Meaning and Origin of: Mustafa

Mustafa is of Arabic origin and means "The chosen one."

Boy name origins & meanings

  • Arabic : The chosen one

Family name origins & meanings

  • Muslim : from a personal name based on Arabic mụṣtafā ‘chosen’, from Arabic ̣safā ‘to be pure’, ‘to be select’. For Muslims, Al-Mụṣtafā is an epithet referring to the Prophet Muhammad, while among Arabic-speaking Christians it is applied to St. Paul. Mụṣtafa is among the most popular personal names in the Islamic world. In Turkey, it is often chosen in honor of Mustafa Kamal Atatürk (1881–1938), founder of modern Turkey.
  • Spanish (of Arabic origin) : from the Arabic personal name (see 1 above).
  • Italian : from the Arabic personal name (see 1 above), or from a nickname from Calabrian mustafà ‘strong man with a walrus moustache’.