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100 Creole Girl Names and Meanings

Creole girl names are inspired by the culture of New Orleans, France, and the Caribbean. See the top Creole girl names to inspire your baby girl's name!
100 Creole Girl Names and Meanings
Updated: November 9, 2022
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If you are looking for a baby girl name that is unique and carries a historically rich meaning, you have come to the right place. A Creole girl name would be a great choice. Creole names tend to stand out from other names because they reflect more than one culture and are only popular in certain places.

Creole baby girl names and baby boy names are diverse, originating from many places. The majority of Creole common names are of French, Latin, Spanish, classical Roman, ancient Greek, or Old German origin.

In the past, Creole people were known as those who lived in Louisiana during the Spanish and French colonial periods. Nowadays, Creoles are known as people who are of mixed French, Spanish, African, and Native American ancestry.

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Creole Naming Traditions and French Influence 

A creole language is a natural language that was formed by the combination of more than one language together in a short period of time. Creole languages and culture were greatly influenced by French colonialism. 

When the French dominated many places, the French language and many others were combined and formed new languages called Creole languages. Creole languages include Haiti Creole, Louisiana Creole, and Mauritian Creole.

Creole Naming Traditions and French Influence

Creole vs. Cajun Names 

Interestingly, Creole baby names are often confused with Cajun baby names because they are very similar and sometimes interlinked. Cajuns are French immigrants who were expelled from Nova Scotia and went to Canada.

They eventually settled in Louisiana. The main difference between Creole people and Cajun people is that Creole people are of mixed race and live in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Cajun people are white and live in the rural areas of Southern Louisiana.

The best part of choosing a Creole or Cajun baby girl name for your daughter is that the majority of Creole and Cajun female names have more than one variation that you can choose from. 

This makes it easier for you to choose the perfect name for your precious baby girl. If you want the most popular or unique Creole female names, keep reading.

Where are Creole Names Popular Today? 

Where are Creole Names Popular Today?

Creole names are very popular in New Orleans, Louisiana. There are many Creole people in Southern Louisiana who still use their native Creole language and prefer using popular Creole names or unique Cajun names. The names can also be found in other Southern states like Texas and Mississippi, and in the Caribbean.

Top Creole Girl Names with Meanings 

  1. Adelaide: German. Noble kind, nobility.
  2. Adelice: German. Noble. Greek. Truth.
  3. Adelle: German. Noble kind.
  4. Agata: Greek. Good.
  5. Allida: Greek. Beautifully dressed.
  6. Aimee: French. Beloved.
  7. Albertine: German. Noble, bright; famous.
  8. Alice: German. Noble. Greek. Truth.
  9. Alida: Greek. Beautifully dressed.
  10. Ambrette: French. It is the name of a French dessert pear and the name of a West Indian hibiscus seed.
  11. Angelique: French. Angelic. Greek. Heavenly messenger.
  12. Annette: French. Grace, favor. This is a modified version of the Hebrew name Anne, which means gift of God’s favor.
  13. Antoinette: Latin. Priceless one, praiseworthy.
  14. Appoline: Greek. Belonging to Apollo, the God of sun and light.
  15. Augustine: Latin. Exalted.
  16. Aurelia: Latin. Gold.
  17. Aurore: Latin. Gold. Greek. Goddess of the dawn.
  18. Babet: French. Stranger.
  19. Beatrice: Latin. Happy.
  20. Bernadette: French. Brave as a bear. English. Intelligent. It is the feminine version of Bernard.
  21. Berthe: English. Bright; famous.
  22. Brigette: Irish. Resolute, strong.
  23. Caroline: French. Little and strong. It is the feminine version of the name Charles, which means free man.
  24. Cecile: French. Blind, Dim-sighted.
  25. Celestine: Latin. Heavenly. Greek. Most Beautiful.
  26. Christine: Greek. Anointed. It is the feminine version of Christian.
  27. Claire: Latin. Bright.
  28. Claudette: French. Lame. The feminine version of Claude.
  29. Claudine: French. Lame. Also, the feminine version of Claude.
  30. Clemence: Latin/ Polish. Mild; clemency; giving mercy. It is a female variation of the name Clemens.
  31. Constance: Latin. Steadfastness, loyal, faithful.
  32. Corine: Greek. Heart, maiden.
Top Creole Girl Names with Meanings 
  1. Delia: Greek. Born on the island of Delos. Latin. Ropemaker. Irish. Daughter of the sea.
  2. Delphine: Greek. Dolphin.
  3. Denise: French. Mythology; a follower of Dionysus, the God of wine.
  4. Desiree: French/Latin. Desire, crave, hope for.
  5. Elena: Spanish/Italian/Greek. Bright shining light. It comes from the Greek name Helene, which means torch.
  6. Elizabeth: Hebrew. God’s oath, pledged to God.
  7. Emilie: French/Latin. Eager
  8. Estelle: French/Latin. Star
  9. Eugenie: Greek. Well-born.
  10. Eulalie: Greek/French. Sweetly speaking.
  11. Eunice: Greek. Victorious.
  12. Fanchon: French. From France, free man.
  13. Felicie: Latin. Good fortune, happy.
  14. Fleur: French. Flower. Latin. Blooming flower.
  15. Florance: Latin. Blooming flower, flourishing.
  16. Françoise: French. Free.
  17. Gabriela: Spanish/ Italian/Hebrew. God is my strength. The feminine version of Gabriel.
  18. Genevieve: French. Tribe women. Welsh. White wave.
  19. Georgina: Spanish/English. Farmer. The feminine version of the name George.
  20. Helene: French. Bright, shining one. Greek. Torch.
  21. Heloise: French. Healthy, wide.
  22. Henriette: German/French. House ruler, keeper of the hearth. It is a feminine variation of the name Henry.
  23. Hortense: French. Gardener.
  24. Ines: Portuguese/Greek/Spanish. Pure, gentle.
  25. Isabelle: French/Spanish/Hebrew: Devoted, consecrated to God.
  26. Isadora: Greek. Gift of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of fertility.
  27. Jeanne: French/Scottish. God is gracious.
  28. Josephine: French/Hebrew. He shall increase, he shall add. It is the feminine version of the name Joseph.
  29. Julia: Latin. Youthful or sky father. It is a feminine version of the name of Julius.
  30. Juliette: French. Little Julia.
  31. Justine: Latin/Italian. Fair justice. Old English. Just one.
  32. Lauren: French. Crowned with laurel. Latin. Laurel leaves; honor; fame; spirit; Bay laurel.
  33. Lisette: French. Devoted to God. Old German. Warrior maiden. Hebrew. Consecrated to God.
  34. Louisa: Latin/Old German/Spanish. Renowned warrior. German. Fights with honor.
  35. Magdalena: Hebrew. Women from Magdala. Greek: High Tower.
  36. Manette: Hebrew. Rebellion, bitter.
  37. Manon: French/Hebrew. Bitter.
  38. Marceline: Latin. God of war; little hammer; little warrior.
  39. Marcelle: Latin. God of war; little hammer.
  40. Marguerite: Greek, Persian, Hebrew, Irish, Latin. Child of light, pearl, daisy, jewel.
  41. Marianne: French. A drop of the sea, little, bitter.
  42. Marie: French/Hebrew: Bitter, rebellion, the star of the sea.
  43. Martine: French. Warlike.
  44. Monique: French/Latin. Advisor, wise, counselor.
  45. Nanette: French/Hebrew: Gracious, full of grace.
  46. Octavie: Latin. Eighth child.
  47. Odette: French. Happy home.
  48. Olive: Old Norse. Kind one. Latin. Olive tree. Old French. Peace.
  49. Paulina: Spanish/Latin. Small.
  50. Perrine: French/Greek/Latin. It is a variant of the Latin name Perrin, which means rock or stone.
  51. Philomene: Greek. Beloved.
Creole Girl Names
  1. Rosalie: French. Rose, flower. It's the French, Dutch, and German version of Rosalia.
  2. Rosaline: Spanish. Pretty rose.
  3. Rose: Latin. A flower.
  4. Sabine: Latin. Sabine women.
  5. Sophie: French/Greek. Wisdom.
  6. Stephanie: Greek. Crown.
  7. Suzanne: French/Hebrew. Lily.
  8. Sylvie: Latin. Woodland maid.
  9. Silvia: Latin. Woodland maid.
  10. Therese: Greek. Reaper. French. From Theresia.
  11. Ulyssia: Christian Greek. Walker.
  12. Ursule: Latin. Little bear.
  13. Valentine: Latin. Good health.
  14. Venus: Greek. Goddess of love.
  15. Virginie: Latin. Chaste; a maiden.
  16. Yolande: Greek. Violet flower; modest.
  17. Zoe: Greek. Life.

Creole names’ meanings are quite unique and beautiful. These names are mainly used in Southern Louisiana and Haiti as well as other areas of the Caribbean. 

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100 Creole Girl Names and Meanings


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