100+ Elf & Fantasy Names for Your Baby (or DnD Character!)

Updated: April 25, 2022
Need an interesting fantasy name for girls, boys, or your DnD character? Search our list of the best fantasy character names for elves, warlocks, and more!
Fantasy Names
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Fantasy worlds of magic, dragons, elves, and warlocks have captivated people for centuries. Now with the rise in popularity of fantasy roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons and hit shows like The Witcher, fantasy names and fantasy characters have never been more popular.

Unleash your imagination and explore the fantasy names that will catapult your kiddo into creativity! Fantasy names for boys, fantasy names for girls, and gender-neutral picks include everything from Greek gods and goddesses, folklore, and modern pop culture icons.

Otherworlds, ethereal beings, and characters (or creatures!) from current fan faves such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings can help inspire your own lore and generate creative names for both DnD games, and maybe your actual baby, too!

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Fantasy Girl Names

Girl Fantasy Names

These trending baby girl names are whimsical and creative–but that’s not all. From famed sci-fi adventures to everything elvish, these playful picks are bold, strong, and definitely not the same ol’ name every other kiddo in kindergarten will have. Add a few to a list of unique baby names.

Female Elf Names

Not all elves come from Santa’s workshop. In some of our favorite fantasy works, elves are graceful, powerful, and mysterious beings. If you want an elven-inspired name for your wood elf, half-elf, high elf, and more this list has some good name inspiration.

  1. Aoibheann - Meaning “beautiful” in Irish. Also the name of a sorceress-elf in The Witcher.
  2. Aisling - an Irish name that means "dream" or "vision"
  3. Arwen - The half-elven character from The Lord of the Rings.
  4. Albina - Meaning, white elf
  5. Eowyn - Another popular elf from the Tolkien family
  6. Galadriel - Elf-queen in The Lord of the Rings
  7. Kira - A nostalgic nod to The Dark Crystal.
  8. Lyra - Lyra Belacqua from His Dark Materials.
  9. Tauriel - a major protagonist from The Hobbit trilogy
  10. Tera - An abbreviated version of Terabithia from Bridge to Terabithia.
  11. Vanya - Elliot Page’s The Umbrella Academy role.

Mystical Girl Names

From magical witches to faerie names, to powerful female warriors, these fantasy names for girls are inspired by beautiful and strong female characters with mystical abilities.

  1. Alice - As in– of Wonderland.
  2. Annabeth - From the Percy Jackson series.
  3. Aurora - A beautiful princess name inspired by Sleeping Beauty.
  4. Bella - The beloved Twilight character.
  5. Buffy - The Vampire Slayer herself
  6. Carys - A Welsh name meaning, “to love”
  7. Circe - The Greek goddess of magic.
  8. Claire - The 20th-century time traveler from Outlander and a French fave.
  9. Cordelia - Another unique girl name from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  10. Crystal - A common magical item used for spellcasting
  11. Giselle - The Enchanted character.
  12. Glinda - The Good Witch from Oz
  13. Hermione - Beloved female lead from Harry Potter.
  14. Katara - An Avatar: The Last Airbender pick.
  15. Korra - Another powerful Avatar from the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise.
  16. Leia - As in, the princess from Star Wars.
  17. Lucy - The youngest Pevensie from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
  18. Luna - A moon-centered baby girl name choice popularized by Luna Lovegood
  19. Morrigan - Morrigan was the Pagan goddess of witchcraft.
  20. Paige - Rose McGowen’s Charmed sister.
  21. Phoebe - Alyssa Milano’s Charmed character.
  22. Prim - Proper and regal. Also a nickname of The Hunger Games character, Primrose.
  23. Prue - Shannon Doherty’s character in the Charmed trio.

Dark Fantasy Girl Names

These names have a bit of a dark edge to them for a dark girl's name that is both mysterious, and beautiful.

  1. Anya - Xander’s vengeance demon girlfriend, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  2. Arya - Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.
  3. Bellatrix – meaning female warrior, a popular Harry Potter Death Eater.
  4. Coraline - The animated 2009 film.
  5. Drusilla - The psychic vampire antagonist in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  6. Eris - Greek goddess of discord and strife
  7. Fenella - A Celtic name that translates to “white-shouldered one”
  8. Fascienne - A woman of dark beauty
  9. Freya - Norse goddess of love, battle, and fertility.
  10. Heiki - A German name meaning, “ruler of the home”.
  11. Laela - A name meaning “dark-haired woman”
  12. Lilith – a demon in Western mythology
  13. Maeve - She was a robot in Westworld
  14. Maghra - She was royalty on See.
  15. Maura - A Latin name meaning “Darkness”
  16. Olive - The pyrokinetic character from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.
  17. Vita - One of the children from Raised by Wolves.
  18. Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s BFF and extremely powerful witch.

Fantasy Baby Boy Names

Boy Fantasy Names

A fantasy name generator includes everything and anything magical, other-worldly, and straight out of the sci-fi genre. Before you set your sights on specific baby names for your boy, check out these supernatural son selections that come from Greek mythology, your college English lit class, and more! The name meaning behind each pick also comes from Irish, English, Latin, Italian, German, and other global sources.

Male Elf Names

Ready to give Tolkien a run for his money? These male elf names and half-elf names are inspired by nature, magic, and wisdom.

  1. Acer - Latin name for a maple tree
  2. Ash - Both a type of tree and a name that invokes fire
  3. Boreas - Greek god of the north wind and winter.
  4. Conrad - German name that means brave counsel
  5. Fergus - The former French orphan from the Outlander series.
  6. Fiore - Italian, means “flower”
  7. Fraser - The last name of the Outlander leads.
  8. Giles - Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s watcher and wise figure
  9. Haelyn - English means “a waterfall to the sea”
  10. Helios - Greek name meaning “sun.”
  11. Inigo - The Princess Bride character Inigo Montoya.
  12. Oberon - Elf-king from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream
  13. Oriel - Latin origins, a bird
  14. Rainier - German name meaning “wise army.”
  15. Rowan - A Scottish name meaning “redhead”
  16. Sterling - An English name meaning “little star”
  17. Tabor - In the Bible, Tabor is the name of the mountain that stood on the border between northern and southern Israel
  18. Voss - As in Baba Voss from See.
  19. Wren - A unique boy name meaning “songbird.”

Dark Fantasy Boy Names

Every iconic fantasy series has a great villain. Here are some of our favorite dark and deadly boy names.

  1. Anakin - Baby names can come from dark sources–a.k.a. Darth Vader.
  2. Baal - The first king of Hell in western religious mythology
  3. Blade - He battled vampires.
  4. Caleb - From Raised by Wolves. Means brave and whole-hearted
  5. Ciaran - A boy name meaning “black.”
  6. Drax - the “Destroyer” from Guardians of the Galaxy.
  7. Emmett - This fantasy-inspired boy name has a Hebrew, German, and English origin.
  8. Erlik - God of Death in Turkish mythology
  9. Jareth - David Bowie’s Labyrinth character.
  10. Logain - A False Dragon from the popular fantasy series The Wheel of Time.
  11. Luther - German for "army"
  12. Lycidas - Meaning “wolf-son” in Latin
  13. Oz - The great and powerful Wizard.
  14. Samael - Commander dragons and evil princes in Jewish mythology
  15. Vladimir - Slavic, means “renowned prince” or “universal ruler.

Royal Fantasy Boy Names

Want a powerful boy’s name that invokes nobility and strength? Here are some of our favorite regal and royal male names.

  1. Angus - A Gaelic name meaning “one strength”
  2. Basil - Greek, means “royal” or “kingly.”
  3. Caspian - Prince character from Narnia
  4. Cornelius - Minister of Magic in Harry Potter.
  5. Cyril - Greek, means “lord” or “master.”
  6. Darian - the Persian, means “one with kingly traits.”
  7. Donovan - Irish, means “chieftain” or “dark-haired leader.”
  8. Delroy - French, means “of the king.”
  9. Egbert - The very first Anglo-Saxon monarch
  10. Emyr - Welsh, means “king” or “lord.”
  11. Ferdinand - Famous Duke name meaning “courage”
  12. Hadrian - A famous Roman emperor
  13. Raj - This name means “king” in Sanskrit
  14. Sargon - A powerful name that translates to “true king”
  15. Tor - Nigerian for “king.”
  16. Winsdor - Last name of the British royal family

Gender-Neutral Fantasy Names

Characters, book titles, movie series, and more make up the monikers on this gender-neutral fantasy baby names list! Fantasy worlds aren’t limited to traditional gender roles, so explore these unique gender-neutral names.

Gender-Neutral Elf Names

  1. Angel - Name meaning God's messenger.
  2. Ash - A firey name for both girls and boys
  3. Blake - unisex name meaning bright/shining
  4. Arden - An English name meaning “valley of the eagle”
  5. Ellis - Welsh name meaning “benevolent”
  6. Emery - Latin for “loving”
  7. Harlow - from the rocky hill
  8. Hayden - fire/hedged valley
  9. Preston - name meaning “priests town”
  10. Ray - wise advisor or protector
  11. Sawyer - occupational name meaning “woodworker”
  12. Zene - This unique name translates to “beautiful”
  13. Ziv - Hebrew name meaning “brilliance” or “grace of God”

Gender-Neutral Royalty Names

  1. Alistair - “to defend men”
  2. Azure - Name of Spanish origins meaning “Sky blue”
  3. Bellamy - French name meaning “fine friend”
  4. Emyr - Welsh word for king/lord
  5. Gentry - “one of high social position”
  6. Phoenix - Both a mythological bird and a Greek name meaning “blood red”
  7. Lennon - Irish name for “dear one”
  8. Storm - Tempestuous weather
  9. Valen - Old English name meaning “strong”
  10. Trinity - Latin name meaning triad or “holy spirit”

Are you still searching for more baby name ideas or the perfect name for your little one? Check out our top baby girl names and top baby boy names for more options!

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