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Keeping Halloween Fun

It's smart to be sensitive to children's fear thresholds on Halloween. Focus on the fun parts of the holiday, rather than the scary ghosts and goblins, and help your children to feel safe this Halloween.

8 Not-Too-Spooky Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween can be a little (or a lot) too scary and gory for preschoolers and kids of all ages — and even some adults! Find fun Halloween activities and party games that reduce the fear factor and make this creepy holiday more kid-friendly. read more

Halloween Fears

Halloween can be a terrifying time for little ones, but you can help your child moderate his fears over time. read more

Halloween Safety Hazards

Halloween Safety Hazards Safety Savvy Just as you wouldn't give your child a battery-run toy without providing batteries, you shouldn't give him recreation equipment such as a bicycle or in-line skates without the proper safety equipment. Wrap up a helmet, knee pads, or whatever is called for as a separate present. It could be the most valuable gift you give him. read more

Make Halloween Fun, Not Fearful

Make Halloween Fun, Not FearfulHalloween can be an exciting, entertaining time for your children. But Halloween events may cause them to be unduly scared, even traumatized. By understanding what your youngsters can cope with, you'll be able to prevent them from being scared out of a good time. read more