75 Medieval Names to Inspire Your Baby Name Search

Updated: November 19, 2020
If you’re looking to give your little one a Medieval name, you’re in luck. Here are the top Medieval names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options.
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Whether you’re a history buff or you just like the sound of old, unique names, consider giving your baby a medieval name! Medieval origins give a little extra interest to a chosen name.

Not remembering exactly what defines the medieval times? The medieval period, often referred to as the Middle Ages, took place after the fall of the Roman Empire and lasted until the Rennaissance (they are called the Middle Ages because they fall between these two well-known periods). These times are remembered as the times of castles and knights. Much of Shakespeare’s work takes place during the Medieval period.

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The Middle Ages were times of change and of the mixing of different cultures, as various tribes stepped up to govern lands that had been previously under Roman rule. Feudalism developed as kings needed help to rule over wide expanses of land, which later gave rise to the new ideas of liberty and self-sufficiency. There’s something special about these days, when people lived their lives so differently than we do today. What would they think of us?

We came up with a list of Medieval baby names and we broke it down into names traditionally for girls, names traditionally for boys, and a few gender-neutral options.

Take a look at the geographical origins of these names and consider choosing one that gives a nod to your baby’s ancestry. But of course, there is no hard rule that says you can’t choose a name simply because it feels right!

Check out our list of 75 Medieval Names for your baby.

Medieval Names for Boys

  1. Achard (Old Normal)
  2. Aleksandru (Medieval Slavic)
  3. Alloys (Medieval Occitan)
  4. Arlotto (Medieval Italian)
  5. August (Latin)
  6. Blazh (Medieval Slavic, meaning “blessed”)
  7. Dragoslav (Serbian, Croatian, Medieval Slavic)
  8. Elric (Medieval English)
  9. Ermo (Medieval Italian)
  10. Frost (Scandinavian)
  11. Georgei (Medieval Slavic form of George)
  12. Gomes (Medieval Portuguese)
  13. Gosse (Medieval French)
  14. Grigorii (Russian, Medieval Slavic)
  15. Guarin (Medieval French)
  16. Guiscard (Medieval French)
  17. Hamon (Medieval English)
  18. Hann (Medieval English)
  19. Hopkin (Medieval English)
  20. Jackin (Medieval English)
  21. Jan (Medieval English form of John)
  22. Jurian (Medieval German)
  23. Kazimir (Medieval Slavic)
  24. Larkin (Medieval English)
  25. Lorencio (Medieval Spanish form of Lawrence)
  26. Mack (Medieval English)
  27. Mirche (Macedonian, Medieval Slavic)
  28. Morris (Medieval English)
  29. Nicol (Scottish, Medieval English form of Nicholas)
  30. Nikola (Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Czech, Basque, Medieval Slavic form of Nicholas)
  31. Ode (Medieval English)
  32. Radomir (Serbian, Bulgarian, Medieval Slavic)
  33. Randel (Medieval English)
  34. Roland (English, French, German, Swedish, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Medieval French)
  35. Tancred (Old Norman)
  36. Tielo (Medieval German)
  37. Tomislav (Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Medieval Slavic
  38. Wolf (English)

Medieval Names for Girls

  1. Aalis (Medieval French form of Alice)
  2. Aldreda (Medieval English)
  3. Amée (Medieval French form of Amy)
  4. Amice (from the Latin word for “friend”
  5. Bogdana (Bulgarian, Romanian, Slavic, Polish, Serbian)
  6. Bozhena (Medieval Slavic)
  7. Cateline (Medieval French form of Catherine)
  8. Desislava (Bulgarian, Medieval Slavic)
  9. Dragoslava (Serbian, Medieval Slavic)
  10. Eda (Medieval English form of Edith)
  11. Elena (Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovak, Lithuanian, Russian, Greek, German, English, Medieval Slavic form of Helen)
  12. Ethedred (Medieval English)
  13. Gisella (Italian)
  14. Isabeau (Medieval French form of Isabel)
  15. Jocosa (Medieval English form of Joyce, meaning joy)
  16. Johanne (Danish, Norwegian, Medieval French)
  17. Lyudmila (Russian, Bulgarian, Medieval Slavic)
  18. Malle (Medieval English form of Mary)
  19. Matty (Medieval English form of Martha)
  20. Meggy (Medieval English form of Margaret)
  21. Militsa (Medieval Slavic)
  22. Miloslava (Czech, Medieval Slavic)
  23. Molle (Medieval English form of Mary)
  24. Radoslava (Bulgarian, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Medieval Slavic)
  25. Regina (Italian)
  26. Rohesia (Medieval English form of Rose)
  27. Royse (Medieval English form of Rose)
  28. Sense (Medieval Spanish)
  29. Slavitsa (Medieval Slavic)
  30. Stanislava (Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Russian, Medieval Slavic)
  31. Sunnifa (Medieval Scandinavian)
  32. Tomislava (Croatian, Serbian, Medieval Slavic)

Gender-Neutral Medieval Names

  1. Aldus (Medieval English)
  2. Angelus (Latin)
  3. Stace (Medieval English)
  4. Wilmot (Medieval English)
  5. Yaroslava (Russian, Ukrainian)

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