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150 Beautiful Summer Baby Names For Your Sweet Summer Child

Looking for the perfect name for your summer baby? Browse our list of unique summer baby names to find the perfect girl or boy name for your summer child.
150 Beautiful Summer Baby Names
Updated: May 31, 2023
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If you’ve always looked forward to the sun and warm weather of summer, or if your baby is due during those summer months, you may want to consider a summer baby name inspired by the season! 

Summer can mean something different for each person. For instance, some are drawn to the ocean and might want a unique surfer name. Or, you might think of summer as a time to be outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Perhaps a flower name is the perfect fit for your beautiful summer baby. 

Whether you’re looking for a baby boy name, baby girl name, or a gender-neutral baby name, we’ve rounded up 150 summer baby names for your sweet summer child.

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Beautiful Summer Names for Girls (with Meanings) 

These summer girl names are bright and warm, like the season and like your beautiful summer baby! 

  1. Aelia - Latin girl’s name that means “sun” or “sunshine.” 
  2. Amaterasu - Japanese name meaning “celestial sun goddess.”
  3. Anahita - Name of the Persian goddess of fertility and the waters.
  4. Aura - In Greek mythology, Aura is the name given of the goddess of the breeze.
  5. Aurelia - Latin name meaning “the golden one.” 
  6. Aurora - Name of the Roman goddess of dawn.
  7. Azalea - Girl’s name of Arabic origins. Beautiful flowering shrub.
  8. Birdie - Symbolizes the natural music-makers that come out in the early-mornings of Summer. 
  9. Blossom - British origin. Flower-like, bloom, or to flourish.
  10. Brooklyn - English. Broken land or water.
  11. Clara - Latin. Bright.
  12. Clementine - After the sweet citrus fruit that’s a popular Summer treat! 
  13. Coral - Semi-precious sea growth. Symbolizes rich and vibrant colors under the sea.
  14. Cordelia - Welsh. Daughter of the sea.
  15. Daenerys - Welsh. Lady of light.
  16. Dahlia - After the summer flower.
  17. Daisy - Comes from the Old English word meaning “day’s eye.” Also, a type of flower.
  18. Eleodora - Spanish. Gift of the sun.
  19. Flora - Latin. Flower.
  20. Florence - Latin. Blossoming, prosperous, or flourishing.
  21. Genevieve - German name meaning white wave.
  22. Goldie - Made of gold. Symbolizes glittering rays of sunshine during summertime. 
  23. Guinevere - Welsh. White wave.
  24. Haven - Old English name meaning “harbor.” 
  25. Helena - Greek. Shining light.
  26. Iliana - Greek. Ray of light or sun. Also known in Greek Mythology as the most beautiful woman. 
  27. Iris - Greek. Rainbow.
  28. Isla - Spanish origins meaning “island.” Also, Isla is the name of a beautiful river in Scotland.
  29. Ivy - Latin. The vine.
  30. Jasmine - Persian origin. Gift from god. Also, a fragrant flower.
  31. June - The first summer month. This Latin name also means “young.” 
  32. Juniper - After the juniper berry.
  33. Kaia - Hawaiian and Scandinavian name origins. The sea.
  34. Kalinda - Sanskrit name that means the sun.
  35. Kinsley - British. King’s meadow.
  36. Kira - Persian. Like the sun or light.
  37. Leilani - Hawaiian girl’s name. Comes from the word lei which is a necklace of flowers.
  38. Leonora - Greek. Compassion or light. Feminine version of “Leo” a summer zodiac sign. 
  39. Lieta - Italian for joyful, cheerful or festive. Belarusian for summer.
  40. Lily - Latin. Pure or innocent. Also, a beautiful flower that blooms during the summer months. 
  41. Lucy - Girl’s name of Latin or English origins. Light or of the light.
  42. Maeve - Latin for purple flower. French for small bird.
  43. Magnolia - After the beautiful flowering tree.
  44. Marella - Latin. Star of the sea. 
  45. Mariana - Portuguese. Star of the sea.
  46. Marina - Latin name meaning “from the sea” 
  47. Marnie - Latin. From the sea or sparkling.
  48. Meadow - Field of grass. Symbolizes the freshness or new blooms of the Summer. 
  49. Moana - Polynesian origin. Ocean or sea.
  50. Morwenna - Welsh. Waves of the sea.
  51. Nanaka - Japanese. Seven summers. 
  52. Ondine - French. Little wave or wave of water.
  53. Pearl - Birthstone for the month of June. Means precious.
  54. Peridot - Arabic girl’s name meaning gem. Also the birthstone of August. Nickname Dot.
  55. Phaedra - Greek. Bright.
  56. Phoebe - Greek. Bright, radiant, or shining one.
  57. Poppy - Red flower that’s bright like the summer season. 
  58. Posy - Definition is a bunch of flowers. 
  59. Rose - Flower. Derived from the Latin name Rosa.
  60. Rosemary - Latin. Dew of the sea.
  61. Ruby - Latin and French origins. Wealth, prosperity, and precious gemstone.
  62. Sage - After the herb.
  63. Sienna - Latin. Orange-red. Symbolic or the sunrise or sunset.
  64. Skye - Scottish. Island of clouds. Symbolizes a light and breezy temperament.
  65. Soleil - French name meaning sun.
  66. Solstice - Latin. Stilled sun. Also, the summer solstice is the longest day of the year and marks the start of the summer season.
  67. Suma - English name meaning born during the summer.
  68. Summer - Refers to the season itself. 
  69. Sussana - Persian and Egyptian name that means lily.
  70. Suvi - Norse and Finnish origins meaning “Summer.” 
  71. Talise - Native American name meaning “lovely water.” 
  72. Tallulah - Native American name meaning “leaping water” or lady of abundance.
  73. Violet - Purple flower that blooms in Spring and Summer 
  74. Zinnia - Latin.  Beautiful flower that blooms in Spring and Summer 

Popular Summer Names for Boys (with Meanings) 

Summer Baby Names
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These blazing summer boy’s names are perfect fit for your summer baby boy. 

  1. Achelous - Greek name after the Greek god of water and rivers.
  2. Altan - Mongolian for golden. Turkish name for “red dawn.” 
  3. Anwar - Arabic name meaning “light, brighter.” 
  4. Apollo - Greek name after the god of light, music, and poetry. Apollo is also famous for the chariot he rides across the sky.
  5. Arun - Indian boy name meaning “dawn.” Symbolizes the red, earthy colors as the sun is rising.
  6. Augustus - Great or magnificent. The name of Ancient Rome’s first emperor that inspired the name of the month August. 
  7. Beckett - English and Irish. Beehive or little brook.
  8. Beckham - English. Homestead by the stream or near the beech tree.
  9. Bondi - After the famous Australian beach.
  10. Calder - Scottish. Stream or rough waters.
  11. Capri - A name inspired by the Italian island and beautiful summer vacation destination. 
  12. Caspian - Summer boy name inspired by the salty Caspian Sea between Asia and Europe.
  13. Castor - Greek. To shine.
  14. Clay - Name for sands covering the desert.
  15. Conway - English, Scottish and Welsh origins. Holy river or the water.
  16. Cyrus - Persian name meaning “sun” or “enthroned.”
  17. Dover - Welsh name meaning the waters.
  18. Dune -  Name for a sandy hill or lofty mounds of a desert. 
  19. Elio - Spanish name meaning “The sun.” 
  20. Elwood - British. Noble woods or elder tree forest.
  21. Forrest - Old French name meaning “of the woods.” 
  22. Javier - Spanish name meaning “bright.” 
  23. Helios - Spanish origin. The sun.
  24. Kamal - Indian male name meaning “lotus” or “perfection.” 
  25. Kir - Russian name meaning “sun” or “Lord.” 
  26. Koa - Hawaiian. Also, a gorgeous reddish tree found in Hawaii.
  27. Lachlan - Irish. From the land of lakes.
  28. Leo - Latin word for lion. Also, the astrological sign for those born from July 23 to August 23.
  29. Lucius - Latin name meaning “light.” 
  30. Oceanus - Greek name after one of the Titans and god of the waters and oceans.
  31. Oliver - Latin name inspired by the Olive tree.
  32. Saguaro - A type of cactus that thrives in summer heat. 
  33. Samson - A male Hebrew name meaning “like the sun.” 
  34. Seton - British. Sea settlement or by the sea.
  35. Sol - Spanish. Sun.
  36. Sonny - English name meaning our son. The name of celebrity Sonny & Cher. 
  37. Sorley - Irish. Summer wanderer or summer sailor.
  38. Theros - Greek origin. Summer or beastly.
  39. Tiberius - Latin name meaning “near the river.” 
  40. Triton - Greek name after the God of the sea and son of Poseidon. Also, the father of Ariel in the classic Disney movie “The Little Mermaid.”
  41. Vernon - Latin for spring. 

Gender-Neutral Summer Baby Names (with Meanings) 

These gender-neutral summer baby names are unique name choices for any baby born during the summer months. 

  1. Aelius - Greek name meaning “sunshine.” 
  2. Alba - Latin name meaning “Bright, white, or dawn.” 
  3. Arbor - Latin. Tree or herb garden.
  4. Arid - Dry air.
  5. Asia - Greek word for sunrise. Asia was also the daughter of the sea god Oceanus. 
  6. Aster - Greek name meaning star or flower.
  7. Auraq - Arabic. Sand or dust-colored.
  8. Birch - Old English name meaning “bright or shining.” The name Birch is also symbolic of a tall, lithe tree that symbolizes the summer. 
  9. Cove - Name for a small coastal inlet.
  10. Dylan - Welsh name meaning “son of the sea” or “born from the ocean.”
  11. Hali - Greek name for the sea.
  12. Hurley - Irish name meaning “sea tide” or “sea valor.” 
  13. Julian - Latin and Greek. This name means “youthful” or young at heart.
  14. Juno - Latin origin. Queen of the heavens. 
  15. Kai - Hawaiian name for sea or ocean.
  16. Kauwela - Hawaiian name for Summer.
  17. Luca - Name of Italian origin. Bringer of light.
  18. Marley - Meadow.
  19. Marlo - British name for remnants of a lake or drop of the sea.
  20. Mirri - a name of Australian Aboriginal origins that represents the sun.
  21. Morgan - Welsh. Circling sea or white sea dweller.
  22. Muriel - Irish name meaning “shining, sparkling sea.” 
  23. Ocean - What’s more summery than this gorgeous body of water?
  24. Oleander - A beautiful but toxic plant that thrives in the summer with little care.
  25. Phoenix - Bird that rises from the ashes.
  26. Rashmi - Sanskrit name meaning “ray of light” 
  27. Rayan - Pakistani name for bright and radiant. Arabic name meaning “door of heaven.” 
  28. Ren - Japanese name meaning lotus or water lily. 
  29. River - A flowing body of water.
  30. Selvyn - Greek name after Sylvanus, who is the Greek god of trees.
  31. Storm - British. Tempest or strong gale.
  32. Sunny - British. Sunshine, cheerful, or optimistic temperament. 
  33. Taro - Tropical plant used to make many food dishes.
  34. Valerian - Sweetly scented flowering plant native to Europe and Asia with medicinal purposes.
  35. Xanthe - Greek name meaning golden or yellow.


Of course, Summer babies can’t have all the fine! If you’re expecting your baby girl or baby boy in the Fall months, then we recommend our Ultimate Guide to the Top Autumn Baby Names


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150 Beautiful Summer Baby Names For Your Sweet Summer Child

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