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Updated February 8, 2024

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Boy name origins & meanings

  • Old English: Fiery hill

What does Brandon mean and stand for?

The name Brandon is of Old English origin and means "fiery hill." It is from a surname that was originally derived from a place name meaning "hill covered with broom."  Sometimes it can also be considered a variation of the name Brendan.

Syllables: 2

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How Popular Is The Name Brandon

Family name origins & meanings

  • English: habitational name from any of various places called Brandon, in County Durham, Northumbria, Norfolk, Suffolk, Warwickshire, and elsewhere. Most are named with Old English brōm ‘broom’, ‘gorse’ + dūn ‘hill’. One in Lincolnshire, however, may be named with the Brant river, on which it stands; Ekwall derives the river name from Old English brant ‘steep’, presumably with reference to its steep banks.
  • Irish (Kerry): Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Breandáin ‘son of Breandán’.
  • French: from the Old French oblique case of the personal name Brand, of Germanic origin (see Brand 1).

Famous people who gave their babies this name

Popularity of the Name Brandon 

According to Social Security Administration data, Brandon has been declining in popularity since falling out of the top 50 names for boys in 2012 and the top 100 in 2017. Despite its decline, Brandon remains in the top 200 and is wildly more popular than its cousin name Brendan.

However, it is the 31st most popular name on

According to Google search data analysis, in the last five years Brandon was at its peak popularity in December 2020.

Brandon invokes the image of Jason Priestley's character on Beverly Hills 90210, Brandon Walsh. Other notable namesakes include singer Brandon Richard Flowers, actor Brandon James Routh, NFL player Brandon Tyrone Marshall, actor Brandon "Bug" Hall, and novelist Brandon Sanderson.

Bruce Lee, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, Karen Huger, Caitlyn Jenner, Maria Lawson, and Lawrence Garry, and Ron Perlman all chose the name Brandon for their sons.

Where is the Name Brandon popular?

Brandon was searched for most often in the following states:

Nicknames for Brandon

  • Brand
  • Brant
  • Don
  • Donnie

Brandon pairs well with these middle names:

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