50 Names That Mean Sun for Baby Name Inspiration

Updated: April 16, 2022
A wonderful way to celebrate a life-sustaining important part of nature is to name your child after the sun. Here are 50 boy, girl, and gender-neutral names meaning sun.
50 Names Meaning Sun
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Nature-inspired names are popular, and using the sun as your focal point when choosing a name is brilliant. Many cultures have a God or Goddess of the sun and worship the light it brings to our world. A wonderful way to celebrate a life-sustaining important part of nature is to name your child after the sun. Whether choosing a name specific to your culture, or one that speaks to you, there are wonderful choices for names derived from the sun.

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If you’re on the hunt to find a baby name that means sun, then you’ve come to the right place. Included you will find baby girl names, boy names, and gender-neutral names for your little ray of light.

Girl Names that Mean Sun

  1. Akino - of Japanese origin meaning my rising sun, this is typically used for baby girls.
  2. Alba - of Latin origin meaning Dawn or Sunrise. This is a pretty name symbolizing the ray of sun your daughter is.
  3. Alectrona - is the Greek goddess of the sun.
  4. Apricia - a Latin name meaning sunny.
  5. Aurora - of Latin origin meaning dawn, Aurora is also a Roman goddess of the dawn.
  6. Dawn - in reference to the breaking of sunlight, this is primarily of English origin.
  7. Eilidh - A Scottish name for girls that means sun.
  8. Éliane - a popular French name meaning sun.
  9. Grian - a Celtic name, typically used for girls, that means sun or sun goddess.
  10. Helen - with Greek origins Helen means sun ray.
  11. Helie - a unique Greek name that can mean sun.
  12. Hinata - a Japanese name that means sunny place.
  13. Kalinda - this is Indian for The Sun and is primarily used for females.
  14. Kira - an Irish name that means The Sun, or Ray.
  15. Kyra - another Irish name for little girls that means like the sun.
  16. Oriana - a Latin name meaning Golden, a lovely meaning for the sun.
  17. Roxana - a lovely Greek name for your baby girl that means dawn.
  18. Solana - a Spanish name meaning sunshine.
  19. Sole - of Italian origin meaning sun, Sole is primarily used for baby girls.
  20. Soleil - A French name meaning sun, Soleil is primarily used for females.
  21. Sunniva - of Norwegian origin, this name means sun gift.
  22. Yumana - in Hinduism Yumana is the daughter of the god of the Sun, Surya.
  23. Zonnestra - a Dutch name typically used for little girls that means sunbeam.

Boy Names that Mean Sun

  1. Aditya - of Indian origin, typically given to males, Aditya is a Hindu God. Aditya is another name for the Sun God, Surya.
  2. Aelius - an ancient Roman name meaning sun, this name is typically used for a boys’ names.
  3. Aidan - a Celtic name for little boys that means fire of the sun.
  4. Apollo - Apollos is the Greek sun god, a strong name for a little boy woven through greek mythology.
  5. Castor - a Greek name meaning to shine, a lovely name for a baby boy.
  6. Cyrus - this Persian name means sun and is typically used for boys.
  7. Elio - this Italian male name means the sun.
  8. Finlay - an English name, typically used for boys, that means sunbeam.
  9. Helios - a Greek world that means sun.
  10. Horus - of Egyptian origin meaning God of Light.
  11. Ravi - this is an Indian name meaning Sun and is used for males.
  12. Ravindra - a beautiful Hindi name that means Lord of the Sun.
  13. Samson - a male Hebrew name meaning Sun.
  14. Surya - an Indonesian name meaning The Sun, Surya is also the Hindu god of the Sun.
  15. Suryanshu - a male Indian name that means sunbeam.

Gender-Neutral Names that Mean Sun

  1. Anatoly - a Russian name meaning sunrise. This is a unique way to symbolize the first ray of light on your name list.
  2. Arki - this means descendant of the sun in Sanskrit.
  3. Blaze - this Latin name means fire, representing the blaze of the sun.
  4. Dimas - a Spanish name for sunset, a lovely way to still represent the sun.
  5. Elidi - this name has Greek origins and means gift of the sun.
  6. Gry - a Scandinavian name that means dawn.
  7. Haru - of Japanese origin meaning the sun.
  8. Marici - a Sanskrit name that means ray of light.
  9. Mehr - a Persian name that means Sun.
  10. Sol - a gender-neutral name that is Spanish for the sun.
  11. Sunny - a gender-neutral name that is a direct reference to the sun. If you’re looking for baby names with very obvious meaning, Sunny is a great direction to go.
  12. Taner - a Turkish name meaning born at dawn.

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