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75 Cowgirl and Cowboy Names for Your Little Buckeroo

These cowboy and cowgirl names are perfect for your country kiddo. Check out our favorite names inspired by the Old West!
75 Cowgirl and Cowboy Names for Your Little Buckeroo
Updated: July 22, 2022

Looking for a western name for your Lil buckaroo? There are so many great options when it comes to names inspired by the Wild West.

So what exactly is a cowboy, and how did they come to be? When the Spanish arrived in America in the early 1500s, they built ranches in the western region, where they kept and raised cattle.

There were no horses in the Americas at this time — the Spanish brought these animals over from Europe to help herd the cattle. Then they hired local natives to learn to ride horseback and tend to their cows. Called vaqueros, these were the very first cowboys.

Ranch life quickly spread throughout the Western region. More and more cowboys were needed. Someone had to drive the cows to the pasture and herd them all back home. People of many diverse backgrounds adopted the cowboy culture.

By the 1800s, English-speaker settlers made their way out west and made their living as cowboys after learning the ways of the vaqueros.

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Why Choose a Cowboy Name? 

Maybe you grew up in the western part of the United States, so you want to choose a name that reminds you of your upbringing. Or maybe you are from a totally different part of the world but you just loved watching your heroes say “Howdy,” in old westerns as a kid.

Some of the classic cowboy names include Maverick, Ryder, and Colton. If you want a western name for your baby girl, consider names like Arizona, Miranda, or Paisley.

So put on your cowboy boots and give us a “Yeehaw” when you find the perfect baby name for your little rancher.

Here’s our list of western cowboy or cowgirl names for your little cowboy.

Cowgirl Names for Your Western Gal 

Cowgirl Names for Your Western Gal

Choose from our list of Wild West names for your baby girl.

  1. Annabelle - English, lovable; French, graceful beauty
  2. Annie - English, grace
  3. Arizona - Spanish, small spring; a Western state
  4. Belle - French, beauty
  5. Bonnie - Scottish, pretty
  6. Clara - French, light, clear
  7. Dolly - English, sad
  8. Dakota - the Native American people of the northern Mississippi Valley, a U.S. state
  9. Dixie - a term referring to the South region of the U.S.
  10. Dorothy - Ancient Greek, gift of God
  11. Georgia -Greek, farmer; an American state
  12. Grace - English, grace
  13. Harper - Old English, one who plays the harp
  14. Heidi - German, noble
  15. Jessie - Scottish, Yahweh is gracious; Hebrew, to behold
  16. Josie - English, he will add
  17. Kimberly - English, a name belonging to several English cities
  18. Lacie - English, a town in Normandy
  19. Mae - English, pearl
  20. Montana - Lain, mountainous; a western state
  21. Nevada - Spanish, snow-covered; a western state
  22. Paisley - English, church; a pattern often used on fabrics in the old west
  23. Ruby - Latin, red
  24. Sadie - English, princess
  25. Sage - English, wise, also an herb
  26. Scarlett - English, red, a type of cloth
  27. Shiloh - Hebrew, tranquil
  28. Sierra - Spanish, mountain range. The Sierra Nevada is a major mountain range in the Wild West.

Cowboy Names for Your Little Buckaroo 

Cowboy Names for Your Little Buckaroo

Here are our favorite baby boy country names for your little bronco.

  1. Austin - English, exalted, venerable; a city in the western state of Texas
  2. Beau - French, good looking
  3. Blake - Old English, black
  4. Buck - English, a male deer
  5. Butch - English, a butcher, a masculine man
  6. Brody - Gaelic, ditch or mire
  7. Canyon - English, the landform, a deep gorge often with a river running through it
  8. Carson - Scottish, meaning unknown
  9. Chase - Middle English, chase or hunt
  10. Clay - English, one who works with clay
  11. Clayton - Old English, clay settlement
  12. Cody - English, a descendant of the helpful one
  13. Colt - English, male baby horse
  14. Colton - English, Cola’s town
  15. Cooper - Old English, barrel maker
  16. Fielder - Old English, one who tends to the fields
  17. Grayson - English, son of the steward
  18. Hank - English, Yahweh is gracious
  19. Houston - Scottish, Hugh’s town
  20. Hunter - English, Hunter
  21. Jack - English, Yahweh is gracious
  22. Jesse - Hebrew, gift
  23. Levi - Hebrew, joined, attached
  24. Luke - Greek, from Lucania
  25. Marshall - English, a marshal
  26. Maverick - English, independent
  27. Nash - English, at the ash tree
  28. Oakley - Old English, oak clearing
  29. Quint - Latin, Fifth
  30. Ryder - Old English, a mounted warrior, messenger
  31. Sterling - English, excellent
  32. Tanner - Old English, one who tans hides
  33. Tripp - English, third
  34. West - English, evening, night; the direction
  35. Wesley - Old English, clearing in the west
  36. Wilder - Old English, wild
  37. Winston - Old English, joyful stone
  38. Woody - Old English, a row of houses by a wood
  39. Wyatt - Anglo-Saxon, bravery in battle

Gender-Neutral Western Baby Names

Here are some cowpoke names that will work for your little roper, no matter their gender.

  1. Casey - Old Irish, vigilant
  2. Cassidy - Irish, curly haired
  3. Cheyenne - Lakota (Native American), red speakers; The Cheyenne were the Native American people of the great plains.
  4. Dallas - Old English, valley house; Scottish Gaelic, meadow dwelling; A city in the western state of Texas
  5. Darcy - English, from the town of Arcy
  6. Mackenzie - Gaelic, handsome, fair
  7. Randy - masculine: English, the rim of the shield; feminine: Latin, admirable
  8. Sunny - English, sunny and cheerful

For more baby name inspiration, visit our Baby Name Center.  

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