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Updated May 4, 2023

Dutch is the language spoken in Holland, a country in the Netherlands famous for its wooden shoes, windmills, and tulips. Holland has also produced many great artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Vermeer.

Many people confuse Dutch for German as the two languages share similar sounds. For example, when Germans immigrated to the United States, it was common for immigration officials to misunderstand people pronouncing the word Deutsch (German for German) as Dutch and enter them incorrectly on registrars as from Holland. 

The large Amish community in Pennsylvania is referred to as the Pennsylvania Dutch, even though they are descendants of Germany. 

There were, however, many Dutch immigrants who also came to the Americas early on. Many settled in what is now modern-day New York City which was once called New Amsterdam. 

Dutch names tend to be stoic, traditional, and biblical in nature, and many have stood the test of time. So, if you are looking for a solid first name for your baby, look no further than our list of Dutch names. Read on to discover the meaning of some traditional Dutch boy and girl names.

Boy Names From the Netherlands 

  1. Aart - Celtic roots but commonly used in Dutch. A form of Arthur which means eagle.
  2. Abraham - A Hebrew name. Father of nations.
  3. Adriaan - Latin. This name means someone from Hadria. Alternative spellings are Adrian, Adrien, Adrianus, and Andries.
  4. Alexander - Greek. Defender of man. Parents can use Sander as a nickname.
  5. Anthony - Roman/Greek. Flower.
  6. Arnold - Old French/Old German. Eagle ruler.
  7. Bart - A biblical name. Short for Bartholomew, one of Christ’s 12 disciples. An alternate spelling is Bartholomeus.
  8. Bram - This popular Dutch name has Hebrew origins. It is short for Abraham. This name is most famous for Bram Stoker, the author of the classic gothic novel Dracula. 
  9. Cornelius - Latin. This fancy name has a very simple meaning, horn—alternative spelling Cornelis. 
  10. Daan - Scaandanavian. God is my judge. 
  11. Diederik - Dutch. Ruler of the people.
  12. Frisian - German. Edge of a blade or sword.
  13. Gerard - Old German. Brave, hardy, strong. An alternative spelling is Gerrit.
  14. Hannes - Hebrew. God is gracious.
  15. Hendrik - Dutch. Home ruler. Henk is a nickname for this popular name. 
  16. Isaac - Hebrew. He will laugh. 
  17. Jacob - An Old Testament name that means supplanter. An alternative spelling is Jacobus. 
  18. Jasper - Persian. Treasurer. 
  19. Joost - Dutch. Not a popular given name in the U.S.; it means just. 
  20. Lars - Scandinavian/Swedish. Crowned with Laurel.
  21. Ruben - Hebrew. Behold a son.
  22. Sebastian - Greek. Venerable.
  23. Theodoric - German. A version of Diederik. Dirk is a cute nickname for this traditional Dutch name. 
  24. Thijs - Dutch. This Dutch baby name has Hebrew origins and means gift of God. 
  25. Willem - Old German. The Dutch form of William. Resolute protector. 

Girl Names From the Netherlands 

  1. Aleid - Dutch. From a royal family.
  2. Anneke - The Dutch version of Anna means Grace. 
  3. Arabella - Dutch/Latin. This lovely name means beautiful lion. 
  4. Beatrix - Dutch/German/French. Delivers joy.
  5. Betje - Dutch. This Dutch name means God is abundant. 
  6. Brandy - Dutch/English. Burnt wine.
  7. Cornelia - Latin. The feminine version of Cornelius means horn.
  8. Dael - Hebrew/English. Knowledge of God.
  9. Famke - Dutch. Little girl.
  10. Fenne - Dutch. Peace.
  11. Floris - Dutch. Blossoming and flourishing.
  12. Fleur - French. This lovely name means flower.
  13. Grietje - Dutch/Greek. A version of Margaret. Pearl. 
  14. Isle - A Dutch version of the Scottish/English name Isla which means island. 
  15. Jade - Spanish. A name meaning green gemstone. 
  16. Liese - Hebrew/French. God is my oath.
  17. Liv - Norse. Short but sweet this name means life. 
  18. Marit - Dutch/Swedish. Pearl.
  19. Maud - Dutch/English/French. Powerful warrior. 
  20. Nora - Dutch. Light. 
  21. Sanne - Dutch. A version of Susanne; means Lily. 
  22. Sofie - Greek/Czech. Wise. 
  23. Tess - Dutch/Greek. Harvester or hunter. 
  24. Verena - Dutch/German. True, integrity.
  25. Wilma - Dutch/German. Desire powerful.

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