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The Ultimate Guide to the Top Autumn Baby Names

What better way to celebrate your autumn-baby's birth month with a fall-themed name? Here are the top autumn or fall names for boys and girls, along with some great gender-neutral options.
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Updated: April 17, 2024

What better way to celebrate your autumn baby’s birth month than with a fall-themed name? Here are the top autumn or fall names for boys and girls, along with some great gender-neutral options.

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Fall-inspired baby names are often based around lots of trees and flowers. Nature always plays a big part in seasonal names, but many fall names kick it up a notch. Because of this, you have a lot more options for gender-swapping. A name like Birch fits well for anyone.

Another place to look for fall-inspired names is the calendar or astrological charts. September could be a cool name, or maybe if your kiddo is born during Libra season, making that a middle name (or a first name!). You can also look to the colors of fall for name inspiration. You might not want to name your little one Red, but Cerise is a shade of red and a beautiful option for a baby name. Or something that goes with the color gold, yellow, or orange.

Regardless of where you draw inspiration from, we think these Autumn baby names are sure to be a hit. Here are our top 75 name suggestions to get you started.

Fall and Autumn-Inspired Baby Girl Names

  1. Aki - This Japanese name means Autumn.
  2. Amber - An English name referring to the lovely colors associated with fall.
  3. Apple - Apple picking, apple crisp, apple cider, all fun fall activities, this would make a cute name.
  4. Aster - This popular flower blooms from late summer to early fall and would make a pretty name for an early fall baby.
  5. Aurelia - This Latin name means the golden one, a beautifully rich color associated with fall.
  6. Autumn - Perhaps the most obvious name, Autumn is of Latin origins.
  7. Baize - This French name means dark brown, another color heavily associated with the fall.
  8. Bronwyn - This Welsh name will inspire thoughts of nature, fall, and the crisp brown colors.
  9. Bruna - This Italian name means brown, a color associated with fall.
  10. Carmine - This Italian name means garden, from which we harvest crops through the fall.
  11. Ceres - Pronounced “Seer-eez,” Ceres is the Greek Goddess of the harvest.
  12. Chrysanthemum - Or “mums” are the official flowers of November and a staple for many fall decorations.
  13. Dahlia - Taking inspiration from another flower, the Dahlia is native to Mexico and can bloom all the way through December, making it a bright spot in the fall.
  14. Daphne - This name refers to the laurel tree, which is an evergreen that flourishes in the fall.
  15. Gaia - This Greek name means earth mother, the nature connotation makes many people think of fall.
  16. Goldie - A derivative of the Yiddish name Golde, this unique name can refer to the golden tones of the fall.
  17. Hazan - This is a Turkish name for Autumn.
  18. Hazel - An English name referring to the Hazelnut tree, a fall staple in the deep forest.
  19. Juniper - Certain species of these trees bloom in fall. Their berries are used to make gin and sauces for gamey animals.
  20. Libra - This Greek astrological sign refers to babies born from Sept. 23-Oct. 22.
  21. Maisie - Maize is a Native American name for corn, and Maisie could be an adorable play on that idea.
  22. Maple - The Maple tree boasts beautiful red leaves in the fall, a lovely name for fans of fall foliage.
  23. Marigold - An English name referring to the golden flower that blooms and the best in late summer and early fall.
  24. Mehrgan - This Arabic name is from the Persian word for Autumn.
  25. Olive - A Latin name referring to the Olive Tree, which keeps its foliage deep into the fall.
  26. Olivia - Another Latin version of the Olive tree.
  27. Opal - This Sanskrit name refers to the birthstone of those born in October.
  28. Orla - This Irish name means golden princess, and would make a sweet name for a fall baby girl.
  29. Persephone - The Greek goddess and queen of the harvest, Persephone is known for helping crops grow.
  30. Raven - In reference to the blackbird, a Raven is a symbol known for mythology, Wiccan, and Edgar Allen Poe references.
  31. Rhea - Of Greek origin, this name means a flowing stream, something you would find while taking a nice autumn walk.
  32. Ruby - A rich red gemstone that can be tied to the earth tones associated with autumn, a beautiful name for a little girl.
  33. Saffron - The orange scented spice that is used in many fall potpourri mixes, Saffron would make a unique baby name for a girl.
  34. Sapphire - A Hebrew name referring to the blue birthstone of September, the month fall begins.
  35. Scarlett - The English name referring to the color red, one of the jewel tones specifically associated with fall.
  36. Sienna - This Italian name refers to the reddish-brown clay that is found in Italy, colors that are closely associated with Autumn.
  37. Tess - Short for Theresa, Tess is an English name to harvest, which takes place in the fall.
  38. Willow - This English name refers to the Willow tree or weeping willow, that takes on a gorgeous yellow and orange tone in the fall.
  39. Xanthe - This Greek name means golden or yellow, two beautiful colors associated with Autumn.

Fall and Autumn-Inspired Baby Boy Names

  1. Adam - This Hebrew name means son of red earth, our land in the fall.
  2. Archer - This English name refers to hunters of bowmen who head out in the fall to bring home animal bounty.
  3. Autumnus - Autumnus is the Roman personification of Autumn, and would make a stately name for a boy.
  4. Branden - This English name means brown hill, referring to the grass and leaves dying off in the fall.
  5. Bruno - This Portuguese name means brown, a color heavily associated with fall.
  6. Cormac - This Irish name means tree trunk, a great way to use nature as inspiration.
  7. Demeter - Named for the Greek god of agriculture and harvest, this would make a strong name for a little boy.
  8. Forrest - Of English origins, many people love the deep Forrest in the quiet of the fall.
  9. Griffin - Of Welsh origins, this name is perfect for fans of Halloween, dragons, and Old England.
  10. Herb - Herbst is the German name for Autumn, shortened to Herb for a trendy name for a boy.
  11. Leif - This Scandinavian name can be used as a more interesting spelling to leaf, which is a universal symbol of fall.
  12. Oliver - A take on the Latin name deriving from the Olive tree, which keeps its foliage deep into the fall.
  13. Rusty - The name refers to the reddish-brown color that just screams fall.
  14. Scorpio - The Zodiac sign associated with birthday from October 23-November 21, this would make an interesting name for your little guy.

Fall and Autumn-Inspired Gender-Neutral Names

  1. Ash - Shortened from the Middle English name Asche, which means tree.
  2. Asher - Another version of the Middle English name Asche, a tree is a quite literal name for fall.
  3. Aspen - Referring to the Aspen tree that sheds its heart-shaped leaves in the fall.
  4. Aster - A Greek name that is also the official flower of September, the month fall begins in.
  5. Garnet - A dark red gemstone whose earthy tones make many people think of fall and autumn.
  6. Hunter - An English name referring to those who go out in the fall and winter and hunt to bring home food.
  7. Jora - This Hebrew unisex name means autumn rain, a lovely meaning for a little one.
  8. Laurel - Coming from the Laurel tree, this gender-neutral name refers to the evergreen tree that blooms in the autumn.
  9. Lennox - This is a Scottish name that refers to the elm tree, which turns lovely shades of color in the fall.
  10. Linden - Of English origin this refers to the Linden tree, whose heart-shaped leaves turn yellow in the fall.
  11. Oakley - Taking inspiration from the great Oak Tree, Oakley would be a nice nature inspired fall name.
  12. Phoenix - This Greek name means more than just the mystical bird, Phoenix can refer to a deep red, a color associated with the richness of Autumn.
  13. Qiu - This unisex name stems from the Chinese word for Autumn.
  14. Rain (e) - Autumn is often a rainy season, making Rain a lovely way to pay homage to nature this time of year. You can use the e on the end for a more unique spelling.
  15. Rory - This Irish name means Red King, a color associated with fall.
  16. Rowan - Of both Scottish and Irish origins, in reference to the Rowan Tree that bears red berries in the fall.
  17. Sawyer - Sawyer refers to someone who cuts timber, tree cutting is often associated with fall and people prepare for winter fires.
  18. Sparrow - This unisex name refers to the Autumn Sparrow, a lovely bird.
  19. Thu - This name is derived from the Vietnamese word for Autumn.
  20. Wheatley - This name works well for both genders, and refers to wheat that is harvested in the fall.

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