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Updated June 7, 2022

Haiti is a small country located in the Caribbean. Many of the names that you find there are inspired by Latin, Spanish, and French. If you have a Haitian Creole last name, chances are it has roots in another language. Below we have several Haitian surnames including popular and unique. Take a look to see if you recognize any.

Origin of Haitian Last Names

When it comes to surnames, many Haitians also use them as their first name. Several of the origins of the names are influenced by occupations and locations. However, many of them are adapted from French names. Haitian Creole is the official language but other languages such as French and Spanish are still widely spoken in Haiti.

Haitian Naming Practices

You will notice that most Haitian last names are of French origin. This is because the French government ended slavery after the Haitian Revolution. Some are even different versions of certain names because the French didn’t want Haitians to use French names. This is why you will sometimes see two last names instead of just one.

Common Haitian Last Names and Meanings 

  1. Alexandre - This is a French name that means “defender of mankind.”
  2. Auguste - This is a very popular surname in Haiti. It means “great” in French.
  3. Augustin - This is a French variant of “Augustine” and it means “magnificent.”
  4. Chery - This name is derived from the French word that means “darling.”
  5. Etienne - This is the French form of the “Stephen” and it means “crown.”
  6. Fils-Aime - The meaning of this last name is “loved son.” It is derived from the nickname for a favorite son. It’s of French origin.
  7. Jean-Baptiste - This surname comes from two personal names. “Jean” means “God is gracious” in French. “Baptiste” means “baptist” in French.
  8. Laguerre - This last name is derived from the Old French word “Guerre” which means “war.”
  9. Marcelin - The meaning of this name is “little warrior” in French.
  10. Moise - This is the French version of the name “Moses.”
  11. Pierre-Louis - This surname is a combination of two given names. “Pierre” is the French form of “Peter” and “Louis” means “famous in battle” in French.
  12. Saint-Fleur - This French name is very common in Haiti. It means “holy flower.”
  13. Sanon - This French surname is derived from the Hebrew name “Sinon” and it means “gift from God.”
  14. Toussaint - The meaning of this last name is “all saints” in French.

Unique Haitian Surnames and Meanings 

  1. Antoine - This surname means “highly praiseworthy” in English.
  2. Benoit - This is the French form of “Benedict” and it means “blessed.”
  3. Blanc - This is a French name for someone with white hair or a fair complexion.
  4. Calixte - The meaning of this name in Latin is “chalice.”
  5. Denis - The meaning of this last name is “follower of Dionysus” in French.
  6. Guerrier - This is an Old French occupational name for a soldier.
  7. Guillaume - This is the French form of the Germanic name “William.”
  8. Mondesir - The meaning of this French surname is “my desire.”
  9. Philippe - In French, this last name means “lover of horses.”
  10. Solomon - This is a name of Hebrew origin and it means “man of peace.”

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