75 Names Meaning Love for Your Little Love

Updated: August 10, 2021
Love is one of the strongest emotions we'll ever experience. Here are 75 boy, girl, and gender-neutral names meaning love.
Names Meaning Love
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When choosing a name for your new addition, love is a great inspiration. Love is a universal language, and when you meet your little one you will be filled with unconditional love like nothing else.

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These 75 names will help get you started on your search for the perfect name that will always remind your little one just how much they are loved.

Baby Girl Names Meaning Love

  1. Aiko - Of Japanese origin meaning little loved one
  2. Aimee - Of French origin meaning beloved friend
  3. Amanda - Of Latin origin meaning worthy of love
  4. Amorette - Of French origin meaning little love
  5. Amy - Of Latin origin meaning beloved
  6. Aphrodite - Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love
  7. Caera - A Latin name meaning beloved
  8. Calandra - A Greek name meaning lovely one
  9. Cara - Of Italian origin meaning beloved
  10. Caralie - A Latin name meaning beloved
  11. Cari - A Gaelic name meaning love
  12. Carys - Of Welsh origin meaning to love
  13. Davina - A English name meaning beloved
  14. Esme - This french name means loved
  15. Femi - Of African origin meaning love me
  16. Freya - Freya is the Scandinavian Goddess of Love
  17. Grainne - Of Irish descent meaning charming love
  18. Imogen - This Greek name means beloved child
  19. Kalila - Of Arabic origin meaning beloved
  20. Lennan - Gaelic for lover
  21. Maitea - Of Spanish origin meaning love
  22. Mila - Russian for dear one or loved one
  23. Milada - This Czech name means my love
  24. Milena - Russian for people’s love
  25. Mina - A German name meaning love
  26. Nayeli - Native American for I love you
  27. Priya - Of Indian origin meaning beloved
  28. Suki - A Japanese name meaning loved one
  29. Venus - Venus is the Greek Goddes of Love

Baby Boy Names Meaning Love

  1. Agapius - Of Latin origin meaning divine love
  2. Amadeus - A Latin name meaning lover of God
  3. Amator - Of Latin origin meaning one who loves
  4. Amias - Of Latin origin meaning loved
  5. Anbu - Of Indian origin translated to love
  6. Anwil - Of Welsh origin meaning beloved
  7. Aonghus - Aonghus is the Irish God of Love and Youth
  8. Atuf - Arabic for love
  9. Aziz - This Arabic name means beloved
  10. Carwyn - This Welsh name means fair love
  11. Connelly - Of Irish origin meaning love and friendship
  12. David - Of Hebrew origin meaning beloved
  13. Elmo - Of Greek, Latin, and Italian origin meaning love
  14. Erasmus - Of Greek origin meaning beloved
  15. Eros - The Greek God of Love
  16. Fenmore - An English name meaning dear love
  17. Gerwyn - Of Welsh origin meaning fair love
  18. Gracian - Of Italian origin meaning beloved
  19. Jeb - Of Hebrew origin meaning beloved friend
  20. Jedidiah - Of Hebrew origin meaning beloved of the lord
  21. Kama - In the Hindu tradition, Kama is the God of love
  22. Karlek - Of Swedish origin meaning love
  23. Leif - A Scandinavian name meaning love
  24. Liebe - This German name means love
  25. Lolonyo - Of African descent meaning love is beautiful
  26. Milos - This Slavic name means beloved
  27. Phil - An English name with Greek origins coming from philos which means loved
  28. Philemon - Of Greek origins meaning loving
  29. Prem - Of Indian origin for love and affection
  30. Sajan - Of Hindi origin meaning loved one
  31. Upendo - A Swahili name meaning love

Gender Neutral Names Meaning Love

  1. Amabilis - Latin for lovable
  2. Amias - Of English origin meaning loved one
  3. Amor - This Spanish name means Love and is a great gender-neutral option for your loved one
  4. Amore - Italian for love
  5. Bes - An Egyptian God of Love
  6. Caron - Of Welsh origin meaning loving
  7. Dwyn - In Celtic mythology, Dwyn is the God of love
  8. Ishtar - Babylonian Goddess of love
  9. Jacayl - Of Mexican origin meaning my love
  10. Kealoha - of Hawaiian origin meaning love
  11. Kendi - Of African origin meaning the loved one
  12. Love - Of English descent, love is straight to the point
  13. Paris - The city of love, a beautiful way to name your little one
  14. Rasmus - Of Finnish origin meaning beloved
  15. Thando - An African name meaning love

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