75 Tomboy Names for Little Girls

Updated: July 7, 2021
If you're looking for a name for your baby girl, but want to skip the traditionally girly options, we've put together a list of 75 of the top tomboy names for girls. They make a great unisex option.
Tomboy Girl Names
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If you are expecting a new baby girl but don't want a traditional "girly" sounding name, then you have come to the right place. Many of these “tomboy” baby girl names are either unisex names or usually chosen for a baby boy, but that is also what will make the name that you choose stand out and be a truly unique baby name. Some of them are baby girl names that even offer more masculine tomboy nicknames.

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Below is the list of trending “tomboy” baby names for girls that consists of so many options while also giving you beautiful names to choose from for your baby girl. You will also find the meanings of each name so you can see why we chose them! They even make great middle names, too!

  1. Aiden - Irish, means "warm"
  2. Alexandra - Greek and English, means "defender of mankind" and you can use "Alex" as a nickname
  3. Andrea - Greek for "strong and brave" and you can use "Andie" as a cute nickname
  4. Antionette - Greek for "flourishing" and you can use "Toni" as a cute nickname
  5. Augusta - Latin for "exalted" and you can use "Gus" as a cute nickname
  6. Austin - Latin, means "useful"
  7. Avery - English, means "counselor"
  8. Bailey - French for "bailiff" or Old English for "fortification"
  9. Bellamy - Old French, means "handsome friend"
  10. Bernadette - French for "as brave as a bear" and you can use "Bernie" as a cute nickname
  11. Billie - English, means "resolution" or "wise"
  12. Blake - Italian, means "white" or "fair"
  13. Bobbie - Latin for "foreign" or English for "bright"
  14. Bryce - Irish for "swift" or English for "son of a nobleman"
  15. Cameron - Old English, means "bent nose"
  16. Carson - American, means "anointed one"
  17. Casey - Irish, means "vigilant"
  18. Charlie - Italian for "valiant" or Spanish for "little and womanly"
  19. Cody - Welsh, means "pure"
  20. Colbie - Hebrew for "faithful" or Scandinavian for "from the dark country"
  21. Cora - French for "beloved" or Greek for "heart" and you can use "Cory" as a cute nickname
  22. Delaney - French for "from the elder tree grove" or Irish for "dark"
  23. Devon - English, means "from Devonshire"
  24. Drew - Greek, means "courageous"
  25. Dylan - Welsh, means "sea"
  26. Elliot - Hebrew, means "high"
  27. Emerson - Old English, means "Emery's son"
  28. Evan - Irish for "young warrior" or Russian for "God is gracious"
  29. Finley - Scottish, from Fionnlagh which combines "fair" and "hero"
  30. Frances - Old French for "free" and you can use "Frankie" as a cute nickname
  31. George - Greek, means "farmer"
  32. Harley - Old English for "rabbit archer" or German for "flax"
  33. Harper - Old Norse, means "whaler"
  34. Harriet - French for "ruler of the household" and you can use "Harry" as a cute nickname
  35. Hayden - Old English, means "hayfield"
  36. Henrietta - German for "house ruler" and you can use "Henry" as a tomboy name or nickname
  37. Jamie - French for "I love" and an alternative for James which means "supplanter"
  38. Jordan - Hebrew for "descender"
  39. Josephine - Hebrew for "he shall increase" and you can use "Joey" as a shortened tomboy name
  40. Jude - Hebrew for "praised"
  41. Kai - Hawaiian for "sea" or the Native American for "willow tree"
  42. Kyle - Arabic for "beloved" or Irish for "narrow land"
  43. Logan - Scottish for "little hollow"
  44. Merritt - Latin for "deserving of good fortune"
  45. Micah - Hebrew for "prophet" or Latin for "a mineral"
  46. Morgan - Welsh or Irish for "dweller by the sea"
  47. Noah - Hebrew for "wanderer"
  48. Parker - Old English for "cultivated land"
  49. Peyton - English for fighting man's estate" or Irish for "warrior's town"
  50. Phoenix - Greek for a mystical bird
  51. Quinn - Gaelic and Greek for "wise"
  52. Reagan - Irish for "little king"
  53. Riley - Irish for "rye" or Gaelic for "valiant"
  54. Robin - English for "queen of the morning"
  55. Rory - German for "famous ruler"
  56. Rowan - Old English for "tree with red berries"
  57. Ryan - Gaelic for "little king"
  58. Samantha - Aramaic for "listens well" and you can use "Sam" for a nickname, which also sounds like a boy's name
  59. Sawyer - Middle English for "woodsman"
  60. Scout - French for "watchman" or American for "the first explorer"
  61. Shane - Hebrew for "beautiful" or Irish for "God is gracious"
  62. Shawn - Irish for "God's gift"
  63. Sloane - Gaelic for "warrior"
  64. Spencer - Old English for "keeper"
  65. Stevie - Greek for "crown"
  66. Sutton - Norse for "from the southern land"
  67. Sydney - French for "from Saint-Denis"
  68. Taylor - Middle English for "tailor"
  69. Teagan - Irish and Welsh for"attractive"
  70. Toby - Hebrew for "God is good"
  71. Tyler - Middle English for "roofer"
  72. Wilhelmina - German and the feminine version of William, and you can use "Willie" as a tomboy name
  73. Wren - Welsh for "chief"
  74. Wyatt - Old English for "little warrior" or French for "water"
  75. Zion - Hebrew for "a sign" or "guarded land"

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