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100 Creole Boy Names and Meanings

Creole boy names are inspired by the culture of New Orleans, France, and the Caribbean. See the top Creole boy names to inspire your baby boy's name!
100 Creole Boy Names and Meanings
Updated: November 10, 2022
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The American Creole culture is a rich blend of traditions that mixed, mingled, and merged from its Old World roots into a complex New World identity. The first Creole groups came to Louisiana as far back as the 18th century and established a cultural identity that was a diverse mix of African, French, Spanish, and Native American heritages. 

Whether you are Creole, your family has roots in New Orleans, or you want to celebrate your African, French, or even Canadian culture, these names have a little bit of everything. Before choosing a Creole baby name, you may want to learn more about the cultural significance behind some of the most popular monikers used in the Louisiana region. 

That’s why we’ve put together a mega-list of the top Creole baby boy names in the U.S. and the meaning behind each pick! 

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What Are Creole Names and Cajun Names? 

Creole? Cajun? If you’re not a Louisiana native, you may not know how these two groups differ — and how they’re the same. Cajun Country is traditionally or historically a 22-parish region in Louisiana, according to the Historic New Orleans Collection. The Cajuns — also called the Acadians —  originally came from what is now Nova Scotia. 

What Are Creole Names and Cajun Names? 

The first Cajuns to move into the southern Louisiana area were people of French descent. This gives the Cajuns a cultural identity that separates them from the Creoles. 

Not only did the Cajuns and the Creoles speak different languages (the Canadian Cajuns came to the U.S. as native French speakers), they had different traditions, heritages, and racial backgrounds.

But given the close proximity to each other, members of these groups mixed together and created what is now a vibrant community that celebrates the global influences of Europe, North America, and Africa. 

Unique and Meaningful Creole Naming Customs for Males 

When it comes to baby names, the impact of each group’s heritage is pretty obvious. Instead of top baby boy names such as Liam or Oliver, both Creole and Cajun picks have a global feel. Look for names that celebrate the origins of each group and pay homage to their African, French, Spanish, and Native American roots. 

What Are the Most Popular Creole Names for Boys? 

What Are the Most Popular Creole Names For Boys? 

The global blend of groups that became the Creole (and Cajun) people makes it possible to find French names along with monikers from other European countries, Africa, and more! Here are some of the top Creole boy names with name meanings. 

1. Acadian - From the Cajuns! 

2. Achilles - From the Greek, for pain or ache. 

3. Adonis - Handsome man. 

4. Aime - French baby girl names include Aimee (beloved). This is the male version. 5. Alain - Fair or handsome

6. Alexandre - Warrior or defender. 

7. Alfred - Germanic for elf. Also wise counselor. 

8. Alphonse - Ready for battle or noble. 

9. Andre - Man or warrior. 

10. Armand - Soldier. 

11. Auguste - Great or magnificent. 

12. Augustin - A version of Auguste. This boy's baby name is also Haitian. 13. Avit - From the Latin “Avitus” or ancient. 

14. Babtiste - A Haitian name with Latin and Greek roots for “one who washes.” 15. Barnabe - Son of prophecy. 

16. Basilien - Ambition or strength. 

17. Bastien - A person from Sebastia. 

18. Beau - Beautiful, admirer, or sweetheart. 

19. Benoit - French for, “the one who says the good.” 

20. Boniface - Fortunate or auspicious. 

21. Claude - Ocean spirit. 

22. Clete - Called forth. 

23. Cyril - In charge. 

24. Daniel - God is my judge. 

25. Delphin - Dolphin. 

26. Didier - Much desired. 

27. Dominique - This “of the Lord” name is a pick for baby boys and is also on baby girl names lists. 

28. Edwige - War or battle. 

29. Eloi - The chosen. 

30. Emmanuel - God with us. 

31. Etienne- Garland or crown. 

32. Everard - German for brave or hardy. 

33. Fabien - Bean farmer. 

34. Faustin - Latin, happy or favorable person. 

35. Feliciano - Merry or joy. 

36. Floren - Flowering. 

37. Georges - George, but the French version! 

38. Gerard - Germanic for spear. 

39. Henri - Home ruler. 

40. Ignace - French for fiery. 

41. Innocent - Harmless. This gender-neutral option fits under baby boy and baby girl names. 42. Jean-Baptiste - St. John the Baptist or God is gracious. 

43. Jekon - Luck. 

44. Julien - Greek, for son of Jove. 

45. Justo - Justice. 

46. Lafayette - Faith. 

47. Landry - Ruler. 

48. Laurent - The bright or shining one.

49. Leon - Greek for lion. 

50. Loic - Famous warrior. 

Creole Boy Names

51. Luc - Light or illumination. 

52. Marcel - Fighter. 

53. Marcelle - Another version of Marcel, also meaning fighter or warlike. 54. Maurice - Moorish. 

55. Marin - Of the sea. 

56. Noel - Born on Christmas. 

57. Numa - Beautiful and pleasant. 

58. Octavio - Roman for eight. 

59. Olivier - Instead of Oliver, try this “olive tree” variation. 

60. Oscar - Spear of the gods. 

61. Pascal - Relating to or the spirit of Easter. 

62. Pierre - Rock or stone. 

63. Paulin - Latin for “Paulus” or small. 

64. Raphael - Hebrew, German, Portuguese, and Spanish for God has healed. 65. Remy - Remedy or oarsman. 

66. Rene - Reborn. 

67. Roch - Rest. 

68. Sabin - This pick is fitting for boy and girl names. “From the Sabines.” 69. Salvatore - Roman for rower. 

70. Sebastien - Venerable. 

71. Sylvain - Wood or forest. 

72. Theodore - Ancient Greek for gift of God. 

73. Theophile - Love of God. 

74. Timothee - Honoring God. 

75. Thibaut - Courageous people. 

76. Ulger - Wood spear. 

77. Ulysse - Wrathful. 

78. Valentin - This Latin name means strong or healthy. 

79. Valerian - Another Latin boy’s name for strong and healthy. 

80. Victor - Winner. 

81. Vincent - To conquer. 

82. Virgile - Flourishing. 

83. Xavier - New house or bright. 

84. Yves - Pronounced Eve, this Creole name for boys represents an evergreen tree or an archer. 

85. Yvon - Tree. 

86. Zacharie - The Lord recalled. 

87. Zenon - Gift of Zeus. 

88. Zephirin - Soft wind.

Popular Creole Names for Boys Today 

Are you searching for a Creole name with a modern twist? Check out these male names that feature contemporary French, American, and other faves! 

Popular Creole Names for Boys Today

89. Alim - This Haitian Creole baby name means one who has knowledge. 90. Antoine - Latin for highly praise-worthy. 

91. Barthelemy - An English name that means son of a farmer. 

92 Dreux - Short for Andrew (meaning warrior). 

93. Elijah - The fourth most popular name in the U.S. for boys in 2021, Elijah means Jehovah is my God. 

94. Horacio - Time. 

95. Louis - Prince William and Kate Middleton chose this baby name, which means famous warrior, for their youngest child. 

96. Luce - Lucas was the eighth most popular baby boy name in the U.S. for 2021. Luce is a French or Italian version that means light. 

97. Mathieu - This updated version of Matthew means gift of the Lord. 

98. Philipe - This French name means loves horses. 

99. Simon - Listen or hearing. 

100. Tomas - Are you having Twins? Tomas comes from the Hebrew for Twin.


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These Creole baby names can also be paired together to create a unique first and middle name combo. If you want to use any of these baby boy names for yourself, Pin it for later:

100 Creole Boy Names and Meanings


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