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    Family Planning
    Can You Afford to Have Another Child? 8 Financial Questions to Consider
    Are you considering having another child, but are worried about the financial aspect of adding to your family? Raising a child is no doubt expensive, and while ultimately your decision might not be based on dollars and cents, it's still impo...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Questions to ask when considering starting a family
    Family Planning
    10 Questions to Ask When Considering Starting a Family
    1. Is it just instinct? We are preprogrammed to want children. It's nature at work. Having a family can make you feel you are doing what is natural. Try listing the pros and cons and balance instinct with the practical points you need to consid...
  • Family Planning Considerations
    Family Planning
    Thinking About Starting a Family
    Thinking About Starting a Family When you and your partner decide that it's time to grow a family tree, it's a good idea to make an appointment with your gynecologist/obstetrician for what's called a pre-conception appointment. At this appoin...
  • Pros and Cons of Expanding Your Family
    Family Planning
    How Many Kids Should You Have?
    How Many Kids Should You Have? The decisions surrounding how many children you should have are personal ones. They may be made by you and your husband long before you are married, or they may come as you start to build your family. Your persona...
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    Planning Siblings
    Are You Ready for Another Child?
    Are You Ready for Another Child? Early in your baby's first year, you might have been doubting your decision to ever have children in the first place. After all, there were all of the sleepless nights, the hours of listening to crying, and getti...
  • Talking to Your Toddler about a New Sibling
    Planning Siblings
    Fair Warning: Preparing Your Child for a New Sibling
    Fair Warning: Preparing Your Child for a New Sibling Q-tip Especially if you have a young child, try to avoid telling her too early. By the time the baby comes, your older child may be totally bored with the whole idea. No matter how you decide ...
  • Considerations in Growing Your Family
    Family Planning
    Family Planning: Is It Time for Another Child?
    Family Planning: Is It Time for Another Child? Time for some family planning decisions. When's the best time to have a second baby? Should you have your family all at once, spacing your children less than two and a half years apart? Or should yo...
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    Family Planning
    Family Planning: Timing Is Everything
    Family Planning: Timing Is Everything In our society, we are given the illusion of control about many things. We can preprogram our coffee makers to have fresh coffee in the morning, watch close to 100 cable channels on TV 24 hours a day, and za...
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    Birth Control While Breastfeeding
    Birth Control While BreastfeedingMany women who relied on oral contraceptives before starting a family feel at a loss when it comes time to think about birth control again. We believe that oral and injectable hormonal contraceptives should absolu...
  • Teens
    The Pill for Irregular Periods?
    It would be ill-advised to "treat" an irregular period with birth control pills, just for convenience. Find out why. ...
  • Pregnancy
    Planning Siblings
    New Baby, New Problems
    It's not uncommon for a formerly only child to react negatively when a younger sibling is born. ...
  • Pregnancy
    Free Condoms in High Schools?
    The wisdom of providing free condoms to high-school students remains under debate. ...
  • Pregnancy
    Birth Control Pill
    Mother Worried About Putting Daughter on "the Pill"
    A mother questions whether she did the right thing by putting her daughter on the pill. ...