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The Best Family Group Costume Ideas for Halloween 2023

These group Halloween costumes are perfect for families of all sizes. Check out the best group costume ideas for siblings, parents and friends this Halloween!
The Best Family Group Costume Ideas for Halloween 2023
Updated: September 25, 2023
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When it comes to Halloween, family group Halloween costume ideas are a fun way to get together and celebrate. But, if you’re going to do the group thing, you want to pick a theme that everyone is going to love and enjoy. If everyone is not into it, it’s going to be an epic fail!

Whether you’re a family of four, 5, or more, or have little ones in tow, we have family Halloween costume ideas that everyone will love!

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This Year’s Top Halloween Family Costume Ideas 

If you’re looking to win the best costume prize, check out some of these best ideas for 2023.

The Little Mermaid Family Costume

Little Mermaid Family Group Halloween Costume Idea

If your kids love “The Little Mermaid”, make it a family affair this Halloween with these Disney-inspired costumes. Depending on the size of your family, you can add King Triton, Ariel, Prince Eric, Flounder, Sebastian, and more.

Alien Family Costume

Alien group halloween costume ideas for family

How about a family of aliens for this year’s Halloween costume? You can make this a DIY costume with green T-shirts or dresses. Add some inexpensive antenna headbands and glasses from Amazon for a fun Halloween family costume that is out of this world.

Family Weather Costume

If you’re going to a Halloween party and have your sights set on the best costume award, this family weather costume could be the one! 

Add the sun, some clouds, rain, and maybe even a snowflake, depending on the size of your family. This is a very fun DIY group costume that will definitely be one to remember. Check out the DIY instructions here.

Puzzle Pieces

Create a family puzzle as a family full of puzzle pieces. This is definitely one that will get you bonus points in the DIY department because it does take some craftiness. Check out our directions here to piece this all together!

Baby Shark

Baby Shark family group halloween costume 2023
Getty Images

It seems like we can’t get enough of Baby Shark and family! Going trick or treating as the shark family will be sure to get some smiles along your route. Plus, your kids will love it. Amazon has excellent costume options for mommy shark, daddy shark, and of course, baby shark.

Box of Crayons

You could go as a small box of crayons or a larger box, depending on the size of your family. There is an infinite amount of crayon colors. You can try to make these costumes at home or search for crayon costumes online. Here’s one idea if you’re going the DIY route.

Stranger Things

“Stranger Things” group Halloween costumes are still very popular as the show remains a favorite. Dress up the family as Eleven, Steve, Dustin, and the entire crew. You can probably pick up many of the items in a local store, or you may even have some lying around at home.

The Addams Family

Thanks to the popularity of the show “Wednesday” on Netflix, the Addams Family has made a comeback. The Addams Family is one of the spookiest families on TV, making them perfect for a scary group costume. Depending on how many family members are participating, there are quite a few options such as Wednesday and Gomez.

Toy Story

“Toy Story” is a popular Disney-themed group Halloween costume idea. This is ideal for any sized family as you can add Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie, and Rex. The options are endless and extremely cute!

Best Group Costume Ideas for 4 people

Family dresses up in group halloween costume for 4 people
Getty Images

If you have a family of four, here are some ideas to get everyone in the Halloween spirit.


Ghostbusters is a fun group costume for smaller families. All you need are beige jumpsuits to make this happen, or you can buy costumes for the entire family!

Christmas Elves Family Costume

If your family loves Christmas, why not go as a group of Santa’s elves? This is great for families of four and families of all sizes, plus, you can wear it at Christmas just a few months later. Shop for Elf costumes on Amazon.

Cookie Monster Family Costume

Cute baby boy in Cookie Monster halloween costume

Did someone say cookie? Dress as the ultimate family of cookie connoisseurs with a cookie monster family costume. 

Your little ones can go as the little cookie monsters while you and your partner can be the cookies and milk!

Robot Family

A family of robots is an easy DIY costume idea that won’t break the bank. You can customize this for a family of four or as many family members as you have. Learn how to make your own robot Halloween costumes with this DIY costume tutorial from Tell Love and Party. 

Best Group Costume Ideas for 5 People

When you have five people in your group, here are some Halloween costume ideas to consider:

Bug Family

Choose your five favorite bugs and go crazy making bug costumes. Check out this lightning bug costume to get some ideas.

Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is an iconic group family costume. There are so many characters to choose from for your family of five...Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion, all make a great ensemble. Party City has some great costumes for this theme.

Mary Poppins

If you’re looking for last-minute Halloween costume ideas, Mary Poppins is a winner. The character costumes are easy to make and don’t require a lot of complicated pieces. Check out this awesome Mary Poppins Halloween tutorial

Paw Patrol

Where are Marshall, Sky, Chase, Rubble, and Rocky? This Paw Patrol group is ready to go with either store-bought or homemade costumes. If you’re going the DIY route, check out this tutorial we found.

Hocus Pocus

You can’t go wrong with The Sanderson sisters and friends. Winifred, Sarah, Mary, Billy, and Dani, make a great family costume idea!

Best Group Costume Ideas for 6+ People 


Rainbow group halloween costume for families 2023
Getty Images

If you have a group of six or more, it’s time to catch the rainbow. Grab some T-shirts or sweaters each in a different color. Assign everyone a color and you’re ready to go trick-or-treating. It doesn’t get much easier than this!

Star Wars Family

Many families love the Star Wars trilogy so it’s only natural that they would want to dress as Princess Leia, Darth Vader, or Boba Fett. You can add your favorite characters so that you end up with a Star Wars family of six this Halloween.

Hippie Family

If you want to take a step back in time, why not embrace a 1970s vibe with a hippie-inspired troop? Grab the bell bottoms, flower crowns, and plenty of tie-dye to get the party started. Because of recent fashion trends, you may have some of the items in your closet already!

DC or Marvel Superheroes Family Costume

Did someone need a superhero? Whether you’re a Marve or DC fan, family Halloween costumes inspired by the Avengers or the Justice League are a fun and easy way to get the entire family together. 

With so many superhero choices, it doesn’t matter how big your family is – everyone can be a superhero!

Best Group Costume Ideas for Couples and Baby

Couple with baby dress up for halloween 2023
Getty Images

Nothing is cuter than a little baby dressed up for Halloween. Consider these group costume ideas for you and your little one.

Chicken and Farmer Baby

What’s a farmer without their baby chick? This is a cute idea for a couple and their baby as they head off from the farm! You can check out this adorable Farmer and Chicken costume set from Walmart. 

Hungry Hungry Hippos Family Costume

Do you remember the Hungry Hungry Hippos game? This group costume only requires some foam sheets and fabric and dye to make it work. This is a great idea no matter the size of your family.

Learn how to make your own by following this DIY Tutorial for a Hungry Hungry Hippos Family Costume! 

Where's Waldo Family Halloween Costume

Where’s Waldo continues to be a fun family Halloween costume idea because it’s easy to put together. This no-fuss, inexpensive Halloween costume is a win-win for everyone! Get Halloween inspiration from Lovely Indeed’s Where’s Waldo costume design. 

King Kong Family Costume

Are you a King Kong fan? If so, take your Halloween to new heights by dressing up as the Empire State Building and your little one as King Kong. Check out the tutorial and see how easy it is to make!

Ice Ice Baby

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, this Ice Ice Baby costume is probably a good idea for a Halloween costume. All you need is a T-shirt from Etsy, or you can make it yourself, so you’re not left out in the cold this Halloween!

Bubble Bath 

Rub-a-dub-dub, there were three family members in a tub for this Halloween costume. Check out the bubbles, loofah, and of course, the rubber ducky to make this costume complete! 

Bring the bubbles with this sudsy DIY Bubble Bath Family Costume from Studio DIY. 

Best Family Costume Ideas for Parents and Toddlers 

If you have a toddler, there are plenty of costume ideas the entire family can enjoy. Here are some to try on for size:

The Flintstones

Wilmaa!!! The Flintstones make for a fun and iconic family costume idea. Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, and Bam Bam costumes can be found on Amazon for the entire family.


Kids love the little minions from “Despicable Me”, so why not be a family of minions for Halloween? This is a great pop culture costume that is easy to make, or you can purchase one online.

Super Mario Family

Super Mario is another fun pop culture Halloween family costume idea. This can include Mario, Luigi, Peach, and a Power Up Mushroom.

Care Bears Family Halloween Costume

A family full of Care Bears makes for a great family Halloween costume. While you can buy onesies online of your favorite bear, others choose to make the costumes themselves with cozy sweats and some fabric glue. Check out some easy ideas here.

Disney Princesses

Mother and two young daughters dress as Disney princesses for Halloween 2023
Getty Images

Finally, you can never go wrong with a family of Disney Princesses. From Snow White to Belle to Jasmine, and Aurora, there are plenty of beautiful faces to choose from!

When it comes to fun family Halloween costumes, remember to always look for themes that everyone will love, and more importantly, costumes that are comfy. 

You don’t want your little ones to be complaining the whole evening (or the adults!). This is why you should always look for costumes that are easy to put on, not too complicated, and made of materials that won’t have them wanting to change as soon as they put them on.

Choose your favorite costume and have a Happy Halloween! For more Halloween family fun this October, watch some classic Halloween movies from our list of the best 13 Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies for Kids


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