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150 Maximalist Baby Names and Meanings

Maximalist baby names are a huge name trend. These dramatic and elegant names for girls and boys represent the maximalist aesthetic.
150 Maximalist Baby Names and Meanings
Updated: January 5, 2023
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In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in baby name trends. A trend that we are expecting to take over in 2023 is maximalist baby names. 

Maximalism is over-the-top and lavish! Maximalist names are unique and elegant, so parents love them.

Learn more about what maximalism is and what are the best maximalist names for girls and boys. 

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Choose from 150 maximalist baby names for boys and baby girls and discover interesting maximalist name meanings. 

What are Maximalist Names? 

The trend of maximalist baby names stems from parents wanting to “rebel” against the norm and strike back at difficult times. 

It makes sense that the return of the maximalist trend  is greatly influenced by the frustrations and boredom people felt during the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few years. We are all ready to move on. 

Most maximalist names have both modern elements and some vintage flair. 

Maximalism in terms of interior design is completely bold and extra. It includes tons of layering of colors, materials, and textures. It’s a huge opposition to the minimalist mindset that “less is more.”

Why are Maximalist Names Popular? 

Not only are parents pulling inspiration from places like the Shakespearean Era, but they are also looking to pop culture. Hit Netflix TV shows like Bridgerton and The Witcher offer up some names that fit this new trend. Names like “Daphne,” “Cirilla” and “Geralt” will likely make more appearances in the coming years.

Why are Maximalist Names Popular?

Parents also love the uniqueness of these names. You don’t hear about many girls named “Persephone” or boys named “Amadeus.” Names like these also give children their individuality!

Maximalist Names for Girls A to L 

  1. Alouette - French for “lark”
  2. Ambrosia - Greek for “immortal or “food of the gods”
  3. Anastasia - Greek for “resurrection”
  4. Antoinette - Greek for “flourishing” and Latin for “praiseworthy”
  5. Ariadne - Old English for “silver” and Greek for “holy”
  6. Aurelia - Latin for “gold”
  7. Bellatrix - Latin for “female warrior”
  8. Brigitte - Irish for “resolute” and “strong”
  9. Calanthe - Greek for “beautiful blossoms”
  10. Cassiopeia - Greek for “clever” and also the mother of Andromeda
  11. Cirilla - Greek for “masterful”
  12. Claudette - French for “lame”
  13. Cleopatra - Greek for “praise”
  14. Cordelia - Latin for “rope maker” and Irish for “daughter of the sea”
  15. Cressida - Greek for “gold”
  16. Daphne - Greek for “laurel tree”
  17. Delphine - Greek for “dolphin”
  18. Desdemona - Greek for “misery”
  19. Donatella - Italian for “gift”
  20. Dorothea - Greek for “gift of God”
  21. Edwina - German for “prosperous friend”
  22. Emmeline - German for “industrious”
  23. Eugenia - Greek for “well-born”
  24. Euphemia - Greek for “spoken well of”
  25. Evangeline - Greek for “messenger of good news”
  26. Evianna - English for “living one”
  27. Fiorella - Italian for “little flower”
  28. Florence - Latin for “blooming flower”
  29. Francisca - Old French for “free”
  30. Fringilla - Latin for “finch”
  31. Georgiana - Greek for “farmer”
  32. Geraldine - German for “hard spear”
  33. Giselle - English for “sword pledge”
  34. Guinevere - Irish for “white wave”
  35. Helene - Greek for “torch”
  36. Henrietta - German for “house ruler”
  37. Iolanthe - Greek for “violet flower”
  38. Isadora - Greek for “gift of Isis”
  39. Jiraiya - Japanese for “young thunder”
  40. Josephine - Hebrew for “He shall add”
  41. Liliana - Latin for “lily flower”
  42. Luciana - Italian for “illumination” and Latin for “light”

Maximalist Names for Girls M to Z 

Maximalist Names for Girls M to Z

  1. 43 Magdalene - Greek for “high tower” and Hebrew for “woman from Magdala”
  2. Marceline - Latin for “God of war” or “little hammer”
  3. Marguerite - Greek for “child of light”
  4. Mazikeen - Hebrew for “harmful spirits”
  5. Mirabella - Latin for “wonderful”
  6. Mireille - Hebrew for “God has spoken” or “miracle”
  7. Myfanwy - Welsh for “the sweet one” or “beloved woman”
  8. Natalia - Italian and Latin for “born on Christmas”
  9. Natasha - Greek for “resurrection”
  10. Octavia - Latin for “eighth child”
  11. Olympia - Greek for “of Mount Olympus” or “heavenly”
  12. Ophelia - Greek for “a helper” or “wise”
  13. Pandora - Greek for “all gifted”
  14. Perdita - Latin for “lost”
  15. Persephone - Greek for “bringer of death”
  16. Philomena - Greek for “beloved”
  17. Portia - Latin for a Roman clan name
  18. Rosalind - Spanish for “pretty rose” and French for “little red-haired one”
  19. Seraphina - Hebrew for “angel” or “seraph”
  20. Theodora - Greek for “gift of God”
  21. Thessaly - A region in Greece
  22. Titania - Greek for “giant”
  23. Valentina - Latin for “good health”
  24. Venus - The Greek Goddess of Love
  25. Violetta - Italian for “violet”
  26. Vivienne - Latin and French for “lively”
  27. Wednesday - American for “born on Wednesday”
  28. Yennefer - Welsh for “white fairy”
  29. Zephyrine - Greek for “west wind”

Maximalist Names for Boys A to L

  1. Algernon - French for “mustachioed”
  2. Alistair - Scottish for “defender of mankind”
  3. Amadeus - Latin for “love of God”
  4. Archibald - English for “bold prince”
  5. Baldwin - German for “bold friend”
  6. Balthazar - German for “protect the king”
  7. Bartholomew - Hebrew for “furrow”
  8. Beaumont - French for “beautiful”
  9. Benedict - Latin for “blessed”
  10. Benicio - Latin for “blessed”
  11. Bradford - Old English for “broad meadow”
  12. Casimir - Slavic for “peacemaker”
  13. Cassius - Latin for “vain”
  14. Clarence - Latin for “clear”
  15. Constantine - Latin for “faithful”
  16. Corinthian - A native of Corinth, Greece
  17. Cornelius - Latin for “horn blower”
  18. Cyril - Greek for “lordly”
  19. Demetrius - Greek for “lover of the earth”

Maximalist Names for Boys A to L

  1. Devereaux - English and Irish name for someone from Évreux, France
  2. Dominic - Latin for “belonging to the Lord”
  3. Draco - Latin for “dragon” and German for “male swan”
  4. Edmund - Spanish for “homebody” and Old English for “rich warrior”
  5. Emiliano - Latin for “eager” and Spanish for “work”
  6. Euripides - A famous Greek playwright
  7. Fabian - Latin for “bean”
  8. Ferdinand - German for “courageous traveler”
  9. Fergus - Irish for “strong man”
  10. Geralt - German for “rules with a spear”
  11. Giovanni - Italian for “gift from God”
  12. Hamilton - Old English for “flat-topped hill”
  13. Harrison - Old English for “army ruler” and German for “house ruler”
  14. Heathcliff - English for “a cliff near a heath”
  15. Horatio - Greek for “behold” and Latin for “keeper of the hours”
  16. Humphrey - Old English for “peaceful force”
  17. Ignatius - Latin for “fiery”
  18. Julius - Latin for “youthful” and English for “love’s child”
  19. Laurent - French for “martyred” and Latin for “laurel crown”
  20. Lazarus - Hebrew for “God’s helper”
  21. Leonardo - German for “lion-hearted”
  22. Leopold - Old German for “bold leader”
  23. Lysander - Greek for “liberator”

Maximalist Names for Boys M to Z 

  1. Magnus - Latin for “the great one”
  2. Malachi - Hebrew for “messenger of God”
  3. Matisse - Hebrew for “gift of God”
  4. Maximus - Latin for “the greatest”
  5. Montgomery - French for “mountain hunter” and English for “rich man’s mountain”
  6. Morpheus - The Greek God of Dreams
  7. Napoleon - Italian for “fierce one from Naples”
  8. Octavius - Latin for “eighth child”
  9. Odysseus - Greek for “full of wrath”
  10. Orpheus - Greek for “darkness of the night”
  11. Othello - Italian for “prosperous”
  12. Percival - Old French for “pierce the veil”
  13. Perseus - The son of Danae and Zeus in Greek mythology
  14. Prescott - Old English for “dweller at the church”
  15. Randolph - Anglo-Saxon for “shield” or “wolf”
  16. Rockwell - English for “rocky fortress”
  17. Romulus - Hebrew for “strong” or “powerful”
  18. Salvatore - Spanish for “savior”
  19. Sanders - Greek for “protector of mankind”
  20. Sebastian - Latin for “revered one”
  21. Simon - Hebrew for “He who hears”
  22. Thaddeus - Latin for “courageous” or “praiser”
  23. Tiberius - Latin for “of the Tiber River”
  24. Timothee - French “one who honors God”
  25. Valerian - Latin for “strong”
  26. Vesemir - Polish for “cherisher of peace”
  27. Willoughby - Old English and Old Norse name for “willow settlement”
  28. Winston - Old English for “joy stone” or “victory town”
  29. Wolfgang - Teutonic for “wolf strife”

Gender-Neutral Maximalist Names

  1. Andromeda - Greek maiden rescued by Perseus, a constellation in the Northern Hemisphere
  2. Artemis - A Greek moon goddess
  3. Augustine - Latin for “exalted”
  4. Delaney - French for “from the elder tree grove” and Irish for dark”
  5. Marion - French for “bitter”
  6. Nikolai - Greek for “victorious people”
  7. Peregrine - Latin for “falcon”
  8. Remington - English for “town of the raven”

We hope you find the perfect moniker for your larger-than-life baby!

If you are wanting a unique and sophisticated name for your little one, save this list of maximalist names for later: 

150 Maximalist Baby Names and Meanings

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