• Pregnancy
    Genetics and Pregnancy
    How Genes Are Passed On
    Through the generationsThrough each generation, genes are shuffled and re-shuffled. Half of a baby's genes come from its father and half from its mother. The baby's parents in turn inherited half each of their genes from each of their own parents...
  • Family Genetics and Your Baby
    Genetics and Pregnancy
    The Role of Genes and Inheritance
    Genes are located on rodlike structures called chromosomes that are found in the nucleus of every cell in the body. Each gene occupies a specific position on a chromosome. Because genes provide instructions for making proteins, and proteins deter...
  • What color will my baby
    What Color Will My Baby's Eyes Be? A Genetic Explanation
    Are you crossing your fingers hoping for a brown-eyed baby? Or, are you wondering how on earth you ended up with blue-eyes with two parents with brown eyes? Don't worry, you weren't switched at birth and your little one could have brown eyes no m...
    Rebecca Desfosse