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75 Disney Princess Names for Your Little Girl

Find the perfect name for your little princess with our list of Disney princess names and discover enchanting options to inspire magic and wonder in your child's life.
Princess names
Updated: May 22, 2024
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Choosing the perfect name for your little princess is a task filled with excitement and love. What better place to find inspiration than from the magical world of Disney? Disney princesses have long captured our hearts with their courage, kindness, and timeless charm. In this list, we present 75 enchanting names inspired by beloved Disney princesses, promising to add a touch of fairy-tale wonder to your baby's life. Whether you are drawn to classic names or those with a modern twist, these Disney princess names are sure to bring a spark of magic to your naming journey.

Best Disney Princess Names for Girls

Princess names

If you're a fan of Disney princesses, you might find inspiration in these enchanting names. Each name carries a touch of magic, history, and meaning that could grace your child's identity with a unique charm.

  1. Adella - German, meaning "noble."
  2. Alice - German, meaning "noble."
  3. Amalthea - Greek, meaning "tender goddess."
  4. Amara - Latin, meaning "eternal."
  5. Andrina - Greek, meaning "manly."
  6. Anna - Hebrew, meaning "grace."
  7. Aquata - Latin, meaning "of the water."
  8. Ariel - Hebrew, meaning "lion of God."
  9. Arista - Greek, meaning "the best."
  10. Athena - Greek, meaning "goddess of wisdom and warfare."
  11. Atta - African, meaning "first-born."
  12. Aurora - Latin, meaning "dawn."
  13. Belle - French, meaning "beautiful."
  14. Bianca - Italian, meaning "white."
  15. Briar - English, meaning "a thorny patch."
  16. Celeste - Latin, meaning "heavenly."
  17. Charlotte - French, meaning "free man."
  18. Cinderella - English, derived from "cinder" meaning "little ash girl."
  19. Clara - Latin, meaning "clear, bright."
  20. Daisy - English, meaning "day's eye."
  21. Eilonwy - Welsh, meaning "ready for battle."
  22. Elena - Spanish, meaning "light."
  23. Elsa - Scandinavian, meaning "pledged to God."
  24. Esmeralda - Spanish, meaning "emerald."
  25. Evelyn - English, meaning "desired one."
  26. Faline - Latin, meaning "cat-like."
  27. Felicia - Latin, meaning "happy, fortunate."
  28. Fiona - Scottish, meaning "white, fair."
  29. Gabriella - Hebrew, meaning "God is my strength."
  30. Giselle - French, meaning "pledge."
  31. Harmony - Greek, meaning "concord."
  32. Hazel - English, named after the tree.
  33. Hera - Greek, meaning "queen."
  34. Iridessa - Greek, meaning "like a rainbow."
  35. Isabella - Hebrew, meaning "pledged to God."
  36. Ivy - English, named after the plant.
  37. Jane - English, meaning "God is gracious."
  38. Jasmine - Persian, meaning "gift from God."
  39. Kida - Greek, meaning "heroine."
  40. Kiara - Italian, meaning "light" or "clear."
  41. Kylie - Australian Aboriginal, meaning "boomerang."
  42. Leia - Hebrew, meaning "weary."
  43. Lilo - Hawaiian, meaning "generous one."
  44. Lily - English, named after the flower.
  45. Luna - Latin, meaning "moon."
  46. Malina - Slavic, meaning "berry."
  47. Marina - Latin, meaning "of the sea."
  48. Melody - Greek, meaning "song."
  49. Merida - Celtic, meaning "one who has achieved a high place of honor."
  50. Morgana - Celtic, meaning "sea-born."
  51. Moana - Polynesian, meaning "ocean."
  52. Mulan - Chinese, meaning "magnolia flower."
  53. Nala - African, meaning "successful."
  54. Nancy - Hebrew, meaning "grace."
  55. Odetta - German, meaning "wealth."
  56. Ophelia - Greek, meaning "help."
  57. Pearl - Latin, meaning "precious gemstone."
  58. Penelope - Greek, meaning "weaver."
  59. Periwinkle - English, named after the flower.
  60. Pocahontas - Native American, meaning "playful one."
  61. Rapunzel - German, meaning "rampion" (an edible plant).
  62. Rosetta - Italian, meaning "little rose."
  63. Ruby - Latin, meaning "deep red precious stone."
  64. Scarlett - English, meaning "red."
  65. Silvermist - English, meaning "mist of silver."
  66. Sofia - Greek, meaning "wisdom."
  67. Sophia - Greek, meaning "wisdom."
  68. Snow - English, short for "Snow White."
  69. Stella - Italian, meaning "star."
  70. Tiana - Greek, meaning "princess."
  71. Ting-Ting - Chinese, meaning "graceful."
  72. Vanessa - Greek, meaning "butterfly."
  73. Violet - English, named after the flower.
  74. Wendy - English, meaning "friend."
  75. Zarina - Arabic, meaning "golden."

Princess Names for Little Girls

Choosing a name for your little princess is a magical and delightful task. Popular names like Aurora, inspired by Sleeping Beauty, and Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, exude elegance and charm. Names such as Elsa and Anna, from the beloved Frozen series, reflect strength and grace. For a touch of classic royalty, names like Victoria, Elizabeth, and Diana offer timeless sophistication. Each name encapsulates a sense of wonder, capturing the essence of fairy tale royalty for your precious daughter.

What Are the Names of the 8 Disney Princesses?

When it comes to enchanting characters that captivate the hearts and imaginations of young girls, Disney princesses are at the top of the list. The iconic lineup of Disney princesses includes a diverse array of characters, each with her own unique story and charm.

  1. Snow White – The first-ever Disney Princess, known for her purity, kindness, and her adventures with the Seven Dwarfs.
  2. Cinderella – The beloved character who reminds us that dreams can come true, even from the ashes, with a little magic and courage.
  3. Aurora – Also known as Sleeping Beauty, a princess blessed with beauty and elegance but placed under a sleeping curse.
  4. Ariel – The adventurous mermaid from under the sea who is curious about the human world.
  5. Belle – The intelligent and independent young woman who sees beyond the exterior to find true love in "Beauty and the Beast".
  6. Jasmine – The spirited princess of Agrabah who seeks to shape her own destiny while exploring a whole new world.
  7. Pocahontas – An indigenous princess known for her bravery and connection to nature.
  8. Mulan – Though not born a princess, Mulan's heroic journey and courageous spirit earn her a place among Disney royalty.

These princesses, each with their own tales of bravery, love, and adventure, continue to inspire and delight young girls around the world.

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