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Updated February 14, 2024

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All baby boy names that start with the letter D

Are you looking for the perfect baby boy name that starts with D? You're in luck! We've compiled the ultimate list of baby boy names beginning with D to make your baby name search easy and fun.

When considering what name to give your son, D names make strong and unique names for boys. Plus, names starting with D have never been more popular!

Discover rare D names for boys, the best options for boy middle names that start with D, and more! And if you love these boy names and want to explore the other letters of the alphabet, check out our complete list of boy names from A-Z.

Popular Boy Names That Start With D 

Some "D" names have become very popular baby name picks in the last few years. Here are the most popular boy names starting with D according to the latest data from the Social Security Administration

  1. Dallas - The name Dallas is of Irish origin and means "skilled."
  2. Damian - Damian is of Greek origin and means "to tame, subdue." It is from the Greek name Damianos. 
  3. Daniel - Daniel is from the Hebrew personal name Daniel "God is my judge", borne by a major prophet in the Bible.
  4. David - The name David is of Hebrew origin meaning "beloved."
  5. Dawson - The name Dawson is of English origin and means "son of David."
  6. Dean - Dean is of Old English origin and means "valley."
  7. Declan - The name Declan is of Greek origin and means "messenger."
  8. Diego - The name Diego is of Spanish origin and means "supplanter." It is believed to be derived from the name Santiago.
  9. Dominic - The name Dominic is of Latin origin and means "belonging to the Lord."
  10. Dylan - Dylan is a name of Welsh origin meaning "son of the sea."

Unique Boy Names That Start With D 

If popular and trendy names aren't for you, there are plenty of "D" names for boys that are uncommon and unique. Here are some of our favorite unique boy names starting with D. 

  1. Dai - Japanese name meaning "big; great."
  2. Dakota - The name Dakota means "friend" and is of Sioux, Native American origin. It is a popular name for babies of any gender.
  3. Demetrius - Greek name meaning "lover of the earth."
  4. Dion - African American name meaning "God of wine and revelry."
  5. Divon - Irish name meaning "poet."
  6. Domingo - Latin name meaning "the lord's."
  7. Dulphe - German name meaning "noble wolf."
  8. Dwaine - Irish name meaning "wagon maker."
  9. Dylon - Welsh name meaning "sea." Dylon is a unique variation of the name Dylan.
  10. Dyonisus - The Greek name for the god of wine.

Rare Boy Names That Start With D

There are several boy names starting with D that are quite rare, including the following.

  1. Dabi - Of Basque origin, this name means "beloved."
  2. Dalfon - This unique name doesn't have a widely accepted meaning, but it's a rare choice that starts with "D."
  3. Damon - Originating from Greek, this name means "to tame."
  4. Daiton - A unique name without a clear origin or meaning.
  5. Dashiell - This is an anglicized form of the French surname de Chiel, and means "page boy."
  6. Denzel - Originating from a place name in Cornwall, U.K., it means "wild one" and gained popularity through the actor Denzel Washington.
  7. Digby - An English name meaning "town by the ditch."
  8. Dov - A Hebrew name, Dov means "bear."
  9. Dhruv - A Hindi name meaning "firmly fixed"; it also refers to the North Star in Hindu mythology.
  10. Duke - From the noble title, this name signifies "leader" or "noble."

Modern Boy Names That Start With D 

These trending baby boy names are modern name options for your baby boy. 

  1. Dane - This name means "one who comes from Denmark."
  2. Deacon - Deacon is a boy's name of Greek origin, meaning "messenger."
  3. Deandre - Deandre is a boy's name of American origin meaning "Strong", additionally in English, it means "Courageous" or "valiant man."
  4. Dewayne - Dewayne is an African American name meaning "from the wagon maker." 
  5. Dexter - Dexter is a boy's name of Latin origin, meaning "right-handed." It is also associated with the popular TV series about a forensic blood spatter analyst. 
  6. Dmitri - Dmitri is a Russian name meaning "follower of Demeter," the Greek goddess of harvest and fertility.
  7. Donovan - Donovan is an Irish name meaning "dark brown" or “chieftain.” It can also be considered as an alternative to traditional names like Donald or Don. 
  8. Drake - Drake is a strong and powerful sounding name that has Old English origins, meaning "dragon." It can also be seen as a shortened version of the name Draven or Dragomir. 

Cute Boy Names That Start With D 

These are some of the cutest boy names beginning with D. These boy names are perfect for an adorable baby. 

  1. Damyon - Greek name meaning "tamer."
  2. Darcey - Irish name meaning "dark."
  3. Davi - Hebrew name meaning "beloved."
  4. Day - Japanese name meaning "great."
  5. Deo - Greek name meaning "godlike."
  6. Denby - Scandinavian name meaning "home of the Danes."
  7. Deshi - Chinese name meaning "virtuous."
  8. Digby - Old English name meaning "settlement near a ditch." 
  9. Dustin - Old English name meaning "Dark stone."
  10. Dusty - Old English name meaning "Dark stone."

D Boy Names

Names that begin with the letter "D" offer a rich diversity in terms of origin and meaning. For example, David is a classic name with Hebrew origins signifying "beloved," while Dylan has Welsh roots meaning "son of the sea." There's also Dante, with its literary resonance, emanating from Italian roots to mean "enduring" or "steadfast." Modern parents might gravitate towards Declan, an Irish name meaning "man of prayer" or "full of goodness." Each name carries a unique cultural heritage and personal significance, making them enduring choices for newborns.

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