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10 Kwanzaa Decorations to Enhance Your Celebration

Get creative this holiday season with these easy and affordable Kwanzaa decorations ideas.
kwanzaa decorations on table
Updated: December 1, 2022

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Getting ready to celebrate Kwanzaa but looking to spruce up your at-home decor with a few new pieces or ideas? Get ready for some major inspiration, and links to help you recreate it for yourself.

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DIY Wreath

Not finding a wreath for your door that you love? Make one yourself! Attach some red, black, and green ornaments and ribbon to a classic spruce wreath with wire for a unique door accessory. 

Get a plain wreath as the basis for this project.

Pillow Cover

A classic option for just about any holiday is a pillowcase or fresh pillow which you can whip out when the time is right. This option features the kinara with seven candles which represent the following principles: Umoja (unity), Kujichagulia (self-determination), Ujima (collective work and responsibility), Ujamaa (cooperative economics), Nia (purpose), Kuumba (creativity) and Imani (faith).

Get it here.

DIY Napkin Ring

Why purchase a napkin ring when you can enlist the help of your kids for a fun DIY project, instead? All you need is a tassel and stretchy string in red, black or green, and beads in the same color scheme to make these unique dinner accents. 

Get the supplies here.


A festive bunting or banner adds a cozy touch over your fireplace or a large doorway, especially if you’re having a gathering with friends and family to celebrate. 

Get it here.

DIY Book Decor

Looking to create something that everyone else doesn’t have? Pick up a few similar sized books from the thrift shop and add a few thick layers of white paint, before wrapping them with brown twine and accenting as desired with cranberry twigs or spruce clippings. Use a typewriter-style stamp in black, red, and green to write out ‘Happy Kwanzaa’ on the spine.

Get it here

Corn Candles

Corn stalks are traditionally associated with the feelings of fall, but they also hold significance in Kwanzaa traditions. Accent your home with a tall pillar candle with stalks of corn hot glued around the candle, and add an optional ribbon.

Get it here.

Versatile Garlands

Add versatile garlands and assorted decor pieces as a photo backdrop or hang it above your table for a festive touch. 

Get it here

Wooden Letters

Looking to add something to your mantle or entry table? Grab your kids, some paint, and a few wooden letters and get to work! You’ll treasure taking these pieces out for years to come.

Get it here.

Homemade Wrapping Paper

Looking to go the extra mile while wrapping presents? Did you know you can scan any cloth or material and create a wrapping paper? Well now you do! All you need is a printer and kente cloth. 

Get it here.

Gift Tags

Surely to go with your impressive wrapping paper, you’ll need homemade present tags, too! Layer plain kraft, white, or black gift tags on top of pieces of red or green paper along with a sweet note for something the recipient will truly cherish. 

Get it here.

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