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75 Gothic Boy Names for Your Little Goth

Discover a unique selection of gothic boy names perfect for your little weirdo, each name with a dark and enchanting allure.
Gothic boy names
Updated: May 22, 2024
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Gothic names have a certain allure that is both timeless and captivating. For new parents looking to give their child a name that stands out, Gothic names offer a unique blend of historical depth and modern edge. These names are not just labels but stories and symbols of individuality. With their rising popularity, Gothic names are becoming a go-to choice for parents who want their children to have names as unique as they are.

Defining Gothic Names

Gothic names draw from a rich tapestry of historical and cultural influences. They often carry significant meanings and are rooted in ancient languages and traditions. 

Gothic names span a variety of origins, from the ancient Germanic tribes to the romanticized Gothic revival of the 19th century. They often embody strength, mystery, and a touch of the supernatural, making them perfect for parents seeking something extraordinary.

From the hauntingly beautiful to the dark and mysterious, Gothic names encapsulate a range of styles that can suit any little weirdo perfectly.

Best Gothic Names for Boys

Gothic boy names

It's time to dive into the world of Gothic names to help you select the most perfectly creepy name for your little Goth boy!

  1. Aleron - From Latin, "winged one."
  2. Alistair - From Scottish Gaelic, "defender of the people."
  3. Ambrose - From Greek, "immortal."
  4. Armand - From French, "soldier."
  5. Asher - From Hebrew, "happy, blessed."
  6. Balthazar - From Hebrew, "Baal protects the king."
  7. Bartholomew - From Aramaic, "son of the furrows."
  8. Blaise - From Latin, "stammer."
  9. Bran - From Welsh, "raven."
  10. Byron - From Old English, "by the barns."
  11. Caspian - From Latin, "of the Caspian Sea."
  12. Cassius - From Latin, "hollow."
  13. Damien - From Greek, "to tame, subdue."
  14. Dante - From Italian, "enduring."
  15. Dorian - From Greek, "of the Dorian tribe."
  16. Draco - From Greek, "dragon."
  17. Edgar - From Old English, "wealthy spearman."
  18. Edmund - From Old English, "wealthy protector."
  19. Elias - From Hebrew, "Yahweh is my God."
  20. Emery - From German, "industrious ruler."
  21. Evander - From Greek, "good man."
  22. Faust - From Latin, "fortunate, lucky."
  23. Gabriel - From Hebrew, "God is my strength."
  24. Gideon - From Hebrew, "hewer, one who cuts trees."
  25. Griffin - From Welsh, "strong lord."
  26. Hadrian - From Latin, "dark-haired."
  27. Hugo - From German, "mind, intellect."
  28. Ignatius - From Latin, "fiery one."
  29. Jasper - From Persian, "treasurer."
  30. Jovan - From Slavic, "God is gracious."
  31. Julian - From Latin, "youthful, downy."
  32. Konrad - From German, "bold advisor."
  33. Lazarus - From Hebrew, "God has helped."
  34. Leander - From Greek, "lion man."
  35. Lucian - From Latin, "light."
  36. Luther - From German, "army people."
  37. Malachi - From Hebrew, "my messenger."
  38. Marcellus - From Latin, "little warrior."
  39. Marius - From Latin, "male, virile."
  40. Matthias - From Hebrew, "gift of God."
  41. Mordecai - From Hebrew, "warrior."
  42. Nero - From Latin, "strong, vigorous."
  43. Nicodemus - From Greek, "victory of the people."
  44. Orion - From Greek, "rising in the sky."
  45. Oscar - From Old English, "God's spear."
  46. Oswin - From Old English, "God's friend."
  47. Percival - From Old French, "pierce the valley."
  48. Phineas - From Hebrew, "oracle."
  49. Quentin - From Latin, "fifth."
  50. Raphael - From Hebrew, "God has healed."
  51. Raven - From Old English, "raven."
  52. Remus - From Latin, "oar."
  53. Roderick - From German, "famous ruler."
  54. Sebastian - From Greek, "venerable."
  55. Silas - From Latin, "wood, forest."
  56. Soren - From Danish, "stern."
  57. Thaddeus - From Aramaic, "heart."
  58. Theodore - From Greek, "gift of God."
  59. Theron - From Greek, "hunter."
  60. Tobias - From Hebrew, "God is good."
  61. Tristan - From Welsh, "sorrowful."
  62. Uriah - From Hebrew, "God is my light."
  63. Valerian - From Latin, "strong, healthy."
  64. Vaughn - From Welsh, "small."
  65. Victor - From Latin, "conqueror."
  66. Vlad - From Slavic, "glorious rule."
  67. Warren - From German, "protector."
  68. Wesley - From Old English, "western meadow."
  69. Wolfgang - From German, "wolf path."
  70. Xander - From Greek, "defender of men."
  71. Xavier - From Basque, "new house."
  72. Zachariah - From Hebrew, "the Lord has remembered."
  73. Zephyr - From Greek, "west wind."
  74. Zoltan - From Hungarian, "king, sultan."
  75. Zane - From Hebrew, "God's gracious gift."

What Is a Dark Name for a Boy?

A dark name for a boy is one that has a mysterious, ominous, or foreboding feel to it. These names often have origins in literature, mythology, or history and are associated with characters who possess supernatural powers or have a darker nature. Some examples of dark names for boys could include Lucifer, Damien, Draven, Raven, or Mortimer.

What Is an Edgy Name for a Boy?

An edgy name for a boy is one that is bold, unique, and often unconventional. These names tend to have a modern or trendy feel to them and may be inspired by pop culture, music, or fashion. Some examples of edgy names for boys could include Maverick, Jett, Phoenix, Axel, or Zane. 

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