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55 Futuristic Sci-Fi Names for Girls and Boys to Inspire Your Baby Name Search

These sci-fi names for girls and boys take name inspiration from classic science fiction stories, movies, and TV.
55 Futuristic Sci-Fi Names for Girls and Boys to Inspire Your Baby Name Search
Updated: July 25, 2022

Do you daydream about outer space, have strong opinions about the Star Wars prequels, and love learning about future technology, time travel, and anything out-of-this-world? If you answered yes, you may be looking for unique Sci-Fi names for your little baby boy or girl!  

We’ve got names from a galaxy far far away, classic sci-fi novels and films, and names of some of the most iconic space explorers, aliens, robots, and other futuristic figures. Check out some of our favorite names inspired by science fiction stories as you begin your own great family adventure!

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Sci-Fi Boy Names for Your Stellar Son 

Classic sci-fi names and modern takes on these monikers are perfect picks for any little Astro Boy!

  1. Anakin - Dark side? Sith Lord? While Darth Vader isn’t exactly the perfect baby boy name, his real name is.
  2. Caleb - From the android adventure HBO series Westworld
  3. Drax - Former intergalactic criminal from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
  4. Emmett - Only true Back to the Future fans know that ​​ Doc Brown’s real name is Emmett Lathrop Brown
  5. Ender - The young protagonist of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game
  6. Fox - The X-File’s Mulder’s first name. 
  7. Hal - If spaceships are on your mind, HAL 9000 from Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey series is a pick to consider. 
  8. Han - As in Han Solo from A New Hope (and plenty of other Star Wars flicks). 
  9. Holden - The last name of The Expanse character James. 
  10. Sully - Record-breaking film, Avatar featured Jake Sully as the main character. 
  11. Jean-Luc - Captain Picard from the Star Trek franchise. 
  12. Kirk - The last name of Star Trek’s famed Captain James T. Kirk. 
  13. Lando - Lando Calrissian is Han Solo's best friend! 
  14. Luke - The famed Jedi Luke Skywalker. Perfect for your little soon-to-be Jedi master. 
  15. Malcolm - A name inspired by Malcolm Reynolds from Joss Whedon’s space-western series Firefly
  16. Robinson - A reference to Will Robinson from Lost In Space.
  17. Scotty - Among any Trekkies' top picks for boy names. 
  18. Victor - Elliot Page’s third season character’s name in The Umbrella Academy
  19. Vincent - Ethan Hawke’s character from Gattaca

Sci-Fi Baby Girl Names for Your Space Goddess 

Sci-Fi Girl Names

If Leia is more your type of princess than any Disney character, sci-fi baby girl names are the way to go! Get ready to blast off to another world with these science fiction-inspired baby names for girls.

  1. Alia - Alia is Paul's sister and the daughter of Leto Atreides and Lady Jessica in Dune
  2. Chani - Another Dune character who also goes by the Freman wife. 
  3. Claudia - This cute girl’s name is a character in Netflix’s science-fiction thriller series Dark
  4. Clementine - A favorite Westworld character. 
  5. Deanna - The Star Trek: The Next Generation character Deanna Troi. 
  6. Gaal - Gaal Dornick is one of the main characters from Apple TV’s Foundation series. 
  7. Judy - This classic girl name works as an homage to either Judy Robinson (from Lost In Space) or Judy Jetson!
  8. Jupiter - An out-of-this-world planetary name for a baby girl. 
  9. Kaylee - From the Joss Whedon cult hit TV series Firefly
  10. Kira - Sarah Manning’s daughter in Orphan Black
  11. Kirstin - The main character in the post-apocalyptic Station Eleven.  
  12. Leia - As in Princess Leia from Star Wars. The force is strong with this one!
  13. Maeve - Thandiwe Newton’s Westworld character. 
  14. Naomi - From the sci-fi series The Expanse, Naomi Nagata. 
  15. Octavia - Octavia Butler was one of the most influential sci-fi and Afrofuturism authors  
  16. Padme - Padme is the Star Wars prequel character played by Natalie Portman. 
  17. Rey - Heroine of the most recent  Star Wars trilogy. 
  18. River - This name works both as a reference to Firefly and Doctor Who, depending on your preferred space adventure 
  19. Tasha - Tasha Yar from Star Trek: The Next Generation. 
  20. Tempest - Young female character from dystopian sci-fi show Raised By Wolves
  21. Trinity - A female agent from The Matrix series. 
  22. Ursula - In honor of massively influential sci-fi author, Ursula Le Guin 

Sci-Fi Gender-Neutral Baby Names 

Gender-Neutral Sci-Fi Names

Sci-fi names are anything but traditional, and these futuristic baby names are perfect picks for parents-to-be!

  1. Bishop - Remember Fringe? Bishop is the last name of both Peter and Walter. 
  2. Campion - One of the child characters from the grim TV series Raised By Wolves
  3. Dana - The not-often-used first name of Scully on The X-Files 
  4. Fennec - This Mandalorian character’s name is a creative pick for a baby boy or a girl. 
  5. Jules - As in the famed writer Jules Verne. 
  6. Jyn - Jyn is a former soldier turned criminal from the Star Wars universe. 
  7. Kylo - Kylo Ren is a top pick for fans of the most recent Star Wars saga. 
  8. Marty - Marty McFly from Back To the Future
  9. Neo - Keanu Reeves’ Matrix character. 
  10. Ra - The king of Egyptian deities, this is also a character from the film Stargate
  11. Reese - Reese is the last name of Kyle from The Terminator.
  12. Ripley - Ellen Ripley from the Alien saga. 
  13. Smith - Agent Smith from The Matrix. This last name works as a unique and modern first name.
  14. Zayn - One of the featured characters in the sci-fi series Another Life

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55 Futuristic Sci-Fi Names for Girls and Boys to Inspire Your Baby Name Search


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