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75 Ancient Roman Baby Names Inspired by Warriors and Gods

These baby names for boys and girls are inspired by Ancient Rome, Roman mythology, and brave gladiators!
75 Ancient Roman Baby Names Inspired by Warriors and Gods
Updated: August 9, 2022

If you are a history buff, you are likely aware that ancient Roman history is full of interesting facts. Roman mythology alone is such a fun topic and if you find yourself itching to learn more about ancient history, then these baby name lists would be perfect for you. 

If you are expecting your little warrior to make their debut, you can give them a unique name full of culture.Below we have boy names, girl names, and unisex name options (these names would sound great for a baby girl or baby boy) that include Roman deities, rulers, and gladiators. 

Plus, if you find yourself a lover of Greek mythology, some of the Roman Gods and Goddesses have their famous Greek counterparts listed as well.

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Ancient Roman Boy Names and Meanings 

  1. Aeneas - Son of Goddess of Venus and Anchises, a mythical hero of Rome and Troy.
  2. Apollo - God of sun, music, and poetry.
  3. Attilius - Marcus Attilius one was of the few free Roman gladiators under Emperor Nero.
  4. Bacchus - God of wine and vegetation. Dionysus is the equivalent of this God in Greek mythology.
  5. Caelus - God of the sky and the heavens. Uranus is the Greek God counterpart.
  6. Carpophorus - An ancient Roman gladiator who was also a bestiarius, one who fought wild animals.
  7. Commodus - Ancient Roman Emperor and gladiator.
  8. Consus - God and protector of grains.
  9. Crixus - Gladiator and slave turned leader of the Third Servile War between the slaves and the Roman Empire.
  10. Cupid - God of love and desire. Eros is the Greek God equivalent.
  11. Fons - Also known as “Fontus,” he was the God of wells and springs.
  12. Faunus - God of the forest, plains, and fields. Pan is the equivalent of this God in Greek mythology.
  13. Hercules - Son of Zeus and mortal woman Alcmene, a mythical hero in Roman mythology.
  14. Honos - A Roman God that personified honor.
  15. Janus - God of doors, dates, and transitions.
  16. Julius - Julius Caesar was a Roman dictator and general.
  17. Liber - God of viticulture, wine, and male fertility.
  18. Lupercus - God who protected shepherds’ flocks against wolves.
  19. Mars - God of war.
  20. Mercury - God of translators and messenger for all other Gods. Hermes is the equivalent of this God in Greek mythology.
  21. Neptune - God of freshwater and the sea. Poseidon is the equivalent of Greek mythology.
  22. Orcus - Similar to Hades and Pluto, a God of the underworld in Etruscan and Roman mythology.
  23. Pluto - God of the underworld. Hades is the equivalent of this God in Greek mythology.
  24. Portunus - God of gates and doors.
  25. Quirinus - God of the Roman State.
  26. Remus - One of the founders of Rome.
  27. Romulus - Twin brother of Remus and one of the founders of Rome.
  28. Sancus - God of loyalty and oaths.
  29. Saturn - God of time, generation, and agriculture.
  30. Silvanus - God of woods and uncultivated lands.
  31. Spartacus - One of the most well-known gladiators from ancient Rome.
  32. Spiculus - A very skilled and famous gladiator who fought under Emperor Nero.
  33. Summanus - God of nocturnal thunder.
  34. Terminus - God of boundary markers.
  35. Vertumnus - God of seasons and plant growth.
  36. Vulcan - God of fire, the forge, and blacksmiths. His Greek equivalent is Hephaestus.

Ancient Roman Girl Names and Meanings 

Ancient Roman Girl Names and Meanings
  1. Aurora - Goddess of the dawn. Eos is the equivalent goddess in Greek mythology.
  2. Bellona - Goddess of war.
  3. Bubona - Goddess of cattle protection.
  4. Carmenta - Goddess of childbirth and prophecy.
  5. Ceres - Goddess of earth and agriculture. Demeter is the Greek Goddess counterpart.
  6. Clementia - Goddess of forgiveness and mercy.
  7. Concordia - Goddess of harmony.
  8. Deverra - Goddess of protecting midwives and women in labor.
  9. Diana - Goddess of the hunt and wild animals.
  10. Epona - Goddess of horses.
  11. Fama - Goddess of rumor.
  12. Fauna - Goddess of fertility and nature.
  13. Feronia - Goddess of wildlife.
  14. Fides - Goddess of good faith and honesty.
  15. Flora- Goddess of flowering plants.
  16. Fortuna - Goddess of fortune, luck, and fate.
  17. Invidia - Goddess of retribution and envy.
  18. Iris - A messenger of the Gods and Goddess of the rainbow.
  19. Isis - An Egyptian celestial goddess who became popular in ancient Rome.
  20. Juventas - Goddess of youth and rejuvenation.
  21. Luna - Goddess of the moon.
  22. Magna - Magna Mater is the personification of forces of nature. Cybele is the Greek equivalent.
  23. Minerva - Goddess of intelligence, wisdom, and the arts. She is the Etruscan counterpart to the Greek Goddess Athena.
  24. Muta - Goddess of silence.
  25. Ops - The mother goddess, and the goddess of fertility and motherhood. Rhea is the Greek goddess counterpart.
  26. Pomona - Goddess of fruit trees and orchards.
  27. Proserpina - Goddess of the underworld. This is the Latin name for Persephone in Greek mythology.
  28. Spes - The Roman personification of hope.
  29. Terra - Goddess of the earth. Also known as Terra Mater, which means “mother earth” in Latin.
  30. Venus - Goddess of love, beauty, and desire. She is the Roman counterpart of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.
  31. Veritas - Goddess of truth.
  32. Vesta - Goddess of hearth and home. Hestia is the Greek goddess equivalent.
  33. Victoria - The personification of victory in Roman religion. Her Greek equivalent is Nike.

Gender-Neutral Ancient Roman Names and Meanings 

Gender-Neutral Ancient Roman Names and Meanings
  1. Juno - Wife of Jupiter. Hera is the Greek Goddess counterpart.
  2. Jupiter - King of the Gods. Zeus is the Greek God counterpart.
  3. Pales - God of shepherds and livestock.
  4. Pax - Goddess of peace.
  5. Salus - Goddess of safety and well-being.
  6. Sol - God, and personification of the sun.

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75 Ancient Roman Baby Names Inspired by Warriors and Gods


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