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100 Best Female Video Game-Inspired Names for Girls

These popular female video game characters and gamer girl names are great picks for your baby girl and future video game prodigy!
100 Best Female Video Game-Inspired Names for Girls
Updated: November 18, 2022

Girls are becoming more and more important in the gaming industry. There is a plethora of main female video game characters who young girls to look up to. Characters like Samus Aran have completely reshaped the video game world in the best way. Gone are the days when females in video games were only damsels in distress. 

Plus, there are so many female video game designers, developers, and professional players who have made a name for themselves in the once male-dominated industry. People like SSSniperwolf, Felicia Day, and Mabel Addis have played very important roles that inspire young girls to pursue careers involving video games.

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Below we have 100 of the best female video game names that are inspired by both fictional characters and real people. They come from popular companies like Nintendo and series like Street Fighter and Mass Effect.

Names of Female Video Game Characters 

Here are a few of our favorite baby girl names inspired by famous female video game characters. 

Names of Female Video Game Characters
  1. Abigail - Abigail Walker from the Infamous: Second Son series
  2. Ada - Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series
  3. Adria - From the Diablo franchise
  4. Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn
  5. Alyx - Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2
  6. Amanda - Amanda Ripley from Alien: Isolation
  7. Amy - Amy Rose from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise
  8. Athena - Athena Cykes from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  9. Aya - Aya Brea from the Parasite Eve series
  10. Bayonetta - From the Bayonetta series
  11. Bonnie - Bonnie McFarlane from Red Dead Redemption
  12. Brittany - From Pikmin 3
  13. Cassie - Cassie Cage from Mortal Kombat X
  14. Catherine - Catherine Halsey from the Halo series
  15. Chell - From the Portal series
  16. Chun-Li - From the Street Fighter series
  17. Ciri - Cirilla Riannon from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  18. Clementine - From the Telltale’s The Walking Dead series
  19. Cortana - From the Halo series
  20. Cynthia - From Pokemon Diamond Pokemon Platinum, and Pokemon Pearl
  21. Dahlia - Dahlia Gillespie from the Silent Hill series
  22. Daisy - Princess Daisy from the Super Mario franchise
  23. Daphne - Princess Daphne from Dragon’s Lair
  24. Dixie - Dixie Kong from the Donkey Kong series
  25. Elizabeth - From Bioshock Infinite
  26. Ellie - From The Last of Us series
  27. Eris - Eris Morn from Destiny 2
  28. Evie - Evie Frye from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
  29. Faith - Faith Connors from Mirror’s Edge
  30. Fiona - From Tales from the Borderlands
  31. Ikora - Ikora Rey from Destiny 2
  32. Isabelle - From the Animal Crossing series
  33. Jade - From the Mortal Kombat series
  34. Jaina - Jaina Proudmoore from the Warcraft series
  35. Jill - Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil series
  36. Joanna - Joanna Dark from the Perfect Dark series
  37. Juliet - Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw
  38. Kadala - From Diablo III
  39. Kairi - From the Kingdom Hearts series
  40. Kassandra - From Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  41. Kasumi - From the Dead or Alive series
  42. Kitana - From the Mortal Kombat series
  43. Lara - Lara Croft from the Tombraider series
  44. Leliana - From the Dragon Age series
  45. Lili - From the Tekken series
  46. Lilith - From the Borderlands series
  47. Lucina - From the Fire Emblem series
  48. Mai - Mai Shiranui from the Fatal Fury series
  49. Mara - Mara Sov from Destiny 2
  50. Midna - From The Legend of Zelda franchise
Female Video Game Characters
  1. Miranda - Miranda Lawson from the Mass Effect series
  2. Moira - From Overwatch
  3. Mona - Mona Sax from the Max Payne series
  4. Morrigan - Morrigan Aensland from the Darkstalker series
  5. Moxxi - Mad Moxxi from the Borderlands series
  6. Nina - Nina Williams from the Tekken series
  7. Olga - Olga Gurlukovich from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
  8. Palutena - Lady Palutena from the Kid Icarus series
  9. Pandora - From God of War III
  10. Pauline - From the Donkey Kong series
  11. Peach - Princess Peach from the Super Mario franchise
  12. Rayne - From the Bloodrayne series
  13. Raven - From Injustice: Gods Among Us
  14. Rell - From League of Legends
  15. Rosalina - From the Super Mario franchise
  16. Samara - From the Mass Effect series
  17. Samus - Samus Aran from the Metroid series
  18. Sombra - From Overwatch
  19. Sonya - Sonya Blade from the Mortal Kombat series
  20. Sylvanas - Sylvanas Windrunner from the Warcraft series
  21. Tifa - Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII
  22. Tikal - From the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise
  23. Velvet - Velvet Crowe from Tales of Berseria
  24. Yuna - From Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2
  25. Zeena - From the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise
  26. Zelda - Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda franchise
  27. Zoey - From the Left 4 Dead series

Famous Women Video Game Players and Designers 

Famous Women Video Game Players and Designers
  1. Amber - Amber Dalton, professional gamer
  2. Aya - Aya Kyogoku, manager of Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development Division
  3. Carla - Carla Meninsky, video game designer
  4. Christine - Christine Love, video game developer
  5. Christy - Christy Sminty aka “Smintee,” video game streamer
  6. Connie - Connie Booth, Vice President of Product Development at Sony Entertainment
  7. Felicia - Felicia Day, actress, writer, and gamer
  8. Jennifer - Jennifer Hale, video game voice actress
  9. Joyce - Joyce Weisbecker, the first woman to design commercial video games
  10. Kazuko - Kazuko Shibuya, Japanese video game artist
  11. Kim - Kim Se-Yeon aka Geguri, the first professional female player in the Overwatch league
  12. Kristen - aka “Kittyplays,” professional video gamer and streamer
  13. Lia - aka “SSSniperWolf,” video game streamer and Youtuber
  14. Mabel - Mabel Addis, the first female video game designer
  15. Michiru - Michiru Yamane, Japanese video game composer
  16. Risa - Risa Tabata, assistant producer, designer, and director at Nintendo
  17. Roberta - Roberta Williams, video game designer and co-founder of Sierra Entertainment
  18. Scarlett - Sasha Hostym aka “Scarlett,” a professional video game player
  19. Siobhan - Siobhan Reddy, studio director of Media Molecule
  20. Suzy - Suzzane Berhow aka “Suzy,” video game streamer
  21. Tiffany - Tiffany Garcia aka “iHasCupcake,” video game streamer and Youtuber
  22. Tracy - Tracy Fullerton, video game designer, editor, and writer
  23. Yoko - Yoko Kanno, Japanese composer, arranger, and musician

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All of these names are well-known in some parts of the video game industry. If you want a baby name inspired by popular video games, pin this list for later:

100 Best Female Video Game-Inspired Names for Girls


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