for “the sun.”
  • Archer - If you’re expecting a Sagittarius baby (November 23-December 21), this is a fun twist.

Gender Neutral Names

celestial gender neutral baby names

  • Vega - Meaning “falling star” or “swooping eagle” in Arabic, this is a great gender neutral option for your baby.
  • Nova - Of Latin origin meaning “new,” this is also the term for a star which massively increases in brightness.
  • Oberon - Oberon is the outermost major moon of Uranus, and is the second-largest.
  • Astra - This name translates to “star” but also means “divine strength.”
  • Artemis - Although the Greek goddess of hunting was female, this name remains neutral.

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