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100 Twin Boy Names That Make A Good Match 

These twin boy names go together like brothers! From rhyming twin names to unique name meanings, they're two of a kind.
100 Twin Boy Names That Make A Good Match 
Updated: September 12, 2022

Choosing a name for your newborn can be a challenge. This is especially true if you are expecting multiples and are searching for name ideas. We have compiled a name list of 100 of our favorite boy name pairings that are perfect for boy twins. 

They are broken up into several categories such as rhyming names or names that start with the same letter. Plus, we included origins and meanings to be sure you pick the perfect baby boy name. If you are having a boy and a girl, some of these twin baby names include unisex names as well, 

Great examples are Blake, Quinn, and Riley. There are even traditional nicknames that are growing in popularity for given names. (Think “Zack” instead of “Zachary” as an example.) 

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Whether you are interested in a popular name or something more unique, this list has plenty of choices for twin boy names. Maybe you’ll even find middle names you love, too!

Twin Names That Go Well Together 

  1. Alexander, Nicholas - These are both Greek names. “Alexander means “defender of men” and “Nicholas” means “victory of the people.
  2. Andrew, Matthew - These are both biblical names. “Andrew” means “strong and manly” in Greek and “Matthew” means “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  3. Asher, Felix - Both of these boy names mean “happy.” “Asher” is Hebrew and “Felix” is Latin.
  4. Austin, Dallas -These are both names of cities in Texas. “Austin” means “great” in Latin and “Dallas” means “meadow dwelling” in Scottish.
  5. Benjamin, Elijah - Both of these names are in the Bible and are of Hebrew origin. “Benjamin” means “son of the right hand” and “Elijah” means “my God is the Lord.”
  6. Benjamin, Samuel - Both of these boy names are Hebrew. “Benjamin means “son of the right hand” and “Samuel” means “God has heard.”
  7. Charles, Francis - Both of these names mean “free man.” “Charles” is French and “Francis” is Latin.
  8. Christian, Edward - These are both names of English origin. “Christian” means “follower of Christ” and “Edward” means “wealthy guardian.”
  9. Daniel, Ezekiel - Both of these boy names are from the Bible and found in the Hebrew language. “Daniel” means “God is my judge” and “Ezekiel” means “God’s strength.”
  10.  David, Philip - Each of these names is related to love. “David” means “beloved” in Hebrew and “Philip” means “lover of horses” in Greek.
  11. Evander, Viggo - These are names that are related to war. “Evander” is Scottish for “bow warrior” and “Viggo” is Old Norse for “battle.”
  12. Fred, Milo - Each of these boy names is related to peace. “Fred is English for “peaceful ruler” and “Milo” is German for “merciful.”
  13. Gabriel, Joseph - Here is another great biblical pair. “Gabriel” means “God is my strength” in Hebrew and “Joseph” means “God increases” in Hebrew as well.
  14. Jason, Peter - These are two Greek names that sound good together. “Jason” means “healer” and “Peter” means “stone.”
  15. Joshua, Michael - These Hebrew names have similar meanings in the Bible. “Joshua” means “God is deliverance” and “Michael” means “who is like God.”
  16. Lake, River - These names refer to bodies of water and are of British origin.
  17. Loki, Thor - “Loki” (the Trickster God) and “Thor” (God of Thunder) are brothers and Gods in Old Norse mythology.
  18. Matthew, Theodore - These names mean “gift from God.” “Matthew” is Hebrew and “Theodore” is Greek.

Twin Names that Start with the Same Letter 

Twin Names that Start with the Same Letter
  1. Aaron, Aiden - “Aaron” is Hebrew for “mountain of strength.” “Aiden” is Irish for “little fire.”
  2. Alexander, Anthony - “Alexander” is Greek for “defender of men.” “Anthony” is Latin for “priceless one.”
  3. Asher, Axel - “Asher” means “happy” in Hebrew.’ “Axel” means “father of peace” in Scandinavian.
  4. Austin, Avery - “Austin” means “great” in Latin. “Avery” means “ruler of the elves” in English.
  5. Benjamin, Brian - “Benjamin” means “son of the right hand” in Hebrew. “Brian” means “noble” in Irish.
  6. Brandon, Brett - “Brandon” means “prince” in Irish. “Brett” means “from Brittany” in French.
  7. Caleb, Carter - “Caleb” is Hebrew for “faithful.” “Carter” is English for “transporter of goods by cart.”
  8. David, Dylan - David is Hebrew for “beloved.” “Dylan” is Welsh for “born of the sea.”
  9. Dominic, Douglas - “Dominic” means “belonging to the Lord” in Latin. “Douglas” means “dark water” in Scottish.
  10. Elijah, Elliott - “Elijah” is Hebrew for “my God is the Lord.” “Elliott” is Hebrew for “the Lord is my God.”
  11. Evan, Ezra - “Evan” means “the Lord is gracious” in Welsh. “Ezra” means “protect” in Hebrew.
  12. Floyd, Frank - “Floyd” means “grey-haired” in Welsh. “Frank” means “free man” in German.
  13. Flynn, Fritz - “Flynn” is Irish for “red complexion.” “Fritz” is German for “peaceful ruler.”
  14. George, Graham - “George” is Greek for “farmer.” “Graham” is Scottish for “gravel homestead.”
  15. Grant, Gregory - “Grant” means “tall” in French. “Gregory” means “watchful” in Greek.
  16. Henry, Hunter - “Henry” is French for “house ruler.” “Hunter” is English for “one who hunts.”
  17. Ian, Ira - “Ian” means “God is gracious” in Scottish. “Ira” means “watchful” in Hebrew.
  18. Isaac, Isaiah - “Isaac” is Hebrew for “one who laughs.” “Isaiah” is Hebrew for “God saves.”
  19. Jacob, Jonah - “Jacob” means “supplanter” in Hebrew. “Jonah” means “dove” in Hebrew.
  20. Jackson, Josiah - “Jackson” is English for “son of Jack.” “Josiah” is Hebrew for “God supports.”
  21. Landon, Liam - “Landon” is English for “long hill.” “Liam” is Irish for “strong-willed warrior.”
  22. Leo, Logan - Leo means “lion” in Latin. “Logan” means “little hollow” in Scottish.
  23. Marcus, Mason - “Marcus” means “warlike” in Latin. “Mason” means “stone worker” in English.
  24. Max, Miles - “Max” is Latin for “the greatest.” “Miles” is Latin for “soldier.”
  25. Nash, Neil - “Nash” means “by the ash tree” in English. “Neil” means “champion” in Irish.
  26. Nathan, Noah - “Nathan” is Latin for “gift of God.” “Noah” is Hebrew for “rest.”
  27. Oliver, Owen - “Oliver” means “olive tree” in Latin. “Owen” means “young warrior” in Welsh.
  28. Omar, Otto - “Omar” is Arabic for “flourishing.” “Otto” is German for “wealthy.”
  29. Paul, Peter - “Paul” is Latin for “small.” “Peter” is Greek for “stone.”
  30. River, Ryder - “River” is British for “flowing body of water.” “Ryder” is English for “horseman.”
  31. Samson, Sawyer - “Samson” means “like the sun” in Hebrew. “Sawyer” means “woodcutter” in English.
  32. Stephen, Stuart - “Stephen” is Greek for “crown.” “Stuart” is Scottish for “steward.”
  33. Tucker, Tyler - “Tucker” means “tailor” in English. “Tyler” means “tile maker” in English.
  34. Victor, Vincent - Both of these names are Latin for “conqueror.”
  35. William, Wyatt - “William” means “strong-willed warrior” in English. “Wyatt” means “brave in battle” in English.
  36.  Zander, Zeke - “Zander” is Greek for “defender of man.” “Zeke” is Hebrew for “God strengthens.”

Twin Boy Names That Rhyme 

Twin Boy Names That Rhyme 
  1. Barrett, Garrett - “Barrett” is English for “bear strength.” “Garrett” is Irish for “spear strength.”
  2. Blake, Jake - “Blake” means “dark-haired” in English. “Jake” means “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  3. Bert, Kurt - “Bert” means “bright” in German. “Kurt” means “courteous” in German.
  4. Bowen, Rowan - “Bowen” is Welsh for “son of Owen.” “Rowan” is Irish for “little redhead.”
  5. Casper, Jasper - Both of these names mean “treasurer” in Persian.
  6. Clarence, Terrance - “Clarence” is Latin for “clear.” “Terrance” is English for “smooth.”
  7. Chance, Lance - “Chance” means “good fortune” in English. “Lance” means “land” in English.
  8. Deon, Leon - “Deon” is an American name that means “follower of Dionysus.” “Leon” is Greek for “lion.”
  9. Devin, Kevin - “Devin” is French for “divine.” “Kevin” is Irish for “handsome.”
  10. Drew, Hugh - “Drew” means “strong and manly” in Greek. “Hugh” means “intellect” in English.
  11. Duke, Luke - Duke is Latin for “leader.” “Luke” is Greek for “light-giving.”
  12. Finn, Quinn - Both of these names are of Irish origin. “Finn” means “fair” and “Quinn” means “wise.”
  13. Freddy, Teddy - “Freddy” means “peaceful ruler” in English. “Teddy” means “wealthy protector” in French.
  14. Glenn, Penn - “Glenn” means “valley” in Irish. “Penn” means “hill” in English.
  15. Greyson, Mason - “Greyson” is English for “son of the steward.” “Mason” is English for “stone worker.”
  16. Horace, Morris - “Horace” is Latin for “time” and “Morris” is Latin for “dark-skinned.”
  17. Jack, Zack - “Jack” is English for “God is gracious.” “Zack” is Hebrew for “the Lord recalled.”
  18. Jayden, Kayden - “Jayden” means “thankful” in Hebrew. “Kayden” is an American version of “Caden” which means “son of Cadan” in Celtic.
  19. John, Sean - Both of these names mean “God is gracious.” “John” is Hebrew and “Sean” is Irish.
  20. Ken, Ren - “Ken” means “born of fire” in Celtic. “Ren” means “lotus” in Japanese.
  21. Kyle, Niall - “Kyle is Scottish for “strait.” “Niall” is Irish for “champion.”
  22. Leo, Theo - “Leo” is Latin for “lion.” “Theo” is Greek for “God’s gift.”
  23. Mickey, Rickey - “Mickey means “who resembles God” in Hebrew. “Rickey” means “powerful leader” in English.
  24. Preston, Weston - “Preston” is British for “priest’s town.” “Weston” is British for “from the western town.”
  25. Riley, Wiley - Riley is Irish for “valiant.” “Wiley” is Scottish for “resolute protection.”
  26. Wayne, Zayne - “Wayne” means “maker of wagons” in English. “Zayne” means “God is gracious” in Hebrew.

Unique Twin Names for Boys 

Unique Twin Names for Boys
  1. Bradford, Sebastian - Bradford is English for “wide river crossing.” “Sebastian” is Latin for “revered.”
  2. Cassius, Zion - '“Cassius” means “hollow” in Latin. “Zion” means “highest point” in Hebrew.
  3. Colby, Oakley - “Colby” means “coal town” in English. “Oakley” means “oak clearing” in English.
  4. Duncan, Orson - “Duncan” is Scottish for “dark-skinned warrior.” “Orson” is French for “bear cub.”
  5. Edwin, Roland - “Edwin” is English for “rich friend.” “Roland” is German for “famous land.”
  6. Finnegan, Malcolm - “Finnegan” means “son of fair-haired” in Irish. “Malcolm” means “devotee of St. Colomba” in Scottish.
  7. Holt, Knox - “Holt” is English for “woodland.” “Knox” is Scottish for “round hill.”
  8. Lennon, Phoenix - “Lennon” is Irish for “lover.” “Phoenix” is Greek for “dark red.”
  9. Melbourne, Porter - “Melbourne” means “mill stream” in English. “Porter” means “gatekeeper” in French.
  10. Murphy, Simon - “Murphy” is Irish for “sea warrior.” “Simon” is Hebrew for “He has heard.”
  11. Raleigh, Warren - “Raleigh” means “deer’s meadow” in English. “Warren” means “park keeper” in French.
  12. Rudy, Truman - “Rudy” means “famous wolf” in German. “Truman” means “loyal one” in English.
  13. Ryker, Vaughn - “Ryker” is German for “rich.” “Vaughn” is Welsh for “little.”
  14. Shepard, Vance - “Shepard” means “sheep herder” in English. “Vance” means “marshland” in English.

Twin Boy Names with Opposite Meanings 

Twin Boy Names With Opposite Meanings
  1. 1 Aldo, Nino - “Aldo” means “old and wise” in Italian. “Nino” means “little boy” in Italian.
  2. Blake, Samson - “Blake is English for “dark.” “Samson” is Hebrew for “like the sun.”
  3. Brian, Glenn - “Brian” is Irish for “high” or “hill.” “Glenn” is Scottish for “valley.’
  4. Logan, Trevor - “Logan” means “little hollow” in Scottish. “Trevor” means “large settlement” in Welsh.
  5. Grant, Paul - “Grant” is French for “tall” or “big.” Paul” is Latin for “small” or “humble.”
  6. Pax, Viggo - “Pax” means “peaceful” in Latin. “Viggo” means “battle” in Scandinavian.

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