Meaning and Origin of: Kayden

The name Kayden is a modern-given name and means "round or barrel". It can also be spelled as "Cayden."
Meaning and Origin of Kayden

Boy name origins & meanings

Boy name origins & meanings

  • Aboriginal: round, barrel

What does Kayden mean and stand for?

The name Kayden is a modern-given name and means "round or barrel".

Syllables: 2

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Popularity of the name Kayden 

According to Social Security Administration data, Kayden has been recently popular, breaking the top 100 in 2017. It's been decreasing slightly in popularity since but is still more popular than its brother spelling, Cayden.

According to Google search data analysis, in the last five years, Kayden was at its peak popularity in October 2016.

Kayden is not only popular in America, but also in Wales, England, and Scotland. Angie Everhart chose the name Kayden for her son. While it is rising in popularity in recent years, it does not have many famous namesakes.

Where is the name Kayden popular?

Kayden was searched for most often in the following states:

Nicknames for Kayden

  • Kade
  • Kay
  • KayKay

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