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Updated March 12, 2024

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Albania is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas in Europe. It is just north of Greece and shares borders with Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Montenegro; Italy sits on the other side of the Adriatic Sea. 

Most Albanians consider themselves descendants of the Iyllirians who migrated to the area during the Bronze Age circa 2000 BCE. Their rugged mountain terrain has allowed the Albanian people to live mostly in isolation despite being close to other countries and cultures.

However, their early history was rife with conflict as many empires used the abutting seas to access the land. The Romans, Visigoths, Huns, Bulgars, and Slavs invaded at various points throughout history. Finally, in the 15th century, they became part of the Ottoman Empire and were essentially cut off from the Western world for the next four hundred years. 

In 1912 they declared themselves independent but struggled to maintain control of their countries as other European empires battled for control of the land. Post-WWII, they became a communist state and remained as such until 1989, when the communist regime fell.

However, its people have continued to shift towards Western ideas, technology, and alliances since the 90s while holding on to the things that make them uniquely Albanian. 

Albanian names have followed different trends, often reflecting the government or national feeling at the time. Traditional Albanian names were religious, either Christian or Muslim. When the Communist government took control, there was an increase in Illyrian-style names as an homage to Albania’s supposed “golden age.” However, in the past 30 years, names have shifted towards Western and English trends. 

If you’re considering a unique name as you search for baby names, check out our complete list of Albanian baby names!

Albanian Boy Names and Meanings

Uncover the charm and significance of Albanian boy names with deep-rooted meanings.

  1. Afrim - Albanian. "Sincere and honest."
  2. Alban - A name from Albania. It means "white."
  3. Altin - Turkish. "Gold." Popular among Albania boy names.
  4. Amar - Arabic/English. "Forever" or "immortal."
  5. Bujar - Albanian. "Generous" or "generosity."
  6. Burim - Albanian. "Riverhead" or "fountain."
  7. Dardan - Albania. "Pear."
  8. Dren - Albanian. "Deer." This name is used for boys and girls.
  9. Driton - Albanian. "Light." It is also spelled Dritan. 
  10. Erjon - Albanian. "Our wind." Used as a given name and a surname.
  11. Esad - Arabic. It is the Albanian form of the Arabic name Asad. "Lion."
  12. Fatmir - Albanian. "Lucky" or "good fortune."
  13. Fisnik - Albanian. "Noble" or "gallant."
  14. Gjon - English. The Albanian form of John.
  15. Flamur - Albanian. "Flag" or "flag bearer."
  16. Gezim - Albanian. "Happiness."
  17. Kreshnik - Albanian. Comes from the Albanian word for a knight.
  18. Luan - Albanian. "Lion."
  19. Roel - Germanic/Dutch. "Famous land."
  20. Skender - Greek. Skender is an Albanian version of Alexander which means "defender of man."

Albanian Girl Names and Meanings

Delve into the world of Albanian girl names, each carrying a unique and beautiful meaning.

  1. Afordita - Greek. Albanian version of Aphrodite. It is also used in Slavic languages, Spanish, and Portuguese. 
  2. Agnesa - Greek. It is the Albanian form of the Greek name Agnes which means "pure" or "chaste."
  3. Albana - A name inspired by Albania. It means "white" or "fair."
  4. Amaris - Hebrew. "Given by God" or "child of the moon."
  5. Aria - Italian. "Solo melody."
  6. Bora - Turkish. "Snow."
  7. Diellza - Albanian. "Sun."
  8. Drita - Albanian. "Light." From the Albanian word drite.
  9. Emina - Latin. "Beloved." Popular in many Slavic countries.
  10. Flutura - Albanian. "Butterfly."
  11. Klea - Greek. "Glory." A version of Cleopatra.
  12. Lindita - Albanian. "The day is born." A famous Albanian pop singer bears this popular name. 
  13. Lule - Albanian. "Bloom."
  14. Manjola - Latin/Old French. "Magnolia." The name comes from French botanist Pierre Magnol. 
  15. Reina - Spanish. "Queen."
  16. Shpresa - Albanian. "Hope."
  17. Sumejja - Arabic/Turkish. Sumejja is the Albanian form of Sumeyya or Sumaiya, who was the first Islamic martyr. It means "high above" or "exalted."
  18. Tirana - Greek/Latin. It is the largest city and also the capital of Albania.
  19. Valbona - Albanian. The name of a river in Albania. 
  20. Vetone - Albanian. "Strong warrior."

Illyrian Names and Meanings 

Most of the names below are no longer used or are rarely used and probably won’t be found on any top 1,000 name lists, but it is always interesting to look at some ancient names for inspiration!

Illyrian Names for Boys

Explore the rich heritage of Illyrian culture through names bestowed upon boys with timeless significance.

  1. Agron - The name of an Illyrian king. 
  2. Arben - A name for citizens of Illyria. It means brave. An alternative version of the name is Arber. 
  3. Ardian - From the Aridaei Illyrian tribe. 
  4. Bardhyll - "White star." The name of an Illyrian king. 
  5. Barteo - "Hill" or "furrow." Son of the farmer.
  6. Cestislav - "Honor" or "glory."
  7. Gaso - "Guardian of the treasure." A derivative of Casper. 
  8. Ilir - "Freedom" or "free." A character from Albanian mythology.
  9. Sersah - "Worthy of reverence."
  10. Zaco - "God remembers."

Illyrian Names for Girls

Embrace the enchanting allure of Illyrian culture as we unveil names given to girls with profound meanings.

  1. Acimah - "God gives high praise." It can also be spelled Acyma or Acymah.
  2. Ajola - A version of the Illyrian name Aiola. 
  3. Ardita - "Golden day." The feminine form of the boy's name Ardit.
  4. Cecilya - "Blind, unseeing."
  5. Elira - A name derived from the Illyrian tribe. 
  6. Enkeleida - A name from an Illyrian tribe. 
  7. Genofwica - "Fair one", "white wave."
  8. Gentiana - Latin. A flower named after the last Illyrian king Gentius who discovered the plant’s healing properties. 
  9. Tadia - "Praising God", "courageous." 
  10. Teuta - Greek. "Mistress of the people." She was the Queen Regent of the Illyrian tribe from approximately 232- 227 BCE.

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