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78 Girls Names That Mean Ocean or Water to Inspire Your Baby Name Search

These water names for girls are inspired by oceans, river, and beautiful parts of nature.
78 Girls Names That Mean Ocean or Water to Inspire Your Baby Name Search
Updated: July 27, 2022

If you want your daughter to have an adventurous, unique name with a nature feeling to it, consider choosing a name meaning water. Whether you’re looking for something more peaceful or passionate, there are many beautiful names for girls inspired by seas and streams.

Lake, river, and ocean names bring a lot of symbolism. You may want to give your daughter a water baby name if the beach means a lot to you and you enjoy swimming and other water activities. or if they are born as a water sign. Many water names in this name list are also unisex names that work for any baby!

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Girl Names Inspired By Water with Meanings and Origins

  1. Adva - Hebrew origin, means “small wave” or “ripple.”
  2. Adaliah - Biblical name meaning “one that draws water, poverty, cloud, or death.”
  3. Alda - Icelandic for “wave.”
  4. Anahita - Persian for “river and water goddess.”
  5. Amphitrite - Greek for sea goddess.
  6. Aqua - Latin name, meaning “water.”
  7. Ara - Arabic meaning “brings rain.”
  8. Arna - Indian for “wave” or “stream.”
  9. Atlantic - Greek for “sea of Atlas.”
  10. Avonlea - Field near a river.
  11. Baia - Portuegese for “bay.”
  12. Bay - Latin, means ”inlet of sea” or “berry.”
  13. Bayou - French for “small stream.”
  14. Beverly - English for “dweller near the beaver stream.”
  15. Brenn - Norse for “little drop of water.”
  16. Brooklyn - (or “Brook“) English for “one who lives near a brook.”
  17. Cari - Turkish for “flows like water.”
  18. Coral - Latin for “underwater sea growth.”
  19. Cordelia - Celtic for ”daughter of the sea.”
  20. Darya - Russian for “the sea.”
  21. Delta - Greek for a triangle of land formed by water
  22. Doris - Greek for ”gift of the ocean.”
  23. Dylan - Welsh name meaning “son of the sea.”
  24. Evian - French, name of France spa town.
  25. Eyre - English for “gravel bank river.”
  26. Firth - Scottish name meaning “arm of the sea.”
  27. Fjord - Norwegian for “pass over water.”
  28. Hurley - Irish for “sea tide.”
  29. India - Sanskrit for “water.”
  30. Isla - Scottish for “island.”
  31. Jenna - (or Jennifer) - Welsh for “white wave.”
  32. Jora - Hebrew for “autumn rain.”
  33. Jordan - Hebrew for “flow down.”
  34. Kaimana - Hawaiian for “power of the ocean.”
  35. Kehlani - Polynesian for “sea heavens.”
  36. Kendra - English for “clear water.”
  37. Kendall - British, meaning “Kent river valley.”
  38. Kailani - Hawaiian name meaning ”sea and sky,” with nickname “Kai.”
  39. Laguna - Latin for “pool pond.”
  40. Lake - British, ”body of water.”
  41. Lucerne - Swiss for “lake.”
  42. Lupita - Spanish for “wolf river.”
  43. Lynn - Welsh and Celtic derived for “lake,” “waterfall,” “pool,” and “pond.”

Girls Names Inspired By the Ocean with Meanings and Origins 

Girl Names Inspired By the Ocean with Meanings and Origins
  1. Mara - A name of Hebrew origin  meaning “of the sea.”
  2. Marella - Latin for “shining sea.”
  3. Marina - (or Marin) - Latin for “of the sea.”
  4. Maya - Hebrew for “water.”
  5. Meredith - Welsh for “protector of the ocean.”
  6. Mirabella -Latin name meaning “star of the sea.”
  7. Mira - Sanskrit Hindu name meaning “sea” or “ocean.”
  8. Misty - English for “sea mist.”
  9. Moana - Hawaiian for “ocean” or “sea.”
  10. Monroe - Scottish and Irish Gaelic for “mouth of the River Roe.”
  11. Morgan - Name meaning “sea-born.”
  12. Muriel - Celtic for “of the bright sea.”
  13. Nahla - Arabic or African for “first drink of water.”
  14. Naida - Latin for “water nymph.”
  15. Narelle - Northern Scandinavian river.
  16. Nebula - Latin for “mist.”
  17. Nerida - Greek meaning “sea nymph.”
  18. Niagara - Iroquoian for “the strait.”
  19. Nixie - Name meaning “little water sprite.”
  20. Noelani - Hawaiian for “heavenly mist.”
  21. Ondine - Latin for “little wave.”
  22. Pacifica - Spanish for “tranquil.”
  23. Riva - Hindi for “rain.”
  24. Rhea - Greek for “flowing.”
  25. Rheanna - Welsh for “stream.”
  26. Rihanna - Celtic for “nymph.”
  27. River - British origin, meaning “a flowing body of water.”
  28. Rosemary - Latin for “dew of the sea.”
  29. Salila - Indian for “water.”
  30. Sarita - Indian for “water.”
  31. Talia - Hebrew for “gentle rain.”
  32. Tallulah - Native American name meaning “leaping water.”
  33. Wade - English for “ford” or “tidal crossing.”
  34. Zarna - Indian for “sweet water.”
  35. Zarya - Slavic for water priestess

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