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  • Pregnancy Dreams
    What Does Dreaming of Being Pregnant Mean?
    Our dreams can provide fascinating insight into both our most obvious thoughts and the more subconscious elements of our lives. Our waking life is often reflected in our dreams through symbolism, so it can sometimes take a bit of work to analyze ...
    Charise Rohm Nulsen
  • Am I Ready for a Baby?
    Am I Ready to Have a Baby? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself
    Are you ready to have a baby? There are no easy answers to this question, whether you’re staring at a positive pregnancy test or whether a baby is merely the stuff of dreams at this point. The important thing to remember is that how you feel as...
    Charise Rohm Nulsen
  • Eye color genetic chart
    Genetics and Pregnancy
    What Color Will My Baby's Eyes Be? A Genetic Explanation
    */ Genes come in pairs, and each gene in a pair may differ slightly. One gene may be dominant, and override the other gene, which is recessive. A recessive gene only has an effect if both genes in a pair are recessive. An example is eye color. A...
  • Pregnant While Breastfeeding
    Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?
    Welcoming a new baby is no doubt one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of our lives. As you know, as much as we plan and prepare, there is always an element of chaos involved. We have so many decisions to make and details to consider. L...
    Lauren Anderson
  • 10 questions to ask your doctor if you want to get pregnant now
    10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor If You Want To Get Pregnant Soon
    For most people, having a baby is one of the biggest steps they can take in their personal lives. However, before you start trying to get pregnant, you should visit a doctor to determine if you are ready for pregnancy and how to best prepare your...
    Amalia Lieberman
  • Trying to conceive during the COVID-19 pandemic
    Coronavirus Resource Center
    Trying to Conceive During the Coronavirus Pandemic
    The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) released a statement on March 17, 2020 recommending that fertility treatments be suspended to protect clients and staff from coronavirus exposure and transmission. The statement also highlight...
    HeHe Stewart
  • Woman
    Week 1 of Pregnancy
    Your 1st Week
    It's business as usual for your body this week. You're having a period, so you know you're not pregnant. But if you conceive during this menstrual cycle, the first day of your period will count as the first day of pregnancy. It's a good idea to r...
  • Mom and dad receiving genetic testing results from female doctor
    What To Ask Your Doctor About Prenatal Genetic Testing
    Whether you’re pregnant or planning to grow your family soon, many couples will decide to do prenatal genetic testing. Genetic testing can give you information regarding what your future child may be predisposed to or whether a current fetus ha...
  • woman talking to grandma about family health history
    Compiling Your Family Health History Before Conceiving
    When you decide to try for a new baby, consider doing a bit of research into your family history. Why? You will want to know whether your future child is disposed to any illnesses or genetic abnormalities, so you can best prepare.  More: Should...
    Elisa Cinelli
  • parents and pregnancy surrogate holding pregnant belly
    How Does Surrogacy Work?
    In the last few years, it seems that women are talking more openly about surrogacy. Actress Gabrielle Union talked openly about her fertility struggles that lead to welcoming her daughter Kaavia James via gestational surrogate. Kim Kardashian has...
    Sa'iyda Shabazz
  • Family Genetics and Your Baby
    Genetics and Pregnancy
    The Role of Genes and Inheritance
    Genes are located on rodlike structures called chromosomes that are found in the nucleus of every cell in the body. Each gene occupies a specific position on a chromosome. Because genes provide instructions for making proteins, and proteins deter...
  • young woman drinking fresh juice smoothie
    10 Health Changes to Make if You Plan to Get Pregnant in the New Year
    They say you’re never quite ready for everything motherhood throws your way--as much as you try. However, if you’re hoping this new year is THE year you’ll get pregnant (fingers and toes crossed!) there are some ways to prep your body for b...
    Rachel Sokol
  • Five Foods for Fertility
    5 Foods That Could Help You Get Pregnant
    Are you trying to get pregnant? There are plenty of things to do to get your body ready. Get lots of sleep. Take your vitamins. And don't forget to add these five foods to your diet to boost your fertility! For more details, check out 5 Fertility...
  • 8 Tips for Trying to Conceive
    Trying to Conceive? Here Are 8 Steps to Take First
    If you're ready to try to conceive, there are some important things to do to get ready. Here are 8 steps to take before trying to conceive. For more details, check out the full article. ...
  • In-Laws Interference About Having Children
    Ovulation and Conception
    When In-Laws Pressure You to Have a Child
    When In-Laws Pressure You to Have a Child Family Matters Some researchers believe there's a biological clock ticking for grandparents, too. Just as women of childbearing age may feel a real biological urge to have a child, so a man or woman pa...
  • Five Foods to Boost Fertility
    Trying to Conceive
    5 Fertility-Boosting Foods That Could Help You Get Pregnant
    Having trouble getting pregnant? What you're eating might just have an effect on your family planning. Try adding in few a these fertility-boosting foods to see if they do the trick! Switch to Plant-Based Proteins   According findings from ...
    Kelly Sundstrom
  • things to do before ttc
    Trying to Conceive
    TTC? 5 Things to Consider First
    TTC? First off, you may be thinking, what does ttc mean? I remember googling those three little letters when my husband and I were talking about starting a family. I was the woman who would see a baby and get a twinge in my belly telling me to jo...
    Courtney Key
  • 8 Tips for Trying to Get Pregnant
    Trying to Conceive
    8 Steps to Take Before Trying to Conceive
    Most women know that a healthy body and lifestyle are vital during pregnancy, but did you know that preconception health can be just as important? Before you actively start trying to conceive, follow these steps to help prepare your body for a he...
    Lindsay Hutton