100 Modern Names for a 21st Century Baby

Updated: April 16, 2022
Looking for a modern, 21st century name for your little one? Our list of the top 100 has plenty of boy, girl and gender-neutral options for you to choose from.
100 Modern Names
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Many parents start deciding on baby names very early on in the pregnancy while some struggle to find the perfect name until the third trimester. Don't worry! Sometimes all it takes is seeing your little one for the first time to know what the right name for them is. However, if you are looking for name ideas, then you have come to the right place. This list is full of all kinds of modern baby names to pick from or at least get you thinking.

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Whether you are searching for contemporary names or unique baby names, you will find lots of options for boys, girls and even a good selection of gender neutral names. Believe it or not, even the Social Security Administration's list of baby boy names and baby girl names could help get your mind going since you can find out what all of the most popular names have been.

Here are the top 100 modern baby names broken down into several categories to help you find the perfect moniker for your new addition.

Trendy Baby Boy Names

  1. Ashton - Old English for "ash tree."
  2. Auggie - Latin for "magnificent."
  3. Brantley - Norse or Old German for "fiery torch."
  4. Crew - Latin for "chariot."
  5. Deacon - Greek for "messenger."
  6. Emery - Latin for "loving."
  7. Ezra - Hebrew for "salvation."
  8. Finnegan - Irish for "fair."
  9. Greyson - English for "son of Seward."
  10. Hudson - Old English for "son of Hud."
  11. Jace - Greek for "healer" and Hebrew for "the Lord of salvation."
  12. Jameson - Hebrew for "supplanter."
  13. Kade - English for "barrel" and Scottish for "from the wetlands."
  14. Maverick - English for "nonconforming" or American for "wildly independent."
  15. Nash - Old English for "cliff."
  16. Otto - German for "wealthy."
  17. Ridley - Old English for "reed clearing."
  18. Sterling - Scottish spelling of "Stirling" and means "genuine" in English.
  19. Thatcher - Old English for "roof fixer."
  20. Tucker - Middle English for "tailor."
  21. Waylon - Old English for "land beside the road."
  22. Weston - Old English for "from the western town."

New-Age Baby Boy Names

  1. Archer - English for "bowman."
  2. Beckett - Swedish for "brook."
  3. Huxley - English for "ash tree field."
  4. Lincoln - Old English for "home by the pond" or "town by the pool."
  5. Luca - Italian for "bringer of light."
  6. Ryder - English for "horseman."
  7. Zane - Arabic for "beloved" and Hebrew for "God is gracious."

Unique Baby Boy Names

  1. Asher - Hebrew for "fortunate."
  2. Atlas - A titan in Greek mythology who is known for supporting the weight of the earth with his back.
  3. Callum - Scottish Gaelic for "dove."
  4. Camden - Irish and Scottish for "winding valley."
  5. Dallas - Irish for "skilled."
  6. Easton - Derived from a place name that faces east and is of Scottish and English origin.
  7. Gage - French for "pledge."
  8. Jett - English for the black mineral.
  9. Leland - Old English for "from the meadowland."
  10. Ranger - French for "dweller in the field."
  11. Zeppelin - The German name for an airship.

Trendy Baby Girl Names

  1. Aislynn - Old English form of "dream."
  2. Aria - Hebrew for "like a beautiful melody" and Greek for "melody."
  3. Bella - Hebrew for "gift of God's favor" and Spanish for "beautiful."
  4. Cora - French for "beloved" and Greek for "maiden."
  5. Demi - Old English for "fort on a hill" and Greek for "Goddess of the Harvest."
  6. Elliana - Hebrew for "my God has answered."
  7. Elsa - One of the most popular Scandinavian names and it means "consecrated to God" in Hebrew.
  8. Evie - Hebrew for "life."
  9. Faye - Old French for "fairy."
  10. Gemma - Latin for "precious stone" and Hebrew for "dove."
  11. Jade - Spanish for "stone of the loins."
  12. Kennedy - Irish and Scottish for "chief with a helmet."
  13. Lacey - Latin for "cheerful."
  14. Lyla - Arabic for "dark as the night" and French "from the island."
  15. Macie - Polish for "sea of bitterness."
  16. Maeve - Several meanings including Irish for "joyous" and Celtic for "queen."
  17. Mila - Russian for "dear one."
  18. Novalee - American for "new field."
  19. Olive - Old Norse for "kind one."
  20. Paisley - Scottish for "church."
  21. Poppy - Latin for "flower."
  22. Rosalie - Latin for "flower" and the Dutch and German version of "Rosalia."
  23. Scarlett - Middle English for "deep red."
  24. Talia - Several meanings and origins including Latin for "child born at Christmas," Hebrew for "dew from heaven," and Greek for "blooming."
  25. Trinity - Latin for "the holy three."
  26. Violet - Latin for "purple."

New-Age Baby Girl Names

  1. Brooklyn - Modern English for "beautiful brook."
  2. Hadley - Old English "heather field."
  3. Juniper - Latin for "young."
  4. Kallie - Greek for "most beautiful" and Cambodian for "best."
  5. Luna - Latin for "moon."
  6. Presley - Old English for "priest's settlement."
  7. Stella - Latin for "star."

Unique Baby Girl Names

  1. Aarti - Derived from a traditional Hindu song and ritual.
  2. Everly - English for "wild boar in a woodland clearing."
  3. Harlow - Old English for "rabbit archer" and German for "flax."
  4. Leighton - English for "meadow" or "farm."
  5. Nevaeh - American for "heaven."
  6. Raelynn - A combination of the names "Rae" and Lynn" which means "a beam of light" in American.
  7. Riya - A Hindu name that means "singer" in Sanskrit.

Modern Gender-Neutral Names

  1. Avery - English for "counselor."
  2. Bellamy - Old French for "handsome friend."
  3. Bowie - Welsh for "son of Owen."
  4. Charlie - Italian for "valiant" and Spanish for "little and womanly."
  5. Elliott - Hebrew for "Jehovah is God."
  6. Emerson - Old English for "Emery's son."
  7. Fallon - Celtic for "of a ruling family."
  8. Finley - Celtic and Irish for "fair-haired."
  9. Indy - English for "the land of the Indians."
  10. Navy - English for "a fleet of ships" and also for the dark shade of blue.
  11. Oakley - Old English for "from the oak meadow."
  12. Parker - Old English for "cultivated land."
  13. Phoenix - For the mystical bird found in Greek mythology.
  14. Quinn - Several origins and meanings including Greek for "queen," Gaelic for "wise," and Latin for "essence."
  15. Reagan - Irish for "little king."
  16. Remy - French for "from Rheims" or "fun-loving."
  17. Skylar - English for "eternal life."
  18. Wren - Welsh for "chief."
  19. Wyatt - Old English for "little warrior" and French for "water."
  20. Zayden - Hebrew for "lucky."

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