10 Holiday-Themed Baby Names That Mean Joyful and Bright


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by: Lindsay Hutton
Check out our favorite holiday-inspired baby names that mean joyful and bright. Which is your favorite for your Christmas baby?
Aida is a lovely girl's name that means "joyful" in Old English. With a handful of spelling variations, you can find the perfect fit for your happy little girl.
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Along with meaning "joyful" in Welsh and German, the name Kai has Hawaiian roots and means "sea" and "ocean" in Native American and Hawaiian languages.
A sweet and simple girl's name that means "bright," the name Claire has several variations, including Clara and Clarissa.
The name Robert means "bright" in Old English, and "bright flame" in Spanish, making it a great choice for your bright and happy little boy.
Gala is a pretty and unique girl's name that means "joyful" in English, and also has Polish and Hungarian roots. It has a handful of spelling variations, including Galla and Galah.
Kaylee, and any of its dozen or so variations, mean "bright" and "beautiful" in American, and "strong" in Hawaiian. Its placement on the list of top 100 girls names, proves it's a pretty and popular choice for little girls.
Rupert is a variation of the name Robert, and means "bright" and "famous" in Old English and French. It is not on the top 100 list of boys names, making it a unique and charming choice for your little one.
Not only does Meredith mean "joyful" in Middle English, but it also has naturalistic roots, meaning "protector of the sea" in Old Welsh. It's a great choice for those who love the outdoors.
This gender-neutral name has Irish and Welsh roots and means "bright" and "lives by the sea." Although it's been trending downwards in popularity, Morgan is a classic name that will never go out of style.
Zavier means "bright" and "splendid" in Arabic, making it a bright and splendid choice for your bouncing baby boy. A variation, Xavier, is number 88 on the list of top 100 boys names for 2015.
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