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10 Trunk or Treating Decorating Themes Your Kids Will Love

We’ve got 10 creative trunk or treating ideas for you to try! Happy trunk or treating!
kids trunk or treating for Halloween
Updated: September 24, 2019

Do you have a trunk or treat event coming up? If you’re not familiar with trunk or treating, this has become a popular way for families to set up a contained and safe environment for kids’ trick or treating

By decorating the backs of their cars, they are able to showcase fun and innovative themes for the “houses” where children can trick or treat.  We’ve got 10 creative trunk or treating ideas for you to try! 

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Warning: Your family might have more fun decorating the car than doing the actual trick or treating!

1. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” may be the most classic Halloween special of all time. This is a timeless theme and easy to pull off by using real or fake pumpkins, a wooden image of Linus, and a few Charlie Brown inspired ghost costumes.

2. Candy Land 

Candy Land is another classic, and a game that almost every person has played as a child. With balloons and oversized candy features, as well as the recognizable multi-colored path, you’ll have children lining up with glee to collect their beloved candy.

3. The Movie Theatre’s Red Carpet 

The red carpet walkway makes this one feel especially regal, and using yellow and white balloons to fill oversized popcorn boxes is brilliant. This is a perfect design for a family giving out popcorn treats which may be an allergy-friendly option for some.

4. Finding Dory 

How can you not love Disney’s generous but forgetful character of Dory? Creating a piece of her underwater world is simple with light blue balloons and pale green streamers.

5. Gumball Machine 

Are you planning to hand out gum this Halloween? Turn your trunk into a giant gumball machine using a variety of balloons colors to serve as oversized gumballs! 

6. Starbucks Drive Thru 

Even kids love their Starbucks treats these days with cake pops and sweet treats as favorite menu items. They will love driving their Halloween bags right through your vehicle’s area with this fun idea.

7. Spooky Black Cat 

What is Halloween without a spooky black cat? Black pool noodles for whiskers and giant teeth lining the open trunk help to dress up any black car in a perfect disguise.

8. Toy Story: Andy’s Room 

Toy Story seems to get more popular every year, and with the recent success of Toy Story 4, you can count on your rendition of Andy’s Room to be a big hit. You may already have many of the toy characters you need right in your child’s playroom!

9. Scary Spider Filled Cemetery 

This spooky scene can easily be created with fun finds at the Dollar Store. With pretend spider webs taking up most of the trunk, this is a quick one to pull off.

10. Harry Potter 

Bring Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to your car with a stone front facade, a few familiar flags, a Harry Potter scarf, and a cauldron of goodies. A watchful owl adds an authentic touch.

Happy trunk or treating!

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