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77 Boy and Girl Sibling Names that Make the Perfect Pair

These matching sibling names for boys, girls, and twins make the perfect brother/sister name pairings!
77 Boy and Girl Sibling Names that Make the Perfect Pair
Updated: August 30, 2022
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If you think finding the perfect baby name is hard, how about two (or more) baby names that hit the spot? Whether you need baby boy names or baby girl names for twins, or new baby names to match those of your little ones, our sibling name sets can help you to make the perfect pair.

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Names With the Same First Letter or Sound 

One cute way to name siblings is with a theme, and a time-honored theme is names beginning with the same letter or sound. Check these out.

  1. Alexander and Amelia: Adventurous names for kids born to break barriers. Think Alexander the Great and Amelia Earhart.
  2. Asher and Anna: Asher is a Hebrew name that means “Happy.” Anna is also Hebrew, and means “grace” or “favor.”
  3. Ava and Aiden: Ava is a classic name that brings to mind golden age film stars. Aiden is a modern take on the Celtic name Aidan.
  4. Caleb and Caroline: Caleb is a Biblical name that means “bold,” or sometimes “faithful.” Caroline comes from the same root as Charles, and means “leader” or “free.”
  5. Charles and Charlene: Charles, a Germanic name, means “Leader.” Charlene is the feminine version, and it’s due for a comeback.
  6. Eileen and Elijah: Eileen is an Irish and Scottish name that means “desired.” Elijah is a prophet in the Bible.
  7. Evan and Eva: In Hebrew, Evan means “rock.” In Celtic languages, it means a yew tree. Eva (which can be pronounced with a long or short ‘e’) comes from Eve, the first woman in the Bible.
  8. Evie and Stevie: This pair of names is just too cute for words. Evie is a diminutive of Eve. Stevie can also be a female name.
  9. Ivy and Isaiah or Isaac: In the secret language of flowers, ivy represents fidelity. Isaiah is a prophet in the Bible, and Isaac, which means “laughter,” is a popular name among Christians, Jews, and Muslims.
  10. Jade and Jayden: Jade is a precious stone. Jayden is a modern spelling of the Hebrew name Jadon, which means “thankful.” Both can be boy names, girl names, or unisex.
  11. Janet and Jackson: If you’d like to pay homage to one of the great pop stars of our time, consider this pairing.
  12. Jess and Jane: Jess can be either masculine or feminine, and comes from the Biblical name Jesse. Jane is a feminine version of John.
  13. Maisie and Mason: Maisie is a Scottish name that means “pearl” or “bitter.” Mason means “stone worker.”
  14. Nathan and Nancy: Nathan is a Hebrew name with ties to both Nathaniel and Jonathan. It means “God’s gift.” Nancy is a diminutive of Anne.
  15. Oliver and Olivia (or Olive): Olivia is one of the most popular names out there, so if you want something a bit more original, try Olive. Oliver is the masculine version, and it means “olive tree planter.”
  16. Victor and Victoria: Victoria, and the masculine version, Victor, are strong names that mean “winner.”

Rhyming Sibling Names 

Rhyming Sibling Names

Choosing rhyming names  is another theme that will ensure no one forgets your kids names.

  1. Bruno and Juno: Bruno is a Germanic name that means “brown.” Juno is the Roman equivalent of the Greek Hera, the queen of the gods.
  2. Carol and Harold: These names may sound a bit old fashioned, but if you choose them now, you may get ahead of the next trend.
  3. Daniel and Savannah: Daniel is a Hebrew name; Savannah is of Taino origin, and means “open plain.” We think they sound lovely together.
  4. Daisy and Maisie: Is this pairing too cute? Or just cute enough?
  5. Jane and James: Short, sweet, and easy to say and spell. And they rhyme!
  6. Leo and Leah: Leah is a Biblical name that means “delicate.” It contrasts nicely with Leo, which comes from Greek, and means “lion.”
  7. Zoe and Joey: Zoe is one of the most up and coming girl names, and Joey works great for boys or girls.

Names with Similar Meanings 

You can also choose name pairs that sound different but have similar meanings.

  1. Adrian and Kent both mean “water.” Adrian is Latin and Kent is English. For girls, try Talia (Hebrew), Maya (Arabic) and Anahita (Persian).
  2. Amara and Graciela: Both of these names mean “grace.” Amara is from the African language of Igbo, and Graciela is Spanish. For boys, try Ian (Scottish) and Jamil (Arabic).
  3. Benedict and Theo: Both of these names mean “blessing.” If your blessings are girls, try Miriam (Hebrew) and Sachi (Japanese).
  4. Dawn (English) and Helen (Greek) both mean “light”. For boys, try Jaivin (African) and Raiden (Japanese)
  5. Kira and Soleil: These baby girl names both mean “sun.” If you want a pair of sunny names for boys, try Cyrus (Greek) and Finlay (Celtic).
  6. Lana and Salma: These both mean “peace.” Lana is Hawaiian, and Salma is Egyptian. Two peaceful boy names are Callum (Gaelic) and Jonah (Hebrew).
  7. Peter and Evan: Both of these names mean “rock.” Evan is a Hebrew name, and Peter comes from Greek. Strong female names with similar meaning include Petra and Ruby.
  8. Phoenix and Flynn are two boy names that relate to hope. Hopeful girl names include Nadia (French) and Vera (Russian).
  9. Roy and Charles: These both mean “King” or “leader” Roy comes from French, and Charles is the Germanic version (Karl is a variation on this name). Royal female names include Charlotte (also Charlene and Caroline) and Regina, which is Latin for “queen.”

Twin Girl Names

Twin Girl Names
  1. Ella and Emma: Like salt and pepper, both of these names are topping the name charts these days.
  2. Ella and Bella: For a closer rhyme, substitute Bella for Emma.
  3. Harper and Hazel: Harper works well for boys or girls, and is a name for someone who makes beautiful music with the harp. Hazel is a nut-bearing tree.
  4. Abigail and Amelia: Amelia, you’ll recognize, as the name of the legendary pilot. Abigail is a Biblical name that means “a father’s joy.”
  5. Isabella and Sophia: Why not take two of the most popular baby girl names and give one each to your twin girls?

Twin Boy Names 

Twin Boy Names

If you’re having twin boys, try some of these.

  1. Andrew and Alexander: Alexander is the name of a conqueror, while Andrew is a Greek name that means “strong” or “manly.”
  2. Aiden and Jayden: Aiden (Aidan) is a Celtic name meaning “little fire.” Jayden is a modern name that’s suitable for boys or girls.
  3. Asher and Sasha: Asher means “happy.” Sasha, a Russian name, is a diminutive for Alexander or Alexandra, and is suitable for boys or girls.
  4. Dylan and Drake: If your family has a musical bent, these two musician surnames make a nice pairing.
  5. Landon and Logan: Landon was primarily a surname until the late 1990s. It’s an English name that means “long hill.” Logan is another popular unisex name. It’s Scottish, and means “hollow.”

Unisex Sibling Names

Feel free to mix and match these gender free baby names. And go here for even more unisex baby names!

  1. Addison: A trendy English surname-turned-first-name, meaning “son of Adam.”
  2. Brooklyn: In or out of New York City, you’ll find plenty of kids of all genders with this popular name.
  3. Finn: This started out as a surname meaning “someone from Finland,” but has become a beloved unisex first name.
  4. Gale: Gale, also Gail, Gayle, or Gael, has long been a popular name for both boys and girls.
  5. Harper: Harper began as a surname, was popularized as a girl’s name, but now works well for children of all genders.
  6. Jody: Jody is the nickname for the masculine names Joseph and Judah, but is also a feminine name of longstanding.
  7. Jude: Jude is a name of Hebrew origin that means “from Judea” or “praised.” It’s a gender neutral name of longstanding.
  8. Kendall: Kendall, or Ken, is an English surname that’s become a popular gender free choice.
  9. Kinsey: Kinsey is an English name that means “the King’s victory.” It works well for people of all genders.
  10. Lee: Lee comes from the Old English word for meadow. It’s a unisex name of longstanding.
  11. Logan: Traditionally, Logan was a boy’s name, but today, many people use it as a girl’s name, too.
  12. Peyton: This gender neutral name started out as an English place name.
  13. Phoenix: The legendary bird who rises from the ashes, this makes a terrific non-gendered name.
  14. Robin: Robin, also Robyn, is a unisex name of longstanding.
  15. Rowan: The rowan tree is what many bows are made from. It’s a strong name for either a girl or boy.
  16. Theo: This can be short for Theodore or Theodora, or it can be a name in its own right.

Famous Sibling Names 

Famous Sibling Names

Do your kids aspire to be stars? Consider some of these famous siblings for celebrity baby name inspo.

  1. Ben and Casey: Ben and Casey Affleck are Academy Award winning actors, writers, and directors. Casey is also a great gender neutral name.
  2. Beyonce and Solange: We all know singer and songwriter Beyonce Knowles. Her sister Solange is also a singer, songwriter, and actress.
  3. Charlotte, Anne, and Emily Bronte are three writers whose work has stood the test of time.
  4. Chloe (or Khloe) and Kendall: Nothing says fame and fashion like the Kardashians. As a bonus, the name Kendall is gender neutral.
  5. George and Charlotte: George and Charlotte are the adorable great-grandchildren of Her Majesty the Queen of England.
  6. George and Ira Gershwin were musical giants of the early 20th century. George was a composer, and Ira wrote song lyrics.
  7. Gigi and Bella Hadid are icons of the fashion industry.
  8. Kate and Pippa: Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge after marrying Prince William of England. Her sister, Pippa, is a socialite, author, and columnist.
  9. Jaden and Willow Smith are a different kind of royalty: the Hollywood variety.
  10. Jeff and Beau Bridges are award winning actors...and brothers.
  11. Joe, Kevin, and Nick: Yes, the Jonas Brothers are actually brothers. Their names are Joe, Kevin, and Nick.
  12. Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack: The Warner Brothers, who founded the famous movie studio, were also real-life brothers.
  13. Kate and Rooney Mara are actresses who are also part of two NFL dynasties, Rooney and Mara.
  14. Kate and Oliver Hudson are well respected actors, as well as brother and sister.
  15. Orville and Wilbur, as in Wright, are two adventurous names. The brothers invented the airplane.
  16. Patricia and Rose Kennedy are sisters within this famous political dynasty.
  17. William and Harry, as we all know, are princes of England, and the sons of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.
  18. Venus and Serena Williams are tennis champions and sisters.
  19. Victoria and Louise: You might not know that musician and actress Victoria Beckham and actress Louise Adams are sisters, but they are.
  20. William, Owen, and Luke Wilson are beloved actors and brothers.

Popular Sibling Names 

Some people prefer a popular name that’s tried and true. If this is you, here are some of the hottest trending names

  1. Benjamin and Noah: two strong Biblical male names.
  2. Mia and Luna: One means “water” and the other means “the moon.”
  3. Chloe and Penelope: A duo of Greek names for girls destined to be legends.
  4. Lily and Daisy: This duet of floral names makes a sweet pairing!

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77 Boy and Girl Sibling Names that Make the Perfect Pair


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